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  1. Does epigenetics apply to single alleles as well? If two alleles are expressed equally, would it be possible to silence one allele using epigenetic effects?
  2. What causes them? Are they caused more by structural changes in the brain or more by neurotransmitter abnormalities? A drug that was to be the first to target negative symtoms of schizophrenia (roluperidone) has just failed phase 3 trials.
  3. https://www.jneurology.com/articles/regulation-of-adult-neurogenesis-in-the-cerebral-cortex.html
  4. Does it exist in the human brain/ We have well established evidence of neurogenesis in the dentate gyrus and the subventricular zone. Is there neurogenesis in the cortex? Some time ago I came across a paper proving that it does.
  5. What if you modified the brain of a living human in a significant way? What would happen if make the prefrontal cortex 2x thicker? Or temporal lobe? Or give him 2x bigger hippocampus?
  6. But if you change gene expression of white blood cells to resemble the gene expression of muscle cells, will you literally get muscle floating in your blood?
  7. Lets say you take some kind of cells that divide fast like white blood cells and change their epigenome to resemble some other kind of cells, muscle cells for example. What happens?
  8. Microbiome transplant reduced core symptoms of autism by almost 50%. FDA was so impressed that it fast tracked the treatment https://www.healio.com/pediatrics/autism-spectrum-disorders/news/online/{6b8a390d-1f6a-4f24-ac73-ee831f0c20e0}/fda-fast-tracks-microbiota-therapy-for-children-with-autism There are studies of mice developing schizophrenia like behaviors after a microbiome transplant from humans with schizophrenia https://www.biocodexmicrobiotainstitute.com/en/publications/schizophrenia-and-microbiota-has-link-been-confirmed Anxious mice become less anxious after a microbiome transplant from courageous mice and vice versa https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/31124390/
  9. We all know the reports of microbiome transplant allevating symptoms of autism and even changing some personality traits. What would happen if you transplant a microbiome from another species (a tiger for example) into a human?
  10. What are your thoughts on hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) for brain disorders? Possible mechanisms of action; - reduction of neuroinflammation, oxidative stress and apoptosis - stimulation of angiogenesis, neurogenesis and synaptogenesis - repair of white matter - increase of blood volume and blood flow to the brain
  11. When you think will first drugs to repair damaged brain hit the market?
  12. Do they actually do MRI scans of peope admitted to psychaitric wards as a routine? Just askin'
  13. What kind of changes occur in the brain due to psychosis/schizophrenia? Is there actual loss of neurons and damage to white matter tracts? If yes, can similar permanent brain changes occur due to milder psychiatric diseases i.e. depression/anciety or bipolar?
  14. In the pipeline there are two drugs for autism that work on oxytocin. Maybe thay can work on psychopathy as well? Both have shown very promising effects (in phase 2 trials so far) for a condition once considered completely treatment-refractory.
  15. No. If it was a viable approach, it would have been approved already.
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