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  1. I may depend on what your computer is connected to. Even if you have a dynamic IP address the device that responds to ipconfig /renew command does not necessarily hand out a different IP address. Note @swansont's spot-on response; renew the lease means that the same IP can be reused. An example of two situations where same IP is reused (there are others and a thorough answer would require insight into details): -Static lease (DHCP reservation); the IP is reserved for a specific device -the server may assign the same IP address because it's the next (or only one) available.
  2. Ok! As an engineer, perhaps you could consider revisiting and rewriting your explanation, focusing on ensuring that the mix of scientific terms and concepts is presented coherently and aligns with established scientific principles and theories?
  3. Your code does not seem syntactically correct.
  4. Your descriptions do not match program code you have posted. What program do you try to describe?
  5. What does "within range" mean? What do you mean by "approaches"?
  6. You may have misunderstood the output from the LLM*. Your claims does not seem to match the code you posed above. What are your results from testing your program? Ok, you missed the point. *) LLM=Large Language Model
  7. Maybe it helps to view the lack of patterns in more dimensions? I've generated a surface plot of the function x×y for x and y ranging from 3 to 100. This plot represents a smooth, continuous surface, as expected from the multiplication of real numbers. Within this plot, every prime and semi-prime number in the given range is represented. Notice that the surface is uniformly smooth. There are no distinct features, patterns, or anomalies that visually distinguish primes or semi-primes from other numbers: Let's modify the surface plot; the function is based on @Trurl's program code: This plot is also smooth. Again there are no distinct features, patterns, or anomalies that visually distinguish primes or semi-primes from other numbers. Using another algebraic function will not help; there are no patterns. Plotting a larger area does not help either; the surface is smooth for any numbers. please report your progress so far.
  8. The video, which delves into quantum mechanics and theoretical physics, does not mention 'photons' at all in the transcript. Can you explain how the video is relevant? (Note: thanks to machine learning and NLP I did not watch the video)
  9. You can test using the numbers I provided: https://www.scienceforums.net/topic/124453-simple-yet-interesting/?do=findComment&comment=1219386 Finding large primes with your approach unfortunately does not work; mathematical reasons why has been presented already.
  10. I do not count that statement ("there is no such thing as programming without programming") as a law in computational science.
  11. Thanks! For some reason I did not initially notice your quote @dimreepr It provides an answer to my initial question in this topic; Is there a scientific law or theorem that makes artificial consciousness impossible?
  12. The LHC primarily accelerates protons (and can also accelerate ions). The concept of "atom in orbit" does not apply to the operations and experiments conducted at the LHC at CERN so I do not know what you are asking.
  13. Ok. Just show the mathematical equations and we'll insert numbers from publicly available CERN data. (Note: "atom in orbit" is not related to my question as far as I can tell.)
  14. That is true. Your descriptions need to be more precise. (as @swansont said above) Pick any reasonable example of your liking. Also define what you mean by "orbit" is in reference to the circular motion of particles in LHC. @Bufofrog gave a correct answer above for celestial bodies in orbit and I do not know if that is what you mean here.
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