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  1. They never did. But could they do this in right circumstances?
  2. I do two things 1. I replace my entire DNA in the brain with that of someone else, let's say it's Obama. In order to prevent rejection I undergo autologous bone marrow transplant. 2. To destroy the existing gray matter structure I use some kind of technology to kill neurons in my brain and turn them into glial scars. Then I use glia to neuron conversion technology to turn those scars back to functioning neurons. Would I get a brain structure fundamentally simialr to that of Obama?
  3. More like brain hacking IMO. The issue with psychopathy/ASPD is that even if the individual is not violent, he/she can still cause a ton of psychological harm to others. I would not envy someone to have a boss or a co-worker who is a psychopath. Mind that psychopaths make some 5% of CEOS even though their prevelence in general population is approx. 1% There are already significant insights into the pathophysiology of ASPD like abnormal opioid system in the brain and abnormal glucose metablism which IIRC predicts psychopathy with better accuracy than psychological tests do.
  4. Research is ongoing. In the future we may be able to reverse the deficits of empathy. White matter in certian regions could be strengthened or weakneed, gray matter volume modified, chemsitry of the brain could also be changed.
  5. We know there are inhibitory projections from PFC to the amygdala which calms it and extinguishes anxiety/fear/anger etc. But there are also bidirectional projections between PFC and amygdala. What do they do?
  6. If a cure for psychopathy is available, should people be forcibly subjected to it? Not all psychopaths are violent. A lot of high functioning psychopaths are business executives, politicians, surgeons as well as successful soldiers and policemen. All activities that require lack of empathy and calmness under pressure.
  7. Which parts of the brain are responsible for predicting consequences ofactions? Dysfunction of what parts can cause disturbances to this ability? Like dangerous behavior or careless heath related behavrioe?
  8. I've just read it's the insula but there may be more to it... probably is.
  9. What brain regions/network are involved in disgust recognition? Like, the ones that make you feel revulsion while touching one's poop or any other similarily disgusting stuff?
  10. Does it warrant a larger trial in your opinion? 100-150 participants?
  11. Reduction of core symptoms of autism by 47% is a huuge thing. This is a condition that previously had no effective treatment options.
  12. What do you think is the future of this treatment? Example - autism symptoms reduced 47% 2 years after Fecal Microbiota Transfer: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/04/190409093725.htm
  13. What is your opinion of this? It was said to reset some aging related markers by 54% https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2020/06/200615115724.htm
  14. This seems way too high. AShkenazi Jews descend from a group of approx 350 individuals and although they have slightly increased risk of some diseases, they aren't unhealthy as a group overall. The Amish more so but their founding population was lower.
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