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  1. It's your opinion that it's not going to work, not a fact. I wasn't around but was it not the case many people thought it was not possible to put a man on the moon in the time frame set out by Kennedy? Do you have figures? According to this less than a quarter of the global space economy is from public sources. Maybe you know of more reliable sources? There are already at least 3 asteroid mining companies in existence. My impression is that this is one of the most economically viable space ventures. Again, reliable figures hard to come by so would appreciate any you have.
  2. dreams

    It's definitely sounds like a lucid dream. Being unable to wake from a dream happens frequently, to me at least, usually in nightmares proceeding a sleep paralysis event. I'm unsure how well being unable to wake is documented in the literature' sleep and particularly dreams aren't well understood processes, so i'm unsure of a name for it. Does your dream experience have negative connotations? Otherwise why the need to escape; you could enjoy it - you can do pretty much whatever you want, although it is a subtle skill to control your dreams. If you really want to learn to break out of your dreams all i can tell you is that it is a skill i managed to pick up so i imagine it possible for others too.
  3. The sea of plastic...

    If that plastic was considered toxic for the sea it has the potential to also be toxic to our air if used on roads. Researchers are starting to look into this; plastics in the air might be more of an insidious health problem than we currently realise. But i accept it can't be left in the sea either. The only way i can see this working is if plastic quotas are competitive with fish quotas for the fishermen. This way fishermen would be financially supported while we try to curb their industry so we don't deplete fish populations anymore.
  4. dreams

    True. Let me take the opportunity to ask about your experience in a little more detail: i've had thousands of these episodes in my life , many atypical compared to the literature, so it interests me. You had the sense of impending death, but was this embodied in a presence? When you controlled your breathing did you not find it constrained to a degree - normally the intercostal muscles are also paralysed and the mind interprets this as a weight on the chest (in European cultures) or being bound in chains (Japanese)? Also did you experience pain anywhere?
  5. It's important to note that this is only a proxy marker for more specific genetic markers. Once bedside genetic testing becomes common place race will become irrelevant as you can test for those specific markers of interest.
  6. There are historical and scientific reasons. Past movements exploring this subject were overtly racist, or otherwise supremacist, culminating in cleansing programs. I'm sure you can understand why it's still a sensitive topic on historic grounds alone. And as Arete alludes to there are genuine problems with any actual science. Defining race and applying it to populations What does IQ actually measure? How do we account for numerous confounding variables? But people who advocate for 'supremacist science' don't usually address these problems but instead insist they are being censored, mistaking science for a democracy, and it soon breaks down into a shouting match. It's about this time the thread gets shut down.
  7. If it's got an ethical component it is by definition a value judgement. This is Musk's personal money together with a bunch of investors. Is there any public money in this project at all? Also it might be hard to quantify just how much value speculative science has contributed to the global economy, but given how much of it relies on technology i would speculate one hell of a lot. If we're going solely on resource acquisition wouldn't near Earth asteroid mining be the optimal choice? I still wonder about the journey difference: a six month journey every two years versus a three day journey. You'd need far more redundancy and/or luck going to Mars. The moon seems safer. I also wonder whether there would be more political support for the moon just because politicians would be able to predict the feel good factor, and bump in the polls, from any large space mission. Does SpaceX get any public money?
  8. That's a value judgement. If Musk thinks it's worth the effort just because he can't think of anything better to do then it's worth the effort for him. Some people climb mountains just to say they've been to the top, or because they enjoy the journey. More power to them.
  9. Isn't there more of an economic case for going to the moon? Resources would be easier (i.e. cheaper) to mine and transport back to Earth. Especially if helium-3 for fusion fuel actually becomes a thing. Also in terms of safety the moon is just a few days away, Mars requires far more self-sufficience. How do you calculate this? I just had a quick google and the ball park figures i was getting were about $1 billion for 4 people to the moon, $6 billion for the same to Mars.
  10. Might be anecdotal but look at the difference between elite body builders and people in the world's strongest man competitions. Something else is going on.
  11. dreams

    Sounds to me more like a lucid dream from which you were unable to wake, as sometimes happens in nightmares. Sleep paralysis is often accompanied by the sense of a malign presence and/or impending doom. Did you experience this? Were you just trapped in the dream or were you unable to move your actual body?
  12. Glory and bloodshed, war & violence in general?

    Heard Mike Tyson touch on this subject recently. The guy is surprisingly insightful, even if volatile.
  13. Is there no longer a way to preview a post, or have i just missed that function? I like to use it to check latex stuff.

    1. StringJunky


      Never tried it but there's a preview button to the left of the eye on the right.

  14. I'm not sure what you mean by divided by the difference of limits, i've not come across this before. Maybe if you show the maths notation it will be easier to understand what you mean. In words, i would say the definition is the integral of a probability density function (pdf) times x over some range. In the case of QM the pdf is the square of the wave function (which is the same as the complex conjugate of the wave function times the wave function). They are the same. Man, when you try putting these concepts to words you really see the elegance of mathematical notation.
  15. Do you know why x^2 + 1 doesn't intersect the x axis?