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  1. Have they been detected? Does the accuracy of a quartz watch allow you to detect these effects? A typo, it was meant that a transition is used that does not change the main quantum number I wrote above that According to Yanchilin's theory, the atom at the bottom emits a photon at a frequency with a violet shift of 2gh/c^2, but going up it experiences a shift to the red side by 3gh/c^2. If, during the transition without changing n at the bottom, a photon is emitted with a shift to the red side gh/c^2 and there is another shift by 3gh/c^2 during the ascent, then the total shift will be 4gh/c^2. Ok, I will deal with an ultra-thin structure.
  2. I found an explanation in the framework of V. Yanchilin's quantum theory of gravity that when approaching a massive body, the course of the atomic clock on caesium slows down. V. Yanchilin explained the increase in the frequency of photons emitted by an atom when approaching a massive body, relying on the Niels Bohr model of the atom. According to this model, an electron in an atom can only be at strictly defined energy levels, each level corresponds to its own the radius of the orbit. According to the quantum theory of gravity, when approaching a massive body, the square of Planck's constant decreases inversely according to the absolute value of the gravitational potential, this means that all the radii of the orbits in the Bohr atom model also decrease inversely proportional to the absolute value of the gravitational potential. In the formula for the energies corresponding to the orbits of the radius of the corresponding orbit is in the denominator, which means that the electron energy for each energy level increases, and therefore increases the energy that is transferred to the photon that is emitted during the electron transition from a higher energy level to a lower one. The frequency of the photon increases accordingly. And now let's look at how the cesium atomic clock works. In them, the frequency is set by the electron transition with non-medzhu energy the levels of the model of the Bohr atom, and the transition of an electron between sublevels, which are formed by the splitting of one of the levels due to spin-orbit interaction of the electron's magnetic moments. For the energy of such a transition, there is the following formula In this formula, the radius of the orbit is not in the denominator and in the numerator, which means that when approaching a massive object the energy of the photons emitted in the transition between sublevels, not increases and decreases, thus decreasing their frequency and therefore, the course of a cesium atomic clock. It follows from the above that the deceleration of the current of the atomic clock does not occur in spite of, but in full accordance with the quantum theory of gravity. To finally decide which theory is correct, the quantum theory of gravity or the general theory of relativity, we need an experiment with a clock whose frequency is set by the transition of electrons between the allowed energy levels of the Bohr model. But, unfortunately, there are no such watches yet. In addition to the above, it should be added that another effect can be detected here. For an external observer, the photons are located at the top, the photons emitted during the transition between such sublevels should experience a stronger redshift, 4gH/C^2, instead of gH/c^2 for photons emitted at normal transitions. From this point of view, you should pay attention to the wavelength of 21 cm, because it is emitted by hydrogen during the transition between sublevels. If it is possible to measure the red shift at a wavelength of 21 cm for a distant galaxy, and it turns out to be relatively large, than the red shift of the spectral lines of other chemical elements, this will testify in favor of the quantum theory of gravity.
  3. I have an idea how to make long-range trucks more efficient. They must have combined wheels that will allow them to move both on rails and on highways. For the transfer between remote cities, trucks are linked and the locomotive takes them from one city to another, upon arrival at the place, they are uncoupled and each goes to its destination.
  4. The negative energy must correspond to the negative frequency, E=hf. How can the frequency be negative? Only if time moves in the opposite direction.
  5. I believe that the delivery of metals from asteroids to Earth will never be profitable, the only exception may be Uranium 235. But this does not exclude the use of metals from asteroids in the future. It will be possible to fly there with equipment and build spaceships on the spot.
  6. Within the multiverse, this problem could be explained by the fact that universes are born in pairs. But it is impossible to verify this, we are not able to observe the Outside World.
  7. $10,000 quadrillion asteroid Psyche? By the way, you can’t (at present) put a true price on objects such as asteroids. But many have tried to estimate the worth of asteroid Psyche, with its metal-rich composition. One estimate suggests the massive, metal-rich object is worth $10,000 quadrillion (that’s 15 more zeroes), more than the entire economy of Earth. https://earthsky.org/space/asteroid-psyche-metal-or-rubble-pile/
  8. Yes, observations of the Outside World ( the Multiverse ) are not available to us. And this translates the concept of the multiverse from the field of physics to the field of philosophy (in combination with mathematics) . Do you not consider philosophy to be a science? Exactly
  9. I like the concept of a Multiverse because in it the appearance of a universe like ours ( and therefore the Big Bang ) is not a unique phenomenon and, therefore, it occurs for natural reasons and is not an act of creation. The dream of any atheist is to explain the appearance of the Universe without the participation of God.
  10. You can formulate it this way. But only then it is necessary to add that this event occurs at once in two places separated by a distance.
  11. In QM, the fact is that the glove itself in the box does not know what it should be, left or right, until one of the boxes is opened.
  12. Here we are talking about simultaneity. If we have, say, a pair of photons entangled in polarization, then determining the polarization of one photon will instantly determine the polarization of another photon. In any reference frame, the polarization of both photons will be determined simultaneously.
  13. Entanglement means the nonlocality of quantum mechanics. But this does not contradict the theory of relativity, because this nonlocality cannot be used to transmit information.
  14. Judging by how the S&P500 has been artificially dragged up since 2009, there will be serious shocks. The only question is when. Most likely, there will be a change of the leader of the capitalist economy from the United States to China.
  15. Here is the information for reflection, the energy density has the dimension of pressure.
  16. Miami Mayor Francis Suarez on Tuesday suggested that the US should explore the option of air strikes against Cuba. https://www.businessinsider.com/miami-mayor-says-us-should-consider-air-strikes-against-cuba-2021-7
  17. Let the court decide that. As for the specified episode of their WW2, the mice created a problem for the Germans only with the 38(t) tanks of Czechoslovak production, the German Panzer 2, Panzer 3 and Panzer 4 tanks had inedible wiring insulation for rodents.
