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  1. But string theory also states that the dimension of the space of the universe is 10+1. A coincidence????
  2. In physics, the proton-to-electron mass ratio, μ or β, is simply the rest mass of the proton (a baryon found in atoms) divided by that of the electron (a lepton found in atoms). Because this is a ratio of like-dimensioned physical quantities, it is a dimensionless quantity, a function of the dimensionless physical constants, and has numerical value independent of the system of units, namely: μ = mp/me = 1836.15267343(11).[1] The number enclosed in parentheses is the measurement uncertainty on the last two digits. The value of μ is known to about 0.1 parts per billion. It was also noticed that μ ≈ {\displaystyle 6\pi ^{5}.}[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proton-to-electron_mass_ratio And the number pi in the fifth power is included in the formula of the volume of a ten-dimensional ball.
  3. And I have another question about the proton. The proton mass refers to the electron mass as 6*Pi^5. Why is Pi in the fifth power? Is this an indication that our space has 10 or 11 dimensions? The volume of a ten-dimensional ball (Pi^5)*(R^10)/120
  4. The Heisenberg uncertainty relation also violates the law of conservation of energy for time delta t.
  5. What will be the detonator of this explosion? Even photons can't escape beyond the event horizon of a black hole, so how does all the matter in the universe end up outside the event horizon of this black hole? In general, the atheist's dream is to create a model of a cyclic Universe that would exist forever and, therefore, would not require a Creator. But this criterion is better met by a model in which our Universe is part of a multiverse, in which Big Explosions constantly occur, giving birth to new Universes.
  6. The law of jet motion was brought out by an unknown math teacher from the city of Kaluga (Russia).
  7. I believe that in the multiverse, there are innumerable Big Bangs constantly occurring, giving birth to universes. This is similar to the birth of virtual particle-antiparticle pairs.
  8. The energy of the individual bodies that make up the system can be different. But the total energy of all systems of bodies, depending on the chosen frame of reference, should not change.
  9. Feynman said that quantum mechanics is impossible to understand.
  10. God was invented by people, and in their own image, in order to explain what is currently not explained. At present, God is not needed to explain the origin of the universe.
  11. A distinction should be made between the" weak equivalence principle "and the"strong equivalence principle". A strong equivalence principle can be formulated as follows: at each point in space-time in an arbitrary gravitational field, one can choose a "locally inertial coordinate system", such that in a sufficiently small neighborhood of the point under consideration, the laws of nature will have the same form as in non-accelerated Cartesian coordinate systems of SRT, where "laws of nature" mean all the laws of nature. Quote from https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Принцип_эквивалентности_сил_гравитации_и_инерции, The key word here is ALL the laws of nature. What about the law of conservation of angular momentum? Energy of the rotating gyroscope E = J*(w^2)/2 = Lw/2. If the gyroscope approaches a massive body, its angular rotation frequency w will change due to time dilation. And then, in order for the energy of rotation to be preserved, it is required that the angular momentum L changes.
  12. The universe is finite. This follows from the law of conservation of energy (once the stars must burn all the hydrogen), as well as from the second law of thermodynamics. And then, either our universe is part of something larger (the multiverse), or we must accept the existence of God. Which point of view is closer to you personally?
  13. In the current situation in the global economics, environmental energy can become the lifesaver that will help to bring it out of a depressed state. Because it can create a lot of jobs.
  14. Along with the search for and explanation of dark energy and dark matter, astronomers are faced with a third task: to find the missing "normal" (or as it is also called baryonic) matter of the Universe, writes IFLS. https://www.iflscience.com/space/a-little-of-the-universes-missing-matter-has-just-been-found-close-to-home/ The scientists ' innovative approach found that a tiny fraction of the missing matter lurks close enough (by astronomical standards) to the Solar System, suggesting that such zones are quite common. Unlike dark matter and dark energy, the missing matter must be a normal gas and possibly a small amount of dust, like the universe we can see. "The problem is that when we look back at the early universe, we can measure the amount of matter that was then present in it, but in more recent observations, half of it has disappeared," the study authors write. Even if we allow the transformation of matter into the energy of stars, the most visible matter will not be so much. Over the past few years, astronomers have made considerable progress in finding this missing matter, for example, they found most of it in diffuse gas between galaxies hundreds of millions of light-years away. However, this is still not enough. Yuanming Wang, a PhD candidate at the University of Sydney's School of Physics, has developed a rather unusual method to help find the missing matter. She used her technique to determine a hitherto undetected stream of cold gas in the Milky Way about 10 light-years from Earth. "This gas is impossible to detect using traditional methods, as it does not emit its own visible light and is simply too cold to detect using radio astronomy," Wang said. She found it when she was looking at the twinkling galaxies. Astronomers have long known that some galaxies flicker when observed with radio telescopes.
