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  1. Two high-ranking generals of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation have been detained in Moscow. According to Hristo Grozev (Billingcat) they appropriated several billion rubles allocated for recruiting agents in Ukraine.
  2. What about lifting sanctions on Iran to replace Russian oil?
  3. Several missiles arrived at the US Consulate General in Iraq from the territory of Iran
  4. There are biological laboratories in Ukraine where research is carried out. Izvestia "Ukraine has biological research facilities," RIA Novosti quotes Nuland. The Russian newspaper "The United States is working with Ukraine to prevent biological research materials from reaching Russian forces," Nuland said. Economy today Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Liqiang, commenting on information about US-funded biological laboratories in Ukraine, called on the US to clarify its activities on biological militarization at home and abroad. RIA Novosti
  5. They never lie as much as after hunting and during the war
  6. Exactly. Politics is a dirty business. And Ukrainian politicians are not much better than Russian ones. This also applies to American politicians.
  7. It really is. Echo of Moscow Radio and Dozhd TV channel are closed. Only YouTube remains. I think need should start broadcasting in Russian again on short waves of AM. As for democracy, the people do not need it if their standard of living is below the poverty line.
  8. Today, the news went out in the Russian media that Ukraine was going to make a nuclear bomb, and the main institute in this project was the Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology. Now the list of Russia's priority targets in this operation is clear, Chernobyl, Kharkiv, Energodar and Yuzhnoukrainsk. And here is the meaning of the Russian troops' rush from Nikolaev to Voznesensk, as well as the fact that the Russian army is storming Kharkov.
  9. The Ukrainian army uses the tactics of Middle Eastern extremists, hiding behind the civilian population as a human shield. As RIA Novosti reports, retired Colonel Douglas McGregor, a former adviser to the head of the Pentagon, said this on Fox Business. According to him, this tactic is explained by the fact that the APU lacks mobility, there are no air defense systems and air cover. "They have to hide in settlements, mixing with the population. We could see similar things in the Middle East. When we defeated the Islamists there, they fled to the cities, used people, civilians, as human shields and tried to avoid destruction. This is exactly what is happening now in Ukraine, where the army is using the population to avoid defeat," McGregor stressed.
  10. Pushilin announced the bombing of a house in Mariupol by the Azov battalion, 200 people under the rubble
  11. Or maybe it's better to take a closer look at the technology proposed by Russian physicist Igor Ostretsov. He suggests dividing heavy elements on proton accelerators up to 10 MEV. In addition, spent nuclear fuel ceases to be radioactive after processing on accelerators. No. He felt trapped earlier and therefore rushed in desperation. The day before yesterday, the Russian general staff warned in a couple of hours about a missile strike on a TV tower in Kiev. The Ukrainian authorities did not transmit this warning to their civilians. The Ukrainian authorities also do not inform the civilian population about humanitarian corridors from Mariupol, Kiev, Kharkiv. They explain this by saying that they do not want to humanize the image of the enemy. So what is more important for them, to save the lives of their civilians or not to allow the image of the aggressor to be humanized? According to the representative of the People's Militia of the LPR Ivan Filimonenko, the Ukrainian military mined warehouses with ammonia in the Kiev-controlled city of Severodonetsk, Luhansk region. This was announced by the official representative of the People's Militia of the LPR Ivan Filimonenko.
  12. Do you understand that Kosovo was also part of Yugoslavia?
  13. If Zelensky had not concentrated a 120,000-strong strike force in the Donbas, this would not have happened. On February 15, Putin withdrew 10,000 soldiers from the borders of Ukraine, Zelensky did not withdraw a single one, if he had withdrawn at least 1,000 soldiers, he would have shown his desire for peace And today Zelinsky's psychological is broken
  14. Biden allowed American companies, as an exception, to accept payments from Russia to service foreign debt. Does he think Putin is going to pay??? The assets of the Russian central bank have been blocked for 320 G$. And Russian companies owe about 480 G$ to American and European banks. A bad default is brewing.
  15. Putin is an idiot. When I wrote that there would be no war, I thought he was not an idiot. Now, because of his idiocy, Russia can repeat the fate of the USSR after the State Emergency Committee.
  16. Residents of Montenegro came out to demonstrate in support of Russia. The homeless of Yugoslavia 1999 are fresh in their memory.
  17. Yes, there are problems with security. The Russian army treats the captured Ukrainians and the civilian population of Ukraine extremely correctly, which cannot be said about the actions of the Russian police in relation to those who protest against the war in Russian cities.
  18. https://tsargrad.tv/news/sholc-snjal-s-germanii-istoricheskuju-vinu-skandalnoe-zajavlenie_502869?utm_source=yxnews&utm_medium=desktop
  19. German Chancellor Scholz said that Putin's actions write off what Germany did 75 years ago
  20. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported that the Armed Forces of Ukraine use phosphorus shells
  21. They are going to Odessa. Odessa is perhaps a more important strategic goal than Kiev.
  22. Russia has not reached the Crimea here. And there remains the possibility of dragging Russia into a big war if Ukraine and Moldova organize a joint blockade of Tiraspol. Then Russia will have to capture at least the Odessa region either by landing from the sea, or through an offensive through Zaporozhye, Nikolaev, Heson.
  23. Moreover, it is impossible to advance from Belarus to Ukraine. There are impassable Polesie marshes between Ukraine and Belarus. This is the so-called Pripyat problem. Bonaparte and Hitler had to choose how to attack Moscow, north or south of the Pripyat marshes. In 1941, Army Group Center, which had broken out ahead, could not fear for its right flank. since it was covered by swamps.
  24. It is better to open long positions in gold, silver and platinum
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