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  1. Planets Magnetic fields

    I did not understand this. Can you explain what movements that are required for gravity? Movement relative to what?
  2. Hurricanes

    No is does not.
  3. Hurricanes

    Good question, silver iodide is for affecting rain clouds (cloud seeding). I checked again and the substance in the test was a polyacrylic acid derivative.
  4. Hurricanes

    Ok! No problem! Why use a bomb? If you drop salt from an airplane into a storm about to turn into a hurricane the salt will spread quite fast anyway? I did not find any references to actual tests using lasers. It was one of the proposed ideas. If salt makes sense in theory or have any effect at all on weather I do not know, I have not researched that. You suggested that So you have to show why salt makes sense. The sources referenced at did not mention salt, my best guess* is that the test required a chemical that absorbs more water than salt. *) The sources hints that commercial interests were involved in the tests which of course could have impact on chemicals use. Note also that the results did not display conclusive evidence.
  5. Hurricanes

    Then why are you asking us questions about this? So the question is if anyone has tried anything missing from all physics that will answer the questions. How should I know since you claim that: If you mean has anyone tried storm or hurricane prevention using chemicals? Yes, see my answer above.
  6. Hurricanes

    I see practical challenges with a preemptive method. An analogy that may illustrate my point: Have you seen TV shows such as Storm Chasers? I'm not suggesting that the show has a specific scientific value but the very few episodes I've seen suggest it is not easy to know where a tornado is about to form. To a non-expert it seems like the hunters most of the time has to choose one of several possible areas and the outcome often seems quite random. What model do you have in mind that allow the preemptive method to find the correct spot and deliver explosive charges before it is too late? Some experiment* has ben done using other chemicals, not salt. The page may not be reliable and I have not checked all references. For instance NOAA** seems to disagree that any positive results at all were displayed. And again the scale of things is a problem. The experiment talks about one airplane while basic calculations** shows that hundreds of planes may be required. References *) **) Again, as the idea is posted in speculations:
  7. Planets Magnetic fields

    Ok Air pressure and air movements affect magnetic fields according to your idea? Then you can use a compass to measure that? Do you get lost if you navigate with a compass on a windy day?
  8. Hurricanes

    Fine, but you stated that you wanted to change the pressure: Did you read the link I provided? Here are some approximate calculations. I'm not saying this is a method that works as means of limiting the size of hurricanes, the calculation is only provided as a comparison to show the scale of things. Category 5 hurricane: approximately 920 milibar**, equals 9,38 ton/square meter.* Category 2 hurricane: approximately 979 milibar**, equals9,98 ton/square meter.* Difference 0,6 ton/square meter. That is, for each square meter 600kg of air has to be moved to that area to equalise the pressure. Now approximate the low pressure area of a hurricane by using the size of the eye***. An average diameter of 48km gives an area of 1770 km2. That means that about 1 billion tons of air is required to “fill the whirpool” to change the pressure of a Category 5 hurricane to the pressure of a Category 2 hurricane. Even if you do not wait for a category 5 hurricane to form the amount of air you have to move seems quite large. You also have to know where to move it. I don't see how the idea is supposed to work practically. Can you provide some supporting calculations for your idea? References: *) **) ***)
  9. Hurricanes

    What differential? What core?
  10. Hurricanes

    To rise the air pressure, a huge amount of air has to be moved into the low pressure region of the weather system about to form a hurricane. A bomb is a blast of high pressure, I don't think that affects the barometric pressure. And even if pressure change succeeds there is still conditions that will allow tropical storms and other hurricanes to form, as already stated: The idea about bombing hurricanes seems to be quite common; Hurricane research division has a FAQ entry and calculations using nukes: Even if nukes re not the focus in the proposed idea the energy levels, barometric pressure and amount of air needed makes the use of bombs seem very unrealistic to say the least. Historical side note, here is a scan from 1959: THE USE OF NUCLEAR EXPLOSIVES IN METEOROLOGY, L. Machta, U. S. Weather Bureau with the introduction on page 54: reference I have some trouble following the new things added to the topic. Salt content is lower than what? What core?
  11. Hurricanes

    I'm no expert in this, but if you detonate a nuke where a hurricane forms, where will the nuclear fallout be carried by the wind? Or what kind of bombs are proposed? Always? There is no chance it makes the hurricane change its direction and hit a more sensitive region? Or make the hurricane move over more open water, hit land later and do more damage? In addition to @StringJunkys comment; what is accumulated energy of a weather system in the process of forming a hurricane? How large is the area you have to affect by the bomb if you do it early?
  12. Linear Time Disproven.

    Point "a" and "b" seems to be an opinions, what evidence is available? Why does the idea use cubes and straight lines? Why not for instance spheres and curves*? When starting or stopping or turning, what frame of reference is used? When I try to follow your description ("Shapes and imagination throughout the universe") all I see is intricate curves, spiral patterns and spheres, not a anything resembling a cube. Example: If I stand still on earth I still follow the earth's rotation and earth moves around the sun and so forth. I Agree. As requested by @Strange, please give a proper defintion of Linear Time. Because and That seems to imply that Cubic Time is a collection of bad hoaxes? *)disclaimer, I do not believe time is a sphere, the analogy is presented as a comparsion
  13. Prove the negative of the Monty Hall problem

    Hello @Owen Martin Ok! Your suggestions does not seem intuitive to me, even without using math i get: -If the goats were identical and not possible to tell apart, would that change the possibility to win a car? No -If instead of goats there are nothing behind the two doors so that an example is Car/Empty/Empty, would that change the possibility to win a car? No The 4 possible outcomes does not have the same probability. It seems you think it is a 50/50 chase of picking the car in the first selection. That does not seem intuitive since there is one car and two goats. I prefer to use math to show that 50/50 is incorrect. But I think it is can be fun exercise to see that by intuition a 50/50 answer seems incorrect. Try this thought experiment: First change the rules as a comparison. Let Monty do the first move and open a door showing one of the goats. Monty must pick a goat, he is not going to reveal the car. Your chance is now 50/50 to get the car from behind one of the two remaining doors. Compare to the original rule is that you must choose first. Monty must now show a goat, he is not going to reveal the car. Now is it intuitive that the outcome is not 50/50 in this case? Intuition may not give the correct answer, but it tells that 50/50 seems wrong since the rules are changed from the case above where the outcome was indeed 50/50. It does not seem intuitive that you have the same chance as in the case where Monty had to remove one of the goats first. Logic and "intuition" can help in the analyse but to get the correct answer I prefer math.
  14. .

    Hello. What is superimposed universe horizons? I am not able to find a definition using google.
  15. I've briefly followed this from the sidelines and have, possibly a rather naive, question: Isn't the Kepler mission* exo planet search based on what @beecee says? The exo planets are already in the data, waiting for discovery. What does the statements about Neptune discovery say about the methods or results of Kepler mission; is methods or results, wrong, invalid, different? I know the methods for finding transiting exo planets differs from the search for Neptune, so the question above is intended more about "already in the data" than about Newton. *)