  18. Elon Musk may have a rat problem. Fans of the South African billionaire’s electric cars say rats, mice and rodents are chomping down on their Teslas. And despite having dropped tens of thousands of dollars to buy the pricey vehicles, Tesla refuses to cover the damage. Sarah Williams, a 41-year-old physician who lives in Manhattan and uses her Tesla to commute to work in the Bronx, told The Post of an alarming incident when she took her 2018 Model 3 into Tesla’s Paramus, NJ, dealership in mid-May after her air conditioner had stopped working. “They opened the glove compartment and a rodent fell out,” she said. “It’s crazy.” The pest apparently found its way into Williams’ Tesla and gobbled through several internal wires that were insulated with soy rather than oil, which critics claim makes them more appealing to rodents. https://nypost.com/2021/07/11/rodents-chow-down-on-teslas-causing-thousands-in-damage/ Elon Musk and his engineers did not know the history of the 22nd Panzer Division of the Wehrmacht On November 19, 1942, Operation Uranus began. The great Soviet counter-offensive encircled the German 6th Army and much of the 4th Panzer Army and smashed the XXXXVIII Panzer Corps, including the 22nd Panzer Division. Many of the division's tanks had been parked in dugouts for an extended period of time and protected from the frost by straw. When the tanks were called on to respond to the Soviet offensive, many could not be started because mice had sought refuge in the straw and then in the tanks where they chewed up the insulation of electric system wires. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/22nd_Panzer_Division_(Wehrmacht)
  19. H=(gT^2)/2 T is the time of falling from a height H, in this case, half of the oscillation period. Yes, I lost sight of the fact that you can increase the energy by increasing the mass. But even in this case, the frequency will not grow with increasing energy.
  20. This is exactly what I meant, the frequency will decrease if you increase the initial height of the fall.
  21. Note that the oscillation frequency of such an oscillator will decrease with increasing its energy, and the frequency of a quantum oscillator increases with increasing its energy. Another difference between quantum mechanics and classical mechanics.
  22. Absolutely right. And the exponent is the main function in the economy.
  23. Let's look at this topic from the point of view of the main law of physics, namely the Law of Conservation of Energy. Let two bodies be at a distance R, their gravitational binding energy is equal to U = Gm1m2/R. Now, let them approach the third massive body, the distance R between them has decreased due to an increase in the length of the meter near the massive body, therefore the gravitational binding energy should increase. Official science claims that energy is stored locally. Moreover, she claims that in Cosmology, the main law of physics, the Law of Conservation of Energy, does not work. I will quote from a lecture by a cosmologist from Russia, Valery Rubakov, "there is no law of conservation of energy in cosmology, there is no such value that would be preserved in cosmology. So forget the law of conservation of energy as a terrible dream, if you are studying cosmology, there is no such thing as the "law of conservation of energy" in it. " If we consider two electric charges, we will come to the same conclusion. But if we admit that the dimensional constants change in accordance with the change in the time/distance scale, it turns out that the energy is stored not locally, but globally, but the numerical values of the dimensional constants are local. Gentlemen, don't you think that this will turn physics from its head to its feet. And also the Law of Conservation of Energy will return to cosmology. Further, it can be concluded that if the dimensional constants change in accordance with the change in the time/distance scale, it turns out that the gravitational energy of the Universe does not change when the space of the universe expands due to the change in the distance scale. Thus, to explain the accelerated expansion of the Universe, such an additional entity as Dark Energy is simply not needed.
  24. More precisely, gravity is the curvature of space-time by energy-momentum.
  25. Dimensionless constants these are true constants and their numerical values should not change we are talking about dimensional constants. The laws of physics have the same mathematical description in reference systems, which can be obtained from one another using the shift and rotation operations. If the scale changes, the equations remain the same, but the proportionality coefficients or dimensional constants change in them. For example, in the pound-foot system, the gravitational constant will become 1.068846 x 10-9 ft3 lb-1 s-2 instead of 6.67*10^-11 m^3 kg-1 s-2 in SI. If we use coordinate systems with a variable scale, the mathematical expression of physical laws will depend on the chosen coordinate system. Take for example the law of radioactive decay Next, we take a reference system in which the duration of a second increases in proportion to the time elapsed from the beginning of the reference, that is, t' = t^2 Then the equation of this law will take the form N(t') = N0 exp(-lambla*sqrt(t')) This equation can be given its original form by making the decay constant variable N(t) = N0 exp(-lambda(t')*t') where lambda(t')=lambda0/sqrt(t') And space-time, curved by gravity, is a coordinate system with a variable scale along the axes of spatial coordinates and time. If we measure the speed of light at different gravitational potentials, we will always get the same value c = 299,792,458 m / s because all our measuring and observing devices give us a picture of the world in a space-time curved by gravity . But if we further use mathematics to recalculate the coordinates into the non-curved space-time of Galileo, then the speed of light becomes variable. Therefore, the formula C^2=-Phi does not contradict the postulate of the theory of relativity C=const. It's just that these formulas work each in their own coordinate system. However, there is a contradiction on the question of the existence of black holes.This contradiction can be solved in two ways, the first way is to make the gravitational constant in GRT variable, and then black holes will not appear in it, the second way is to leave the gravitational constant constant in GRT and make it a variable in Yanchilin's theory of gravity, then black holes will also appear in Yanchilin's theory of gravity. But the second is illogical, because it is GRT that uses a coordinate system with a variable scale along the axes, and besides, black holes are objects that should not be in nature. Many well-known scientists do not believe in their existence, including the creator of the relativistic theory of gravity Logunov and Laura Mersini-Houghton.
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