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  1. Miami Mayor Francis Suarez on Tuesday suggested that the US should explore the option of air strikes against Cuba. https://www.businessinsider.com/miami-mayor-says-us-should-consider-air-strikes-against-cuba-2021-7
  2. Let the court decide that. As for the specified episode of their WW2, the mice created a problem for the Germans only with the 38(t) tanks of Czechoslovak production, the German Panzer 2, Panzer 3 and Panzer 4 tanks had inedible wiring insulation for rodents.
  3. Elon Musk may have a rat problem. Fans of the South African billionaire’s electric cars say rats, mice and rodents are chomping down on their Teslas. And despite having dropped tens of thousands of dollars to buy the pricey vehicles, Tesla refuses to cover the damage. Sarah Williams, a 41-year-old physician who lives in Manhattan and uses her Tesla to commute to work in the Bronx, told The Post of an alarming incident when she took her 2018 Model 3 into Tesla’s Paramus, NJ, dealership in mid-May after her air conditioner had stopped working. “They opened the glove compartment an
  4. H=(gT^2)/2 T is the time of falling from a height H, in this case, half of the oscillation period. Yes, I lost sight of the fact that you can increase the energy by increasing the mass. But even in this case, the frequency will not grow with increasing energy.
  5. This is exactly what I meant, the frequency will decrease if you increase the initial height of the fall.
  6. Note that the oscillation frequency of such an oscillator will decrease with increasing its energy, and the frequency of a quantum oscillator increases with increasing its energy. Another difference between quantum mechanics and classical mechanics.
  7. Absolutely right. And the exponent is the main function in the economy.
  8. Let's look at this topic from the point of view of the main law of physics, namely the Law of Conservation of Energy. Let two bodies be at a distance R, their gravitational binding energy is equal to U = Gm1m2/R. Now, let them approach the third massive body, the distance R between them has decreased due to an increase in the length of the meter near the massive body, therefore the gravitational binding energy should increase. Official science claims that energy is stored locally. Moreover, she claims that in Cosmology, the main law of physics, the Law of Conservation of Energy, does not work.
  9. More precisely, gravity is the curvature of space-time by energy-momentum.
  10. Dimensionless constants these are true constants and their numerical values should not change we are talking about dimensional constants. The laws of physics have the same mathematical description in reference systems, which can be obtained from one another using the shift and rotation operations. If the scale changes, the equations remain the same, but the proportionality coefficients or dimensional constants change in them. For example, in the pound-foot system, the gravitational constant will become 1.068846 x 10-9 ft3 lb-1 s-2 instead of 6.67*10^-11 m^3 kg-1 s-2 in SI. If we use coord
  11. http://top-formula.net/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/The-Light-Formula-and-its-Consequences.pdf
  12. And the reason for the evolution of space-time is the change in the distribution of energy-momentum in the Universe Phi is the gravitational potential of the universe, which is equal to the sum of the gravitational potentials from each particle in the universe. By the way, the Schwarzschild radius has a different physical meaning, which can be seen from the equation 2GM/R = C^2 On the left side of the equation is the local gravitational potential created by the mass of the material point, on the right side of the equation is the global gravitational potential of th
  13. C^2 = - Phi In turn a change in the speed of light means a change in the Planck constant h= e^2/( alpha*epsilon0*c) = e^2/(alpha*epsilon0*sqrt(-phi)) If the gravitational potential is close to zero, then Planck's constant rushes to infinity. This is when viewed in absolute Galilean space.
  14. Continue.. The universe has expanded to a near-vacuum. Planck's constant has grown to almost infinity, which means that, in accordance with the Heisenberg uncertainty relation, it is possible to produce pairs of ultra-high-energy particles ( with an energy comparable to the total energy of the Universe). And this is a new pair of big bangs. From here follow the outrageously simple answers to the questions of why the big bang happened, what happened before the big bang, what is the future of the Universe, what is beyond the universe.
  15. The Hubble parameter is not thought to be constant through time. There are dynamical forces acting on the particles in the universe which affect the expansion rate. It was earlier expected that the Hubble parameter would be decreasing as time went on due to the influence of gravitational interactions in the universe https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Expansion_of_the_universe
  16. And the cosmological redshift seems to have two components: first, the galaxies actually scatter, and second, there is an expansion of the relative Einstein space. But the spread of galaxies should slow down with time by their mutual gravity and the red shift should decrease with time, but this decrease in the speed of the scattering of galaxies is compensated by the expansion of the relative Einstein space, so the relative value of red shift is constant in Hubble's law. I do not propose to reject the GRT , but to modify it so that the holes in space that are unnatural to nature disappear from
  17. And whether such measurements were carried out? No, I'm not confusing you. I propose to look at the problem of hyperinflation of the universe immediately after BB. As cosmological models show, in the early universe, individual parts of it scattered faster than the speed of light. Alternative physicist from Russia V. Yanchilin explains this by the fact that in the early Universe the speed of light was higher. Official cosmology says that space itself was expanding, which does not contradict the theory of relativity. But if you think about it, both of these explanations are equivalent. Ya
  18. The next astrophysical experiment would be very interesting to measure the coherence length of photons emitted by galaxies several billion years away and compare it with the coherence length of photons emitted by the Sun. If the coherence length of the photons increases as they move away from the Sun, this is evidence that Planck's constant was smaller in the past of the universe.
  19. That's right, the meter and the second change so that C remains a constant. m/s=1/C. But then it is logical to assume that the physical constants, in the dimension of which the meter and second are uncompensated, should change their numerical values in accordance with their dimensionality and the change in the meter and second.
  20. I venture to say a terrible heresy. Singularities and black holes are simply a consequence of an error in the GRT equation
  21. I have already found an error in the GRT equation for about six months, but I still did not dare to share this idea here. If you look at the equation of Newton's law of universal gravitation and Einstein's equation of general relativity, you can see that they both include the gravitational constant G. But this constant is dimensional, and its SI dimension is m^3/kg*s^2. In Newton's theory, space and time are absolute, i.e. the scales along the axes of spatial coordinates and time are unchanged, so it is logical that in Newton's theory G is a constant. But in GRT, when approaching a massive bod
  22. Many historians refer to the Napoleonic Wars series as World War Zero. And in the course of this WW0, not only Moscow was burned, but also Washington. The burning of Washington was an event that occurred in 1814 during the War of 1812-1815 between Great Britain and the United States. On August 24, 1814, after the American defeat at the Battle of Bladensburg, British troops under Major General Robert Ross occupied the city of Washington and burned many government buildings, including the White House and the Capitol, as well as several others. [2] The order of the British commander to set f
  23. Jet fighters appeared during the WW2, Me-262 1944. At the same time, the first Wasserfal SAMs appeared.
  24. By the way, Hitler himself wrote in Mein Kampf that the union of Germany with Austria-Hungary was a mistake. Italy entered the war on the side of the Entente because it had territorial disputes with Austria-Hungary. And Germany, according to Hitler, should simply wait for the collapse of Austria-Hungary to annex Austria.
  25. Earlier in the battle of Dogger Bank, due to the hit of an English shell, the powder charges ignited in one of the towers of the main caliber of the cruiser Seidlitz, the explosion did not occur. The Germans took this into account and modernized the projectile supply system from the point of view of fire safety. On the British battlecruisers, this was not done and as a result, in the Battle of Jutland, there was an explosion of cellars on Indefatible, Queen Mary and Invisible The Battle of Jutland can be considered a victory for the German fleet, as it suffered fewer losses than th
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