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  1. As a gun loving but tolerant independent should I be afraid of the "Trumpers"? https://www.salon.com/2021/09/28/americas-fate-looks-bleak-will-it-be-oligarchy-or-autocracy/ Or are they an overstated threat? How worried should I be for my Muslim friends? I will die fighting before I allow anyone to hurt them!
  2. I find it sad that none of the best looking and most popular students at my college were not interested in engineering or science. I find it even sadder that no one I knew ever dreamed of becoming an astronaut. I wish we had a space program that is more like "For All Mankind".
  3. Have you noticed space becoming big in pop culture? It may have started in the early 2010s with movies like "Gravity", "Interstellar", "The Martian", "Hidden Figures", and the return of "Star Wars" and I am willing to be that "Kerbal Space Program" and "Mass Effect" contributed but but now it is exploding. There was also "The Expanse" novels and show. Last year we got a ton of astronaut themed soap operas and documentaries. "For All Mankind" and "Challenger Final Flight" were the best of them. "Among the Stars" is excellent as well. For those of you who are younger pop music is starting to become more "spacey". Dua Lipa's "Levitating" which I hear all the time on the radio. Imagine if it becomes the "Fly Me to The Moon" of this decade. Ariana Grande even has a song called "NASA". There is also "Astronaut in the Ocean". An astronaut even appears in a music video for a song that is not space themed. We are going to get some big budget space sci fi games. "Starfield", "Beyond Good & Evil 2", a game based on the "Guardians of the Galaxy", a Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic remake and Jedi Fallen Order sequel, as well as the return of Mass Effect and Kerbal Space Program. Also toys and books aimed at children. "Dune" has the potential of becoming the next pop culture phenomenon in the vein of "Lord of the Rings", "Star Wars" or "Game of Thrones. There is also a movie based on "Buzz Lightyear" and an Hollywood adaption of Andy Weir's "Project Hail Mary". Hopefully these movies are successful and lead to Hollywood keep on making more space movies. Is space becoming as big in pop culture as it was during the 50s and 60s? If so then what is driving it? The spectacular achievements of SpaceX? Access to more good sci fi than ever before? More exciting discoveries made in space? Earth becoming more of a depressing place leading more and more people to look at space as a place for escape?
  4. How would you feel if a moderate who was afraid of the direction America was going and started his own political movement called the "Freedom" or "Americana" movement? He labels the governments of China and Russia as enemies of all mankind. He calls Russia a "Frozen Shithole". He criticizes the Democratic party as "cowardly" and "soft". He decries the Republican party for falling in love with Russian style authoritarianism. He advocates for the legalization of marijuana and ending the patriot act. He says too many cops have the "Russian mentality". He proclaims he will never let America become a "shithole" like Russia. He then converts most of the non voters, many democrats, and even a few Republicans into gun loving independents and surprisingly is elected president in 2024. He then sends his personal militia into Minneapolis to remove the "Weak Cowardly Fake Liberal" leaders and "Russian style thug police". How would you feel about America if that happened? And this is his theme song.
  5. I think we need a president who is optimistic and inspiring. A president who advocates for stronger social programs and the rebuilding of infrastructure. They would try to inspire people to support science, engineering, and space exploration. They would also speak out against authoritarianism and tyranny of all kinds. They would unite America and it's allies against China and Russia. If there is still a war on drugs they would at least decriminalize marijuana. While doing all of this they would do anything they can to stop climate change. And they are an idealist who believes humanity should strive for the "Star Trek future". Is this an unreasonable standard for a leader?
  6. I recall back in the early 2010s society lost interest in space and sci fi. https://gizmodo.com/why-we-need-more-space-adventures-5837047 https://ricochet.com/226027/archives/the-death-of-the-space-opera/ I was just a young idealistic college student back then and most students seemed more interested in reality shows, materialism, and partying. I look back and find it appalling how vapid it was. Why did we lose interest in space? Why did society felt they had to choose between popularity and intelligence? Why did society stopped being encouraged to push themselves intellectually? Why not be athletic, fun loving, and smart? Like those astronauts.
