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  1. In the United States, they decided to abandon the project of a super-powerful gun capable of firing at 2000 kilometers. According to the Expert, the rejection of the development of the Strategic Long Range Canon (CLC) gun in its new material was reported by The Drive. The published draft of the US defense budget for the 2022 fiscal year does not contain data on the financing of the program. As stated in the explanation, " this direction will be completed in the 2021 fiscal year." The funds will be reallocated to other projects related, in particular, to the development of long-range
  2. There is a better example. WW3 did not start due to the nuclear parity between the USSR and NATO.
  3. Yes. As Alfred Tirpitz wrote in his memoirs, WW1 would not have happened if Germany had built a fleet equal to that of Great Britain.
  4. 1. reverse osmosis 2. You can try to cool the solution so that 3/4 of it turns into ice, drain the unfrozen part of the solution, and then melt the resulting ice.
  5. And those used in water ionizers. (The water ionizer is essentially an electrolyzer) Isn't it easier to distill water in a distiller?
  6. Graphite can be used as a material for the anode of the electrolyzer. The graphite anode is gradually destroyed during the electrolysis process, but it does not pass into the solution, but precipitates. And the membranes are made of cotton paper, although at present there are membranes made of polymer material that serve for a very long time. A little more complicated, some of the chlorine will react with NaOH to form oxygen-containing chlorine salts, such as NaClO3
  7. Watering with catholyte or anolyte can be used to regulate the acidity of the soil. And washing the fruit with anolyte should, in theory, increase their shelf life.
  8. It is quite possible that the anolyte on sale is made not only from tap water. I make an anolyte for personal consumption only from tap water. I recently had two teeth removed and implanted. The doctor recommended rinsing with chlorhexidine, but I used an anolyte of my own making. It helped a lot.
  9. Is there any evidence that it works? ANOLYTE NEUTRAL (ANC) ECO-FRIENDLY DISINFECTANT Description: Transparent colorless liquid with a faint characteristic smell of chlorine. Composition: The active substance of the product is a mixture of highly active metastable (electrochemically activated) oxidants, the concentration of which in terms of active chlorine ranges from 0.02% to 0.08%. The total concentration of dissolved substances is 2.0 g / dm. The pH of the product is 2.0-8.6. Anolit ANK perfectly combines all the qualities that must be inherent in every dezsred
  10. In ordinary tap water, there is both Na and Cl in sufficient quantities.
  11. You can make water acid (up to pH=2.4) by electrolysis in a vessel with a membrane. Such acidic water is called anolyte. Personally, I regularly make such water at home and use it as an antiseptic instead of chlorhexidine
  12. From the above photo, it can be seen that the base of the pyramids is not a square, but an octagon, or rather a four-pointed star
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