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  1. Prometheus

    Shamima Begum

    There does seem to be a point many liberals miss about such news topics related to the rise of populist movements, and seem constantly surprised when people vote for 'stupid' things. I can understand the push towards progressing society, but there is a very real risk that pushing too hard will actually regress society: I cite Trump and Brexit as examples. Populism shouldn't dictate legal issues, but that's beside the point. Due process is being followed, i understand; the government have declared their intent and the courts will decide the legality of this situation. The court of social media, however, is what forms people's opinions. We should consider the large swathes of people who feel their views are being constantly ignored and so turn to increasingly extreme politics in an attempt to rectify the situation. We'll end up with Farage in charge if this continues unabated.
  2. Prometheus

    Elucubrations on positve, negative & imaginary numbers

    \( (-i)^2 = (-1)^2*i^2 = -1 \)
  3. Maybe the question should be how do all these environmental crises interact. As Itoero alluded to there is significant overlap between them (like ocean acidification and CO2 levels). Trying to identify one as the most urgent might lead us to lose focus on the others and neglect the complex interactions between them all. A systems approach rather than a reductionist approach.
  4. Prometheus

    the soul

    Huh? How's that? Maybe there are monotheists that don't emphasise god, but i've not met them. Seems almost a contradiction of terms.
  5. Prometheus

    the soul

    You made that jump, not me; a common misconception among monotheists. It is not that a powerful being is playing with you, it's that you are the powerful being and you are at play. To view oneself as God is often the ultimate conceit, the sin of sins, in monotheism. I've not studied Hinduism in detail, but my understanding is that there is no single point of all creation, but rather an endless cycle of birth, sustenance and death. Destruction is as divine as creation - it's all part of the cosmic play. There's a fundamental difference in perspective between many Eastern religions (and some Paganism/neo-paganism interestingly) and monotheism. We aren't things that come into the universe, created as if molded by some creator. We come out of the universe, as an apple will grow from an apple tree. Buddhism teaches rebirth - certainly circular. The difference seems to be they actually learn to enjoy chasing their tail whereas monotheists get all wound up when people don't take their tail chasing seriously. Just how it seemed to me when i was young and looking at these things. Now i'm discovering that Europe has always had similar traditions, from Hellenistic and Stoic thought, through to Northern Shamanic practices: unfortunately Christianity erased those traditions. But my point was about discarding sophisticated theological cleverness for direct experience, which you seem to agree with.
  6. Prometheus

    Worried I've spread urine germs

    Surely a phallacy?
  7. Prometheus

    Will A.I destroy more jobs than it creates?

    I'm delighted to see lawyers on the redundant list. However, i think it far too optimistic. Lawyers (in the UK at least) come from a privileged sector of society and they will not let their children's future cushty jobs go easily. Once jobs for the affluent are started to be affected there will be significant push back (not that there won't be push back from the poor - but who cares about the poor). True enough. Though i hope by then we'll have some damn fine virtual gaming.
  8. Prometheus

    Will A.I destroy more jobs than it creates?

    We could learn new languages, write poetry or literature, connect with other people, dance, sing and play. But the fact that many people can only imagine sitting around doing nothing says a great deal about the modern psyche.
  9. Prometheus

    the soul

    I agree that it wasn't meant as a computer simulation, but the magic, or technology, by which it is achieved is irrelevant. It's the same concept - a reality is created for a powerful being to play with. Anyone who thinks the Matrix was ground-breaking haven't read much sci-fi or religion: the ideas been around at least since Zhuangzi said: I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly, dreaming I am a man. Also, it's difficult to talk about Hinduism without stating which flavour: they vary so much they can start to look like different religions all together. In terms of all those questions, they go away if you think of it just as an analogy. That's why i like Buddhism and Taoism - they rarely start chasing their tails with such questions, and just focus on the direct experience of living.
  10. Prometheus

    Magnetic brain stimulation

    I don't know, but it is kind of fun. Maybe it could be used to induce certain emotions as people play VR games or watch movies (assuming it can reliably stimulate emotions with that precision).
  11. Prometheus

    Do races have the same brain genes?

    What are the 'brain genes'?
  12. Prometheus

    What eats black holes?

    Well i might change the ending in light of koti's suggestion: put a slither of silver in the lining at least. When black holes are very small, they're very hot. But do they actually emit gamma rays? I couldn't find much information about what happens to a black hole in its death throes.
  13. Prometheus

    What eats black holes?

    Well then it seems that time is the only thing that eats black holes, and lots of it. Is the CMB temperature falling? If so this could speed up BH evaporation - but still at cosmic timescales i guess. Anyway, i'm writing a sci-fi short so i'm just going to have the scientists create virtual particles at the event horizon to attempt to evaporate it more quickly. It's going to go wrong and end with a gamma ray burst that sterilises life for a wide sweep of the galaxy.
  14. Would hearing be noticeably affected by lower pressures? With a lower density i imagine the intensity any vibrations would be lower.
  15. Prometheus

    What eats black holes?

    The only way of increasing the EH surface area would be to increase its mass though, isn't it? Isn't it the case that the more massive BH, and hence larger EH surface area, the more slowly it evaporates, implying something else is at play? So these virtual particles pairs have to obey conservation laws - is it a mass/energy conservation?