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  1. In his video message, Soros invited Chinese citizens to change the leadership of the country. American billionaire George Soros said that the head of the People's Republic of China Xi Jinping represents the "greatest threat" that open societies face today. He called on the West to persuade China to change its political leadership. Ipnews reports this with reference to a video message by George Soros. According to him, Xi Jinping rules by intimidation, and no one dares to tell him what he does not want to hear. Xi Jinping, he said, unlike former Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping, "really believes in communism." Therefore, Soros called on China to change its leadership and development vector. Taiwan is changing its position and their delegation will take part in the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympics
  2. CNN: The US is outraged that Ukraine downplays the threat of a possible "Russian invasion" Some officials of the American administration believe that in Ukraine, the support provided by the United States is met "without much gratitude." News.ru In turn, the Ukrainian authorities believe that Washington is "overreacting" to the current situation, "sowing panic and bringing disorder to the economy" of Ukraine, while refusing to impose preventive sanctions against Russia. Lenta.ru
  3. The deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Ilya Kiva, called a possible Russian attack a liberation. China and Russia have united against NASA: they are building their base on the moon. If NASA's Lunar Gateway orbits only around the Moon, then ILRS will have both an orbiter and a base on the surface, as well as several lunar rovers. Russia and China intend to complete the construction of the basic infrastructure for ILRS by 2035, Beijing said, the Daily Mail writes.https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-10452643/China-confirms-joining-Russia-build-moon-base-2035.html?ito=social-twitter_dailymailus
  4. The causes of wars lie in the economy. While the Fed is reducing its balance sheet, this turmoil will continue, but there will most likely be no war.
  5. When we move from classical mechanics to quantum mechanics, our ideas about the importance of certain concepts change in many ways. (We have already considered some of these concepts before.) In particular, the concept of force is gradually disappearing, and the concepts of energy and momentum are becoming of paramount importance. Instead of the motion of particles, as you remember, we are now talking about the amplitudes of probabilities that change in space and time. These amplitudes include wavelengths associated with pulses and frequencies associated with energies. Impulses and energies determine the phases of wave functions and for this reason they are important for quantum mechanics. Instead of force, we are now talking about how the interaction changes the wavelength. The idea of power is already becoming secondary, if at all it is still worth talking about. Even when, for example, they mention nuclear forces, in fact, as a rule, they still work with the interaction energies of two nucleons, and not with the force of their interaction. It doesn't occur to anyone to differentiate the energy to see what the force is. In this section we want to tell you how vector and scalar potentials arise in quantum mechanics. It turns out that precisely because momentum and energy play the main role in quantum mechanics, the most direct way to introduce electromagnetic effects into the quantum description is to do it using A and φ. Feynman Lectures on Physics volume 6 chapter 15, the quote is given in the reverse translation
  6. Ramzan Kadyrov said that if he were in Putin's place, he would have seized Ukraine long ago. Russian billionaires lost $28 billion due to the situation around Ukraine
  7. He will not be able to gain the required mass . The mass of Sirius B is 0.7 solar masses. And a flash requires 1.44 solar masses. The mass of Sirius A is 2 times the mass of the sun. That is, about a third of the mass of Sirius A should flow to Sirius B, while the masses of Sirius A and B should be approximately equal. Do you think this is possible?
  8. Of course there is, mathematics is the main tool for a physicist. We can say that physics is a mathematical modeling of nature. I know only one law of physics that is not written in the form of a formula, this is Newton's first law. In turn, the need to solve certain physical problems leads to the development of relevant branches of mathematics, such as differential integral calculus. But there is also a significant difference, in physics the criterion of truth is an experiment, and in mathematics - a strict sequence of logical proofs.
