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  1. Possibly not even one. Chernobyl and Fukushima were very peculiar incidents that occured due to very particular circumstances. Given that for example France generates 80% of its energy by nuclear power and has not had a single accident.
  2. Do you think gut microbiome has a potential to affect non-hippocampal neurogenesis via some mechanism (like modulation of neural stem cells org glia to neuron conversion)? It definitely does impact neurogenesis in the hippocampus/SVZ.
  3. Where exactly is Inferior Supra Credulus in the brain? I've read that it's a brain region controlling guillibility
  4. I am writing this eating a piece of Munster cheese. There are basically a few cheese making organisms - penicillium camemberti, penicillium roqueforti, penicillium glaucum as well as geotrichium candidum and brevibacterium linens. Why so few? Out of so many species of fungi and bacteria, aren't there any others that could be used to make cheeses with a distinct taste?
  5. Does anyone know what Big Five traits or personality disorders are associated with hiding/not telling people what one thinks or what one is doing?
  6. More or less anything above 25,000t that is not a carrier is a battleship. I am of an opinion that modern lack of battleships is due to cultural choice rather than actual lack of combat effectiveness. A battleship weighting 40,000t could carry 3-4 helicopters, 1-2 F-35 and a ton of weaponry. It would be a very formidable weapon
  7. I was talking about a battleship.
  8. A ship in the 40,000+ t range with 12-16 CIWS would be VERY hard to sink by any aircraft carrier. You'd need a combined force of aircraft from 4+ carriers to sink it. Or 5-10 cruiders and it would still be extremely hard. If the ship operates together with other ships, then it's almost impossible to sink except by a massive force.
  9. Which parts of the brain make up the social brain network which is dysfunctional in autism?
  10. How does it work that in certain individuals some kind of stimulus triggers psychosis? How precisely does a stressful stimulus turn into dopaminergic overactivity in the mesolimbic system?
  11. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2020/06/200615140921.htm Administration of a peptide that changes gut bacteria results in -40% plaque size after 10 weeks although in mice not humans. What do you think of this?
  12. Is that the case? My cousin's son has some kind of mental disturbances (probably conduct disorder) and has shown remarkable carelessness and dangerous behavior since early childhood. My aunt (probably some combination of borderline + ADHD + bipolar) has also shown extremely careless behavior including excessive money spending, loan taking etc etc There has to be some kind of structural abnormalities that causes this kind of stuf
  13. Does the brain predict immediate and long term consequences of actions differently? What abnormalities in the brain can compromose one's ability to predict consequences of actions?
  14. @CharonY is the reason of Muslim countries' poverty in your opinion?
  15. It is not hard to be rich if you're sitting on largest oil reserves in the world.
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