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  1. Since I have insight into what you mean but is completely incapable of using or understanding it I guess I must qualify as a squib. But you also have a good point: If the 3D engine used by OP is intended for gaming, why shouldn't it be possible to use the engine to model a quidditch game for instance? An animation in a physics engine is not evidence of new physics.
  2. Are you sure you observed a star? Are you sure the object you observed stopped shining?
  3. Does that mean that this is not an attempt to model something "real", physically possible, scenario? It is not clear what the speculation is.
  4. Hard to tell with the limited information available, I guess there are some options: -You found a bug in the software -You try to model something outside the specifications of unity3D resulting in unphysical behaviour -unity3D is intended to allow unphysical models resulting in unphysical results -I misinterpret what you try to achieve or to show (You could try posting more details here on this forum. I can't download and install a 3d engine at this time)
  5. Ghideon

    Today I Learned

    Today I learned that skills improved by participating here on scienceforums can, at least in some minor way, be helpful in the current virus situation. I joined a local initiative where students studying from home can ask about math and physics. Debating science here has made me more confident regarding mainstream science and how to respond with useful hints (instead of solutions) to homework questions.
  6. Simulations of correctly modelled systems can provide valuable insight into the systems behaviour. That said, what does "defying-gravity" mean? If it does not adhere to the rules of physics then it's just a test that shows that the unity3D software and/or the model is not correct.
  7. Layman question: In addition to the questions above, could you briefly state what current mainstream physics you reject? AFAIK there is no such thing as an anti-photon* in the standard model. Does that mean that the standard model does not apply when reading your paper? I've trouble to know what I should assume to be valid from current mainstream since you seem to introduce concepts that is not compatible with it. *) There is no "anti-photon" with measurable differences from a photon
  8. Good find! Here is the change from "4" to "2-4". https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=(52768)_1998_OR2&oldid=944085138 If better estimates if the object diameter was available and caused the update I do not know (yet). Or if there was just an error and a correction in Wikipedia article.
  9. If language and skills are an issue they could maybe confuse size with period. The period* is approximately 4.1 according to @Strange's sources. *) Rotational period is of course not a measure of size of celestial body, the numerical value just happened match.
  10. Regarding the original question Many organisations (an I guess also individuals with proper equipment and interest) try do discover, catalogue and track Near Earth Objects*. One such initiative is Spaceguard**. when an object is discovered potentially many individuals and organisations will know about the object before it is know if there is any danger due to the objects expected trajectory. My best guess is that since many are involved and have possibility to validate and confirm observations and calculations the chase that serious mistakes would slip through is reduced. Which on an abstract level apply to pretty much any area in science. (This also addresses (off topic) question about coverups; knowledge about the objects existence is likely widely spread before knowing if there is any danger or not.) *) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Near-Earth_object **) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spaceguard
  11. The data for the three graphs is nearly identical so the graphs will be nearly identical. Maybe it is better to have separate y-axis scale for the values; the small variations and small values are not visible. When drawing a bar that has the height of approximately [math]10^{11}[/math] next to one that is approximately 1.0 the latter will not be visible since it is so small in comparison.
  12. Your link seems to point to the start of this thread. Was that intentional?
  13. Yes. But personally I would not bother. Why not create a 500x500 pixels picture in Paint and then paste the text using paint's Text tool? If you absolutely have to create a program, can you use something like pillow* and ImageDraw?. Pseudo code, untested: from PIL import Image, ImageDraw image = Image.new('RGB', (500, 500), color = (255, 255, 255)) drawer = ImageDraw.Draw(img) drawer.text((10,10), "Content From TextFile", fill=(255,255,0)) https://pillow.readthedocs.io/en/stable/
  14. Are you required to use some specific programming language? Does any restrictions regarding libraries, packages etc apply? (I guess python may be used)
  15. Ghideon

    Bob Lazar

    Opinion, based on what I see at the boblazar site: A scientist or expert in physics related to heavy particles and gravity will be qualified to debunk scientific claims. But when someone just produces random claims there is no science the expert can work with. Analogy (Straw-man warning): It's like asking a physics expert to try to debunk last-Thursday-ism or god-did-it. There is no facts involved that the scientific method is intended to address.
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