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  1. A parade was held on Red Square in Moscow from where Soviet troops immediately went to the front, which then took place 100 km west of Moscow.
  2. The United States should stop all official contacts with Taiwan, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at a briefing on Friday. Xi Jinping's ultimatum?????
  3. Exactly. It is unclear what a cruiser armed with anti-ship missiles was doing there. There could be no corresponding combat mission for him there. If you hate, then you have already been defeated - Confucius
  4. Le Pen said that if she wins the election, France will withdraw from NATO
  5. On April 3, 2022, Filatov posted on the social network Facebook, where he published a call for the murder of Russians around the world: "Now we have the full moral right, calmly and with a completely clear mind, to kill these non-humans all over the world, an unlimited amount of time and in the largest possible quantities. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Borys_Filatov This is certainly not genocide, but it is a call for genocide
  6. Here is the decisive proof of whose rocket arrived at the station in Kramatorsk (its serial number) Earlier , Ukrainian militants used missiles from the same series with the following numbers: Alchevsk - Sh91565 (February, 2015) Logvinovo - Sh91566 (February, 2015) Berdyansk - Sh915611 (2022) Melitopol - Sh915516 (2022)
  7. From a purely military point of view, I would also not storm Mariupol. I would leave this city surrounded by small forces, and I would throw most of the troops bypassing the Donbass group from the south. My opinion is that here Putin repeated Stalin's mistake with regard to Stalingrad. In 1943, it was not necessary to storm the encircled army of Paulus, and the troops involved in the assault should have been thrown into the offensive on Rostov-on-Don. If it had been possible to cut off the entire army group South Manstein, then the war would have ended a year earlier. The Soviet Army would have reached Paris, not just Berlin. Although maybe I don't know something. Perhaps there is something very valuable for Russia in Mariupol. What can explain such a strong desire of Ukraine to evacuate someone valuable from Mariupol? They have already lost 5 helicopters in these hopeless attempts. Last night there was an incident with a Ukrainian cargo ship under the flag of Malta trying to break into Mariupol. He was stopped only by fire to kill after not responding to warning shots.
  8. Pro-Russian YouTube bloggers from Ukraine Yuriy Podolyaka and Mikhail Onufrienko have already addressed the residents of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk who want to help the Russian army a week ago with the words "the best thing you can do to help the Russian army is to leave the city urgently"
  9. Here is yesterday's photo of the station in Kramatorsk The civilian population is leaving the city in anticipation of the offensive of Russian troops. For the Kiev regime, they are traitors, because they do not want to be a human shield for the armed forces of Ukraine. Today, the railway station in Kramatorsk was hit by a tochka-U missile. About 40 people were killed and several dozen injured. Here is the tail section of the Dot-U rocket. It was removed from the armament of the missile forces of the Russian Federation as obsolete. Ukraine has about ten such missiles. The location of the shadow in this photo indicates that the rocket was flying from west to east. The tail part of the rocket fell to the west than the head part. The tail part of the rocket always falls behind the head, rocket specialists know this.
  10. Russia needs to create a military alliance with China, similar to NATO.
  11. The PRC and the Solomon Islands have signed a military cooperation agreement, which will now allow the Chinese Navy to enter the ports of the islands for long-term parking and maintenance of ships, as well as "if necessary" to introduce a contingent of the PLA to the islands to protect the sovereignty of the island state and the numerous Chinese island community.
  12. Now Russia needs military equipment in the Donbas, not in Venezuela or Cuba Psaki stated the desire of the United States to put Russia before a choice between default and exhaustion The default is unequivocal
  13. This is not Russian propaganda, these are my personal observations. There are much fewer drunks in Moscow than in the days of Gorbachev and especially Yeltsin. This applies to Moscow and other major cities. There is no less drunkenness in rural areas. Putin also banned casinos and slot machines. So he has serious successes in the fight against gambling addiction.
  14. Admittedly, under Putin, drunkenness in Russia has become much less. Personally, I stopped drinking alcohol altogether about 20 years ago, when driving after drinking alcohol began to deprive the driver's license.
  15. The main mistake in planning a war is underestimating the enemy. This also applies to economic warfare. Because Americans, thanks to the monopoly on the issue of world money, can consume more than they produce.
  16. And why does the whole world depend on the dollar??? Why doesn't it bother you??
  17. Putin instructed Gazprom to accept payment for gas supplies to Europe exclusively in rubles.
  18. The main losses are not in the Russian army, but in the people's militia of the DPR and LPR. And in the DPR and LPR troops, motivation and morale are very high.
  19. Simferopol reservoir is already filled with water from rain and snow. In addition, there are many artesian wells in the Crimea. Water in Crimea is needed for agriculture, not for the needs of the army.
  20. Moscow. March 14th. INTERFAX.EN - Russia has prepared a payment order for the payment of the coupon on sovereign Eurobonds due on Wednesday, March 16, if foreign banks cannot make this payment due to the freezing of Russia's international reserves, they will pay in rubles, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov told Rossiya 24. And if this payment is not carried out?? Russia 's default ??? Large Russian companies owe $450 billion. Default on these obligations will cause a global financial crisis. And will the Fed risk raising the rate today??
  21. The Ostankino court of Moscow fined Marina Ovsyannikova, who broke into the broadcast of Channel One with an anti-war poster, for 30 thousand rubles. (it's about $300) Kommersant
  22. Captains cannot sell fuel, and generals can steal billions from intelligence, intended for agents. see my post today 4.47 pm
  23. Yes, I'm sorry, I confused your post with the iNow's post from March 2 Sometimes symbolism and protest is worth more than rubles, especially today
  24. I didn't find your earlier post where you wrote that there are more important things than rubles
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