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  1. What are possible applications of magnetic brain stimulation besides treating depression/anxiety? Can it be used to change certain abilities of the brain or change personality traits? I think it's a fascinating technology that warrants more discussion here.
  2. What's the difference in function between left amygdala and right amygdala/ What function do various sub-parts of the amygdala have?
  3. Hans de Vries

    Earth spinning at lightspeed

    What would happen if the Earth suddenly started spinning at the speed of light? Since its mass would go to infinity in infinitely small period of time, would it immediately turn into a black hole with infinite mass exerting such a gravitational force to start pulling the entire universe towards itself at lightspeed?
  4. Hans de Vries

    Why can't natural killer cells target cancer cells?

    We will be able to do that soon with most cancers. We already have CAR T in use https://www.cancer.gov/about-cancer/treatment/research/car-t-cells We also have drugs like Ipilimumab and Pembrolizumab that "force" the immune system to attack cancer cells. A combination of Ipilimumab and Nivolumab wuadrupled 5 year survival for metadtatic melanoma
  5. Hans de Vries

    Ukraine and Russia

    Petro Poroshenko with Ukrainian army soldiers. One of them carries the logo of Waffen SS Totenkopf Viking division: Its not an isolated case - there is at least one official Interior Ministry formation that uses insignia of Waffen SS (yes, two of them at the same time) as official emblem.
  6. Hans de Vries

    Ukraine and Russia

    This has been more or less the case since 1991. Even though majority of Ukrainians use Russian, the sole official language since 1991 has been Ukrainian. Yanukovych finally changed that iin 2012, by granting Russian the status of a regional language - and there was a massive fistfight in the parliament over that. After Euromaidan the law was abolished and further restrictions on the use of Russian have been made - ban on import of Russian language books, quotas in media etc. among other things. Mind you, the whole conflict isn't solely about language, far from that. Linguistic policy is just the tip of the iceberg.
  7. Hans de Vries

    Ukraine and Russia

    I think that's it Having a nationalist French government in Canada trying to violently impose (with help of far right/neo Nazi "activists") French language and anti-English/anti-American political narrative... It is so unlikely that it sounds almost comical. but that's what's happening in the Ukraine - the current government is systematically trying to eradicate Russian cultural/lingustic heritage in Ukraine even though 50-60% of Ukrainians use Russian as their main language and the two countries are as linked to each other as England and Scotland.
  8. Hans de Vries

    Ukraine and Russia

    Like seriously? If the aforementioned far-right Quebecois violently took power in Canada, declared French to be sole official language, banned all English langage media and declared Anglo-Canadians to be invaders who oppressed the true (French) Canadians for centuries - then an armed revolt in multiple regions of Canada would be certain. And in that case, US will have full right to intervene in Canada in order to protect its brethren people.
  9. Hans de Vries

    Ukraine and Russia

    I may say, yes and no. The southeastern part of Ukraine was deprived of any sort of political representation after a violent coup that forced a democratically elected president to flee the country at the threat of death and brought a government that is completely unacceptable to people in those regions of Ukraine - in Donbass over 90% of people speak Russian as their main language, they do not want to be forced to speak Ukrainian and worship Western Ukrainian ww2 Nazi collaborators like Bandera and Shukhevych.. So they started a rebellion and Russia was forced to intervene - otherwise it would be a treason of its own people. An analogous situation would be if the French speaking part of Canada tried to violently impose its identity over the rest of the country. If the Anglo-Candians then rose in revolt, wouldn't it be legitimate for US to intervene militarilu?
  10. Hans de Vries

    Ukraine and Russia

    Belarus is not terribly stressed by Russia's presence. Kazakhstan and China aren't either Finland probably isn't either. A big % of Ukrainians probably aren't either - in USSR times Ukrainians and Russians (except Western Ukrainians) were considered practically one nation (like English and Scottish people), milions of people moved between Russian and Ukrainian SSR without any issue and they still do - for a matter of fact, 4 out of 8 leaders of USSR were ethnic Ukrainians.
  11. Hans de Vries

    Neil DeGrasse Tyson Misconduct

    Hi. What are the exact details of how the purported rape victim remembered the rape? Wasn't she unaware of it for over 30 years and then "remembered" it after some star alignment or something like that? THat's what she wrote:
  12. Hans de Vries

    Sharia in the US

    Comparing Islam with Christianity is like comparing rodents to cephalopods. Both are animals and derived from a common ancestor but this is about as much in terms of their similarity.. Jesus was a man of peace. His apostles were a peaceful folk. There is no account of them engaging in attempts to spread their religion by force. Christianity was created in an environment that was extremely hostile - the Roman Empire. Under these conditions resorting to sword would very quickly put an end to entire religion. Quietly spreading the Gospel was the only way to go. Furthermore, the Christian religion very quickly *bu the time of Paul of Tarsos) became influenced by Greek philosophy and drifted away from Judaism and it's strict legalistic framework. Muhammad was neither peaceful nor persecuted. To the contrary - he was the one who persecuted others. He became the absolute ruler of Arabia (would a peaceful prophet really want this much power?) and was extremely harsh towards even the slightest criticism of himself or his religion. The Quran tells Muslims to strive to be like Muhammad - and his successors (the first the "sahaba") immediately attacked Byxantium and Persia and achieved great military success within 10 years of Muhammad's death.
  13. Hans de Vries

    Quickly recognizing personalities

    Well, this is the type of girl I am looking for: 1. Very attractive (this is not an issue, I know a lot of attractive girls) 2. Very self-confident, with high self esteem, feels good among people, likes interacting with them. 3. Has a rich sex life (had many boyfriends, changes them often) 4. Exhibits a strong drive towards "high life" - likes expensive clothes, cosmetics, jewelry etc, dresses well but not too formal 5. Likes partying. 7. Above average intelligence but not extraordinary high. 8. With a laid-back, warm personality. Content with life, smiles often, is kind to others and wishes them well. Well liked by other people. I am not looking for a long term relationship though... A brief one.
  14. Well... I am looking for a relationship with a highly specific kind of woman and I will have to detect personality type of women within days, maybe even hours, of meeting them. Can things such as clothing style, body language, style of speech etc. tell much information about personality?
  15. Hans de Vries

    Why did white people become more advanced than other races?

    I realize that the it wasn't an abrupt event. Neverthles, it's outcome was basically a return to pre-Roman levels of development - nearly total collapse of cities and cessation of almost all economic activity above the level of a small village - Rome itself went from having a population of at least 500,000 to less than 50,000 and for centuries it was still the largest European city by a significant margin. (in Charlemagne's times there were still less than 10 urban areas with population above 20,000 people in all of Western Europe). Moreover, all cultural activity virtually ceased and did not return to Principate (early Imperial) levels until maybe 1200s in Italy and 1400s in the rest of Europe.