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  1. Mathematica uses this exact sequence as a random number generator for large integers. Does that mean it's truly random? I guess that's a question for the philosophy of maths and above my pay grade. But it's certainly impossible to predict - else the prize would have been claimed and Mathematica would have to stop using it as a random number generator. In terms of free will i'm not sure how a stochastic system offers a better solution than a determined one. That we can't predict an outcome doesn't imply free will (though if we could predict an outcome, that would seem to eradicate free will). If you made all your life decisions by the roll of a die would you say you are exercising free will?
  2. Even with remarkably simple iterative systems like cellular automata rule 30 it is still unknown whether the central column is 'randomly' distributed - there is a prize for working out the value of the nth central column without having to run all n iterations - or prove that it is not possible.
  3. America is great again - thanks to a South African's company.

  4. And if Elk can just up and move, what's stopping the Africans? If Europeans think immigration is an issue now...
  5. I disagree that this is necessarily true - though i'm sure it is sometimes, maybe often, the case. Iff religious beliefs make an empirical statement that clash with the evidence then sure there will be dissonance. Then there will always be evidence gaps in which people can ferret certain beliefs which avoids this dissonance. But if religious beliefs make no such empirical claims then they can be entirely consistent with science. Another way of stating this is that religion (could) deal with the world as we experience it, science as the world is. Or that God does exist - as a human concept (and no less important for being so).
  6. Thinking for yourself is the game here. If you want to be told what to think you probably want a creationist forum - i'm sure they'll be happy to tell you what you should believe.
  7. Only some of those religions pray or have a god.
  8. Frankly, i'm very annoyed you made waste my time clicking that link. Regression to the mean is a PC concept, indeed. Taking this 'immigration destroys everything' stance to assessing the evidence is as useful as taking an 'immigration brings nothing but benefits' stance. It's a real shame because immigration is an important topic for many people, as shown by various referenda around the world.
  9. There's no goal to (some) meditation either - sometimes its described as just whole-hearted sitting. The only distinction between inhalation and exhalation made is the distinction your mind makes. Whether it's a rabbit hole or not depends on who's teaching it. One thing you notice with this kind of meditation is that each breath feels just a little bit different, and if it's different between breathes for the same person, then i'm sure it's different between people. But from my experience of meditation i think anapanasati is the closest thing you'll find to what you describe. Nose and navel are common foci you could try the neck, the throat, the chest - there's no end to the fun. Happy breathing.
  10. Anapanasati meditation.
  11. This channel gives a broad overview. Depends how deep you want to go with this it though.
  12. OK, i missed your point then. Everyone likes a bit of Conan though.
  13. I think your are getting Satanism wrong. They are generally a nice bunch, with a philosophy of striving to be the best they can be (unconstrained by God), most without harming others (they are a diverse bunch though). I think only a few Satanic sects actually believe in Satan as pure evil and want to bring death to the world, mainly in America for some reason.
  14. Somewhat ironically that is the premise of many Satanic sects.
  15. I meant specifically for recommending research papers to academics in a similar way that youtube videos, or whatever, are recommended (your link doesn't seem to address this, at least in the abstract). I was thinking of something more like this.
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