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  1. Prometheus

    Ai and religion

    Once you give AI an objective function to maximise it will do so indiscriminately. If the agent is intelligent enough to realise that someone could try to change its objective function it will take measures to ensure that doesn't happen - as that would interfere with it's current objective. Re-programming such an agent would be difficult - and impossible for itself. This has a name in AI safety circles, but it currently escapes me*. One solution put forward is actually to allow some doubt over the objective function, so that the agent will have to seek external validation (human satisfaction for instance). Such an agent is constantly re-evaluating it's goals in light of sensory input (humans smiling or something more sensible), and might be safer. The biggest problem for AI safety is the likelihood that various states and companies will rush towards developing the technology and so neglect these sorts of safety concerns. *It comes under the banner of Instrumental convergence. Basically unconstrained AI agents might be expected to behave in similar ways, because they all help maximise objectives, regardless of the objective. Things like self-preservation and resource acquisition would help an AI achieve its goals for obvious reasons. Goal-content integrity would similarly help it achieve that goal.
  2. I occasionally get something vaguely similar as part of an Isolated Sleep Paralysis episode. I will see the objects in my room but cannot tell what they are: it's lines, textures and colours, but no actual things. I imagine it's what it is like to suddenly see after a lifetime of blindness - the brain receives the signals but can't interpret them. Visiting an opthamologist seems like the first thing to do though. If the eyes are all clear, maybe then check out a neurologist to about ISP. Good luck with your surgery... Hmm, do you suffer from sleep apnoea? Wonder if lack of oxygen during sleep could cause it: your bariatric surgeon should know.
  3. Prometheus

    blood pressure

    All the numbers you hear regarding healthy BP refer to brachial (arm) BP so I'd stick with that if you're going to be discussing it with your health providers. Here and here confirms nevim's statement. Ideally, should also be sat for at least one minute and the arm should be supported, or at least taken in a consistent manner to allow more meaningful comparisons across time.
  4. Prometheus

    Theresa May resigns

    Because i usually vote for small parties i'm actually better represented in European parliament than i am in my 'own' `British parliament. But i'd agree the EU is an unprecedented and daunting project . I'm just disappointed the older generation of British people won't allow the younger generation the opportunity to work on it.
  5. Prometheus

    Murray Gell-Mann died, age 89

    Any relation to the noble eight-fold path?
  6. Prometheus

    What is the universe?

    People have always seen existence through the lense of contemporary understanding. In the ancient world it was a drama played out amongst the stars, with the rise of monotheism it was a monarchy, with Newtonian science it was clockwork, and in our age it is a computation, a simulation. It tells us far more about the people thinking such thoughts than it does the actual universe. I wonder what people will think in the next age.
  7. How does Venus retain its atmosphere without a magnetosphere? If it can keep its atmosphere in its current orbit does it follow that it can in Mars's orbit? Or are other factors like tidal forces involved?
  8. Prometheus

    Predicting Further Values in a Set of Data

    Do you have to use polynomials? Just by eye it seems like a time series approach like ARIMA would make a better model (there is both seasonality and an upward trend), but maybe your teacher wants you to learn something specific about fitting polynomials. No idea how to do this in excel, but shouldn't be too hard to find a tutorial online somewhere - or have you already made the graph? Check out Runge's phenomena for why high order polynomials are often not a good model choice, although i think there's a more fundamental reason in this case.
  9. I know some of the big publishing houses have in-house statisticians to look over stats (but not if its a paper primarily about stats).
  10. Prometheus

    Split from AI sentience

    Yes, i'm a Buddhist, and your view is particularly consistent with my understanding of the dharma. This means i have an emotional stake in you being right, which i temper with a bit more scepticism than usual. However, not being trained in philosophy, i prefer the little stories so keep thinking them up. This all leads again to the idea of emergence so i might take this back over to the AI sentience thread.
  11. Triple blind - so even the editors don't know who is reviewing what? How would we ensure the reviewers aren't mortal enemies or best buddies with the authors? Maybe add preprint publication as a formal part of the publication process, to gain an informal peer-review from people interested in the field. Went to workshop recently in which an ex-Nature editor was arguing for this.
  12. Prometheus

    Split from AI sentience

    It's caricature for sure, but it helps me see the traffic for the cars. Considering the ring of cars as loosely analogous to the brain, my next question is whether that back-propagating phenomena has causative effects. Each car slows down because the car in front slows down - that's the chain of causation. The back-propagation seems to manifest from this chain, but itself is not a causative agent. It's like they are different categories of things. That's a nice way of putting it. Here's to the next level.
  13. Prometheus

    AI sentience

    Also, It's a bit rude not to address a particular point, and then go on to expound your opinion related to that point. If you don't want to discuss it, don't discuss it.
  14. Prometheus

    Will Virtual reality replace reality?

    If you disregard eating you die. Best be a damn good game.
  15. Prometheus

    Split from AI sentience

    I didn't mean to leave room for magic (though it is magic in the sense of wonder). Consciousness completely implemented by the brain, but once implemented is itself a 'cog in the machine', capable of influencing downstream (neurochemical) pathways? Thanks, but let's see if i'm right first.