  15. And then you need to look at what is more profitable, to lay a power line from the Sahara to Europe or to build wind farms on the European coast. Here is the latest news on this topic https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-55931873 In addition, the power line from the Sahara to Europe must cross the sea. Communication cables and oil and gas pipelines are laid under water, but I haven't heard about underwater high-voltage power lines. This is what the insulation of an underwater high-voltage cable should be. In addition, the construction of wind farms on the European coast creates jobs in Europe.
  16. This means that there is a problem of a sufficient number of electricity consumers in this region.
  17. And the main problem of the Sahara is water.
  18. In astronomy, the problem of hidden mass has often arisen. For example, at the beginning of the 19th century, an anomaly was discovered in the motion of the planet Uranus and the question arose whether Newton's law of gravity is correct or there is still a planet in the solar system. This question was resolved in 1846 by the discovery of the planet Neptune. Then an anomaly in the movement of Mercury was discovered, and astronomers began to look for another planet between Mercury and the Sun. She was even given the name Vulcan. But in 1915, Einstein explained the anomaly in the motion of Mercury from the perspective of a new theory of gravity, and the search for the Volcano stopped. In the mid-20th century, this question arose again with the discovery of anomalies in the orbital velocities of stars in galaxies. I believe that this time the question will not be solved unambiguously by detecting the hidden mass or changing the law of gravity, but both will be needed.
  19. I think the reason here is simple: the light beam is deflected by gravity at an angle twice as large as the moving macrobody. Therefore, in the solution for the radius of the event horizon, it is the second cosmic velocity that appears, and not the first.
  20. I came across the following note on the Internet. "Physicists Laura Mersini-Houghton and Harald Pfeiffer suggested that black holes do not exist. The Englishwoman and the Canadian presented the results of their research in two preprints available on the resource arXiv.org. A brief summary of the work can be found on the website of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (USA). Scientists have tried to show by theoretical and computer calculations that the evolution of massive objects will not reach the stage of black hole formation. According to their hypothesis, a dying heavy star will lose mass along with the radiation, which will not allow it to shrink to form a black hole. The completion of the evolution of the star, in the view of the authors, will end with its expansion and explosion. (End of quote with https://texnomaniya.ru/uchenie-usomnilis-v-sushestvovanii-chernih-dir) I tried to solve a simple problem, to calculate to what radius it is necessary to compress the Sun so that it turns into a black hole, but taking into account the mass defect associated with an increase in the gravitational binding energy during compression. After the compression, the mass of the sun will be next, we substitute M, taking into account U, in the equation for the Schwarzschild radius, where U is the gravitational binding energy, for the ball it is calculated by the formula next, we substitute M, taking into account U, in the equation for the Schwarzschild radius The resulting equation is converted to a square equation with respect to R Its discriminant is equal to Wow! The discriminant is less than zero, the equation has no solution, the star cannot collapse into a black hole. It may be objected to me that if we are talking about a black hole, then we cannot use Newton's theory, but we must use GRT. The answer is that the Schwarzschild radius is calculated from Newton's theory, if you equate the speed of light to the second cosmic speed.
  21. Biden got rid of the button for calling a waiter with a Coca-Cola, which was installed by Trump (Letters)
  22. This follows from what is written in the article. The interstellar medium contains more interstellar gas and plasma (i.e., baryonic and lepton dark matter) than the interplanetary medium in the SS.
  23. It seems that what the Voyagers found has a very direct relationship to the problem of dark matter https://www.sciencealert.com/for-some-reason-the-density-of-space-is-higher-just-outside-the-solar-system
  24. On one of the forums I found a good statement about the ether. "Ether is a quantum foam of virtual particles".
  25. The key word is completely. Dark matter in the form of brown dwarfs, asteroids, planets and interstellar gas certainly exists.
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