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  1. And the cosmological redshift seems to have two components: first, the galaxies actually scatter, and second, there is an expansion of the relative Einstein space. But the spread of galaxies should slow down with time by their mutual gravity and the red shift should decrease with time, but this decrease in the speed of the scattering of galaxies is compensated by the expansion of the relative Einstein space, so the relative value of red shift is constant in Hubble's law. I do not propose to reject the GRT , but to modify it so that the holes in space that are unnatural to nature disappear from it.
  2. And whether such measurements were carried out? No, I'm not confusing you. I propose to look at the problem of hyperinflation of the universe immediately after BB. As cosmological models show, in the early universe, individual parts of it scattered faster than the speed of light. Alternative physicist from Russia V. Yanchilin explains this by the fact that in the early Universe the speed of light was higher. Official cosmology says that space itself was expanding, which does not contradict the theory of relativity. But if you think about it, both of these explanations are equivalent. Yanchilin operates in absolute Galilean space, in which the meter and the second are constant, and therefore the speed of light must be variable. But a decrease in the speed of light in the absolute space of Galileo means an expansion of the relative space of Einstein. (If the object is removed at a distance of a million light-years, and the speed of light suddenly halves, then this object will be removed by two million light-years).
  3. The next astrophysical experiment would be very interesting to measure the coherence length of photons emitted by galaxies several billion years away and compare it with the coherence length of photons emitted by the Sun. If the coherence length of the photons increases as they move away from the Sun, this is evidence that Planck's constant was smaller in the past of the universe.
  4. That's right, the meter and the second change so that C remains a constant. m/s=1/C. But then it is logical to assume that the physical constants, in the dimension of which the meter and second are uncompensated, should change their numerical values in accordance with their dimensionality and the change in the meter and second.
  5. I venture to say a terrible heresy. Singularities and black holes are simply a consequence of an error in the GRT equation
  6. I have already found an error in the GRT equation for about six months, but I still did not dare to share this idea here. If you look at the equation of Newton's law of universal gravitation and Einstein's equation of general relativity, you can see that they both include the gravitational constant G. But this constant is dimensional, and its SI dimension is m^3/kg*s^2. In Newton's theory, space and time are absolute, i.e. the scales along the axes of spatial coordinates and time are unchanged, so it is logical that in Newton's theory G is a constant. But in GRT, when approaching a massive body, time slows down, i.e. the value of the second increases, therefore the numerical value of G must change in accordance with the changes in the meter and second. And since the meter in the SI system is the distance that light travels in one second,the meter lengthens with each second. The dimension of G can be written as (m/kg)*(m^2/s^2), from which it can be seen that G must change inversely with the length of the meter or inversely with the deceleration of time. And the GRT equations should look like http://www.yuniverse.org/img/ngre.jpg Thus, when approaching a massive body, the gravitational constant should decrease and singularities and the event horizon should not occur. In addition, other basic physical constants, namely the dielectric and magnetic constants and Planck's constant, must also change their values depending on the time dilation. Therefore, such physical constants as the ratio of the Coulomb repulsion force of two electrons and two protons to the force of their gravitational attraction should not change their values. Here is a simple answer to the question, if even a photon cannot fly beyond the event horizon, then how did it happen that as a result of the BB, the entire Universe flew out of the singularity point.
  7. Many historians refer to the Napoleonic Wars series as World War Zero. And in the course of this WW0, not only Moscow was burned, but also Washington. The burning of Washington was an event that occurred in 1814 during the War of 1812-1815 between Great Britain and the United States. On August 24, 1814, after the American defeat at the Battle of Bladensburg, British troops under Major General Robert Ross occupied the city of Washington and burned many government buildings, including the White House and the Capitol, as well as several others. [2] The order of the British commander to set fire only to public buildings, combined with strict discipline in the ranks of the British troops, made it possible to avoid damage to private city buildings. The attack on Washington was part of an operation to retaliate against the Americans for the raid on Port Dover.
  8. Jet fighters appeared during the WW2, Me-262 1944. At the same time, the first Wasserfal SAMs appeared.
  9. By the way, Hitler himself wrote in Mein Kampf that the union of Germany with Austria-Hungary was a mistake. Italy entered the war on the side of the Entente because it had territorial disputes with Austria-Hungary. And Germany, according to Hitler, should simply wait for the collapse of Austria-Hungary to annex Austria.
  10. Earlier in the battle of Dogger Bank, due to the hit of an English shell, the powder charges ignited in one of the towers of the main caliber of the cruiser Seidlitz, the explosion did not occur. The Germans took this into account and modernized the projectile supply system from the point of view of fire safety. On the British battlecruisers, this was not done and as a result, in the Battle of Jutland, there was an explosion of cellars on Indefatible, Queen Mary and Invisible The Battle of Jutland can be considered a victory for the German fleet, as it suffered fewer losses than the British fleet. But the British fleet was ready to go to sea the next day to perform combat missions and the German fleet had most of the ships forced to stand up for repairs for six months. The tactic is to allow more of their ships to fire on a portion of the enemy's ships while most of the enemy's ships would not be able to fire effectively. Here, a characteristic maneuver is the coverage of the head of the column of the enemy fleet by high-speed cruisers. This is a favorite maneuver of the Japanese navy, they tried to use it during the battle in the Yellow Sea and during the Battle of Tsushima.
