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  1. Non hippocampal neurogenesis for stroke or TBI or other types of neurological damage
  2. 1. If the serotonin hypothesis of aggression is not true, what are alternate explanations? 2. I have read that oxytocin is implicated in emotional empathy? How strong is this association?
  3. Are there alternate neurobiological hypotheses of anger?
  4. CharonY mentioned relationship between serotonin and anger/aggression. How strong is the relationship? Is the effect size huge? Is is a clear case that levels of anger and agression drop with increased levels of serotonin?
  5. Neurodivergence is the state when someone's brain functions in a way that is in one or more ways, significantly different than typical. Normally it is used to describe individuals with Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia and a few other disorders - but when you take just the definition it could apply to other things as well. Does a brain with someone who is in 10th highest percentile in both Extraversion and Agreeableness significantly different from average? IMO it is
  6. The personality trait conscientousness involves being hard working and doing things that aren't intristically interesting. What motivates people to do that? Is the reward system active in highly conscientous people just as it is during pleasant things?
  7. I mean extreme scores of the Big Five traits. Someone who scores lets say in the 10th highest percentile in Extraversion and 20th percentile in Openness is not disabled but their needs and preferred lifestyle are very different compared to an average person and trying to squeeze them into mainstream society would be quite difficult.
  8. What do you think about the ideas of Jordan Peterson? More precisely the idea that history of human society is that of dialogue between conservatives and liberals and that if conservatives and liberals can agree on something, then it's likely a good thing to do. In other words too much conservatism is bad and too much liberalism is also bad
  9. Let's say you start with something simple like dandelions. You want dandelions that are 2x larger than normal. There are 10k people each of them grows 200 dandelions
  10. How fast can crops be bred for certain traits assuming we start with wild plants? Can 1% increse in average mass or speed of growth per decade be achieved if there are 10,000s or 100,000 of people breeding that crop and it is annual?
  11. Do you know whether cattails react well to organic fertilizer like dung or compost?
  12. Which regions of the Prefrontal Cortex underline response inhibition/stop signal tasks and why are they underactive in some people?
  13. 1. How far north does cattail grow? 2. I I put a great number of seeds in the ground without water, are there any chances that I get cattail growing on land?
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