  9. The Chinese Foreign Ministry called Bloomberg's message a lie.
  10. And Bloomberg also reported that Xi Jinping asked Putin not to attack Ukraine until after the Olympics in Beijing
  11. last year Paragraph 2 refers to experimental data and observational data, so this list applies to physics, not mathematics. If we reformulate paragraph 3 as &Gennady said (Maybe he meant that a new theory has to be an extension of an existing recognized theory having it as an approximation / limiting case / subdomain / ...), then it will cease to be incorrect, but it will still not become necessary
  12. Once on the air of the radio station "Echo of Moscow" in a program about science, which is led by mathematician Andrey Konyaev, I heard a list of requirements for new theories. 1. There should be no internal contradictions in the new theory. 2. The new theory should not contradict the data from experiments and observations. 3. A new theory should not contradict existing recognized scientific theories. I have a question, why is item 3 on this list? It seems superfluous to me. After all, if a new theory contradicts an existing theory where the existing theory is confirmed by experiment or observations, then paragraph 2 is sufficient. And if a new theory contradicts the existing one in the field of predictions that have not been tested experimentally, then perhaps this should be a reason for further checks, and not for rejecting the new theory.
  13. Unfortunately, it is pointless to set up such an experiment. Due to the very small value of the Hubble constant, 2.2*10^-18 1/s, its results will have to wait several million years.
  14. Here it is necessary to add a reservation "for an external observer".
  15. Are you sure that this frequency standard is absolute? Are you sure that if you move this caesium atom (like an atom of any other chemical element) to a point with a different gravitational potential, its spectrum will not shift?
  16. The thing is that we do not and cannot have absolute standards of distance and time. The distance between galaxies increases faster than the size of the galaxies themselves and we only see this difference. Therefore, we will not be able to notice the red shift of photons in the box because there is no absolute standard of frequency to compare with.
  17. Will be. As the universe expands, the dimensions of the mirror box will also increase. I.e., the walls of the mirror box are constantly moving in different directions, photons should experience the Doppler effect with each reflection from the walls of the box.
  18. Scientists have discovered that a distant neutron star has released as much energy as our Sun produces in 100 thousand years in just 0.16 seconds, writes Scientific American.
  19. Artificial intelligence in one of the district people's prosecutor's offices in Shanghai for the first time became the compiler of the text of the indictment, which will be presented to the criminal in court. This is reported by Economic News with reference to haggin.az According to the South China Morning Post newspaper, AI received prosecutorial skills after studying more than 17 thousand cases considered in the courts of Shanghai from 2015 to 2020. The "digital prosecutor" makes accusations with 97% accuracy, based on one thousand "characteristic features" that he identifies in court documents on specific criminal cases. "Artificial intelligence to a certain extent can replace prosecutors in the decision-making process, as well as assist them in drafting indictments, which will reduce their daily workload and enable prosecutors to focus on more important cases," the publication notes. According to the newspaper, the "digital prosecutor" is initially able to bring charges for eight of the most common crimes in Shanghai, such as credit card fraud, gambling, dangerous driving, intentional injury, obstructing authorities in the performance of official duties, theft, fraud. Scientists are confident that in the future AI will be able to bring charges for more high-profile crimes.
  20. Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cardiff and Cambridge Universities have figured out what chemical reactions could make the clouds of Venus habitable. The fact is that ammonia found in the atmosphere of the planet in the 1970s is able to neutralize drops of sulfuric acid, writes MIT News. https://news.mit.edu/2021/habitable-venus-clouds-acid-neutralizing-1220 And then there could be biological species similar to terrestrial ones. The scientists explained that ammonia turns acid into ammonium sulfite, which in itself can create an environment in the clouds of Venus suitable for life. Scientists were prompted to conduct a study by mysterious anomalies in the clouds of Venus – such as small concentrations of oxygen, which should not be there.
  21. CNN: US authorities are preparing to evacuate citizens from Ukraine in the event of a Russian invasion https://www.cnn.com/2021/12/07/politics/us-citizens-evacuation-ukraine/index.html
  22. The majority of the population of Taiwan does not want Taiwan to join China, but the majority of the inhabitants of Crimea wanted to join Russia. The movement of Russian troops near the borders of Ukraine is pressure on Ukraine not to launch an offensive on Donetsk and Lugansk.
  23. The military budget consists of expenses for the maintenance of military personnel, expenses for the purchase of weapons and other purchases not related to weapons. If the cost of maintaining personnel increases, it is at the expense of other expenses.
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