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  1. The shells are cheap, but the guns will be expensive. The firing range does not depend on the projectile and depends only on the length of the gun barrel. German super-guns "Colossal" and "Dora" were almost useless.
  2. For this purpose, submarines with cruise and ballistic missiles are more suitable. They have an advantage over aircraft carriers and battleships, which is the ability to covertly go to a given area on the line of attack. From the point of view of the strictness of the terminology, we should say "semi-ballistic". The head of such a missile must be able to maneuver and be homing on radiation from the aircraft carrier's electronic equipment. According to this scheme, it is possible to make a long-range surface-to-air missile against flying AWACS radars.
  3. To answer the question about the return of battleships, it is necessary to answer the question, and what combat tasks are these ships supposed to solve? If this is a fight against enemy carrier strike groups, then there are more promising solutions for this. For example, there have been reports on the Internet that China is developing ballistic anti-ship missiles with a range of 2,000 km
  4. Hardly. The development of military technologies is moving in the direction of removing living soldiers from the battlefield. Unmanned aerial vehicles, tanks without crews......
  5. The observer is another particle with which the photon interacts.
  6. here I googled it https://arxiv.org/abs/2009.11525
  7. The researchers, led by Frederico Lelli and Harry Desmond, studied 153 galaxies and measured the speed of the stars inside them at different distances from the original galactic center. They then looked at the acceleration of each galaxy caused by the gravitational fields generated by its surrounding neighbors. Some of the star systems, as it turned out, move 10 times faster than the rest. They then selected the two galaxies with the largest gravitational tug and compared their rotation patterns with the two isolated galaxies. Scientists have found that stars in strong gravitational field
  8. The particle simply does not have a specific coordinate and a specific momentum at a given time. This is what the Heisenberg uncertainty relation says. Until a particle is detected, it passes through all the slits of the diffraction grating at once.
  9. And if the astronaut falls forward head first, then when the neck is at the level of the event horizon, it becomes impossible to transmit nerve impulses from the head to the heart and lungs, it turns out that the event horizon will work like a guillotine or a cholinesterase inhibitor, so what????
  10. But string theory also states that the dimension of the space of the universe is 10+1. A coincidence????
  11. In physics, the proton-to-electron mass ratio, μ or β, is simply the rest mass of the proton (a baryon found in atoms) divided by that of the electron (a lepton found in atoms). Because this is a ratio of like-dimensioned physical quantities, it is a dimensionless quantity, a function of the dimensionless physical constants, and has numerical value independent of the system of units, namely: μ = mp/me = 1836.15267343(11).[1] The number enclosed in parentheses is the measurement uncertainty on the last two digits. The value of μ is known to about 0.1 parts per billion. It was
  12. And I have another question about the proton. The proton mass refers to the electron mass as 6*Pi^5. Why is Pi in the fifth power? Is this an indication that our space has 10 or 11 dimensions? The volume of a ten-dimensional ball (Pi^5)*(R^10)/120
  13. The Heisenberg uncertainty relation also violates the law of conservation of energy for time delta t.
  14. What will be the detonator of this explosion? Even photons can't escape beyond the event horizon of a black hole, so how does all the matter in the universe end up outside the event horizon of this black hole? In general, the atheist's dream is to create a model of a cyclic Universe that would exist forever and, therefore, would not require a Creator. But this criterion is better met by a model in which our Universe is part of a multiverse, in which Big Explosions constantly occur, giving birth to new Universes.
  15. The law of jet motion was brought out by an unknown math teacher from the city of Kaluga (Russia).
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