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  1. THen it happens by magic. Still an interesting scenario to consider.
  2. Gravity and sunlight stay the same but the pressure, atmospheric composition and biosphere stay as on Earth.
  3. What if Mars was somehow made as habitable as the Earth and a group of humans was transported to it in 50,000 BC? Is 50,000 years from now until the present day long enough time for significant anatomical differences to evolve? What could they be?
  4. Is interpreting neutral stimuli as threatening (reacting with anger to neutral or positive tone of voice) somehow related to the ocytocin system?
  5. Psychodelics were shown to have immense psychotherapeutic potential in 1960s. Why were they banned then? Not only they were banned from recreational usage but also from research and basically nobody could do anything with them for 40 years. Then it was lifted and it turned out MDMA cures PTSD in 2x as many people as 2nd best therapy and in weeks rather than months... What do you guys think?
  6. Psychodelic assisted psychotherapy is great. Helps folks a lot with stuff like depression, anxiety, PTSD etc.
  7. The picture says "subjective intensity of experience and perception". What does it mena?
  8. Apparently quite a bit I guess. An MRI machine costs a few mln $ weights a ton and uses as much power as several households. One also needs to be completely motionless inside. If we want to scan 1000s of people, that's certainly an issue.
  9. How much would development of neuroscience be sped up if a portable neuroimaging technique as good as MRI/fMRI but helmet sized and costing 10-25% the price of an MRI machine became available?
  10. You got me.. O.o Anyway I don't think she is stupid in terms of pure intellectual ability. Her maternal grandfather was an engineer and her father a lawyer which does require some brains so I think she is actually above average in intelligence. She simply does not use it because her personality (hyper-obsession with status and other people) prevent her from doing so.
  11. I subscribe to Baron Cohen's systemizing-empathizing theory (although "empathizing" is an unfortunate name as it refers to cognitive empathy which is not the same thing most people mean when they say "empathy"). Basically brain uses different networks for analyzing people and for analyzig the material world. People high in systemizing are good in logical thinking and they pay more attention to material world and how it works. People high in empathizing pay more attention to social rules and other people's feelings and thoughts and are bored by facts. This however does not have direc
  12. Do you guys consider Carl Sagan and Neil deGrasse Tyson to be nerds?
  13. What happens to a white matter tract if it's used more? Like if the frontolimbic connections are used more, do they get more myelinated?
  14. Can COVID speed up medical research at least a bit? The vaccines went from phase 1 trial to approval in 1 year. Can at least some procedures be used in other fields of medicine?
  15. There are people like Terence Tao, Ed Witten, Grigori Perelman, Lennard Ng and probably 1000s of others areound the world who are super smart. Any clues of what distinguishes their brains from the brain of an average person from the street? There is some degree of correlation between intelligence and cortical thickness as well as brain volume. What else?
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