  7. I have just gotten into "The Expanse" and it is one hell of an exciting mystery and action adventure. One part of the story have the bad guys infecting a space station with some sort of bioweapon. The bioweapon is this blue goo that uses humans to grow larger. The bad guys packed innocent people into fallout shelters and injected them with the virus through the guise of a "vaccine". https://expanse.fandom.com/wiki/Protomolecule I used to think science fiction could be used to promote interest in science but could that type of "sci-fi" lead to distrust of science and vaccines? I already know one person who compares the COVID vaccine to the vaccine that turned people into zombies in the Will Smith movie "I Am Legend". On the other hand Apple TV's "For All Mankind" has gotten me interested in space exploration and even space science. I didn't know space had stuff like "solar storms". Can the TV show producers make an exciting space adventure show that sends the message that humanity will never reach it's full potential unless humanity embraces science?
  8. I am enjoying "The Expanse" and I am excited for "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds" but it was a alternate history soap opera on Apple TV that has ignited my interest in real life space exploration and space science. Before COVID hit I watched the trailer and dismissed it as another astronaut wives club style soap opera but during the quarantine I decided to check it out due to curiosity and boredom. It turned out better than I expected. First 3 episodes were slow but after the story managed to grab my attention. Good selection of music too. Thanks to this show I am much more interested in NASA, the history of spaceflight, and space exploration. Before this show I forgot NASA were working hard developing new spacecraft and probes. It became all too easy to think America had given up on human spaceflight. Is "For All Mankind" the space adventure TV needed? Would an astronaut soap opera appeal to a wider audience than another "Star Trek" style show?
  9. It seems like society is going backwards. It seems like each passing year more and more people believe in a fantasy reality. A fantasy reality that believes in outlandish things like "vaccines are the devil" or that "space is fake". This mindset has even infected physically healthy people. There was a time when these type of people aspired to be astronauts. What has happened to society? We aren't just turning away from science but from reality as well.
  10. I have heard about a group of popular students from my High School who are now successful. Their parents paid for their college. They live in gated neighborhoods with nice houses. They party. They have office jobs , presumably provided by their parents connections. They were not nice to the Muslims and Sikhs. I doubt they would be be the kind of people to have enough courage to enter the void to colonize other planets to allow humanity to survive. Donald Trump is the genetic combination of an orange and an ogre. Elon Musk, Warren Buffett, Steve Jobs, Bob Iger, and Bill Gates are the only rich people I idolize. I would prefer if the next president rescinded the travel ban and instead ordered US and NATO troops into those six nations to restore order and prop up Western friendly governments? I believe in taking an interventionist approach rather an isolationist approach to fighting terrorism. We will show the world the power of modern freedom, democracy, technology, and science! The rich or rural working class can't stop the progress of freedom and democracy!
  11. http://psychcentral.com/lib/intelligence-linked-to-bipolar-disorder/ Does having a higher IQ makes a person more likely to have a mental illness?
  12. I like the idea of a smart girl becoming a cheerleader. Break stereotypes! Do you think the cheerleaders force the one in the glasses to do their homework for them?
  13. Some of these meds cause weight gain. Should the DSM be fixed?
  14. If I had the chance and technology to create a human being. -Athletic, fast metabolism, Won't get fat after High School and College -cheerleading since she was 8 -Member of both High School and competitive cheer squads -Became a cheerleader for fun not popularity -Plays other sports like Volleyball and Soccer -Determined -Nice -Social butterfly -Genetically programmed to be happy, Would not be jealous of other people's wealth or intelligence -Loves Bring It On and Disney movies -Funny -Fun to be around -Selfless -Mentally stable -Psychologically perfect/health, No greedy sociopathic psychiatrist would dare medicate her -Average intelligence, High IQ people suffer a high rate of mental illness
  15. What do you think is a normal human? You psychiatrists and big pharma seemed to want half the U.S. population doped up. Also some of these meds cause weight gain. I would prefer to see less overweight females. I prefer cheerleaders not fat feminists!
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