  11. Perhaps Great Britain would have dissuaded France and Russia from entering the war. A contract is a contract and its execution is its execution. Italy did not enter the war on the side of the central powers. And all these examples to confirm the truth, " If you want peace, prepare for war"
  12. The author of this topic at the very beginning expressed the idea that the appearance of super-powerful long-range artillery systems will lead to the revival of battleships. This news also suggests that work on such artillery systems is being curtailed.
  13. In the United States, they decided to abandon the project of a super-powerful gun capable of firing at 2000 kilometers. According to the Expert, the rejection of the development of the Strategic Long Range Canon (CLC) gun in its new material was reported by The Drive. The published draft of the US defense budget for the 2022 fiscal year does not contain data on the financing of the program. As stated in the explanation, " this direction will be completed in the 2021 fiscal year." The funds will be reallocated to other projects related, in particular, to the development of long-range ammunition, navigation systems and vehicles The gun was designed to fire high-precision rockets at a range of more than 1,000 nautical miles (1,852 kilometers). They wanted to transport the platform with the gun using a heavy wheeled tractor Oshkosh M1070 HET (8=8), which has a three-axle semi-trailer. Research and development work on the program began in 2018. In fiscal year 2020, $ 61.8 million was allocated to the SLRC program, and $ 62.7 million in 2021. The other day it became known about the completion of another ambitious American project-a railgun, created in the interests of the US Navy. At one time, they wanted to install it on the destroyer Zumwalt.
  14. There is a better example. WW3 did not start due to the nuclear parity between the USSR and NATO.
  15. What about the bombing of Dresden?
  16. Yes. As Alfred Tirpitz wrote in his memoirs, WW1 would not have happened if Germany had built a fleet equal to that of Great Britain.
  17. 1. reverse osmosis 2. You can try to cool the solution so that 3/4 of it turns into ice, drain the unfrozen part of the solution, and then melt the resulting ice.
  18. And those used in water ionizers. (The water ionizer is essentially an electrolyzer) Isn't it easier to distill water in a distiller?
  19. Graphite can be used as a material for the anode of the electrolyzer. The graphite anode is gradually destroyed during the electrolysis process, but it does not pass into the solution, but precipitates. And the membranes are made of cotton paper, although at present there are membranes made of polymer material that serve for a very long time. A little more complicated, some of the chlorine will react with NaOH to form oxygen-containing chlorine salts, such as NaClO3
  20. Watering with catholyte or anolyte can be used to regulate the acidity of the soil. And washing the fruit with anolyte should, in theory, increase their shelf life.
  21. It is quite possible that the anolyte on sale is made not only from tap water. I make an anolyte for personal consumption only from tap water. I recently had two teeth removed and implanted. The doctor recommended rinsing with chlorhexidine, but I used an anolyte of my own making. It helped a lot.
  22. Is there any evidence that it works? ANOLYTE NEUTRAL (ANC) ECO-FRIENDLY DISINFECTANT Description: Transparent colorless liquid with a faint characteristic smell of chlorine. Composition: The active substance of the product is a mixture of highly active metastable (electrochemically activated) oxidants, the concentration of which in terms of active chlorine ranges from 0.02% to 0.08%. The total concentration of dissolved substances is 2.0 g / dm. The pH of the product is 2.0-8.6. Anolit ANK perfectly combines all the qualities that must be inherent in every dezsredstvu: Anolyte ANC has a high antimicrobial activity against all pathogenic microorganisms, including spores. Anolyte ANC has disinfecting and sterilizing properties. Anolite ANK has a washing ability that allows you to combine the stage of pre-sterilization cleaning and sterilization. Anolit ANK is a universal solution and is used for disinfection, pre-sterilization cleaning and sterilization of medical products, as well as for general cleaning of premises, disinfection of equipment in medical institutions, clothing, surgeon's hands, etc. An ANC anolyte eliminates the possibility of developing resistance to it by pathogenic microorganisms during any long and continuous period, which is caused by the metastability of the active substances of the anolyte. Anolyte ANC has a minimum toxicity class (IV) for inhalation and enteral effects, skin-resorptive and irritant effects are absent. It is approved for use in maternity wards and children's institutions. Anolyte ANC can be applied by wiping, irrigation, soaking and spraying. The low concentration of active substances in the ANC anolyte, together with its high speed, ensures that there is no aggressive effect on various materials. Anolita ANK is an environmentally friendly product, as it does not leave traces after processing objects, and the active substances of anolita completely spontaneously degrade to drinking weakly mineralized water. An ANC anolyte can be used to treat objects in the presence of patients. An anolyte ANC is a ready-made solution that is easy to obtain with the help of on-site installations in the field of application in the required quantities. The shelf life of an anolyte with the preservation of the sterilizing ability is 30 days, disinfecting for more than a year The low cost of AN ANC anolyte compared to other dezsredstvami is an indicator of efficiency and quick payback. this is a translation of what is contained in this link http://анолит.рф In Russia, the antiseptic anolite was widely sold in supermarkets during the COVID-19 epidemic
  23. In ordinary tap water, there is both Na and Cl in sufficient quantities.
  24. You can make water acid (up to pH=2.4) by electrolysis in a vessel with a membrane. Such acidic water is called anolyte. Personally, I regularly make such water at home and use it as an antiseptic instead of chlorhexidine
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