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  1. BMI between19-21 is not skinny at all... it’s fit.
  2. What is your BMI ? Mine is 19. My mom’s is 21.
  3. if your grandmother and mom are both diabetics, what's the odds you will become diabetic in future ? why does mother pass it to daughter ? why daughter didn't get the gene from dad who doesn't have any blood sugar problem ? any way to prevent it ? is type 2 diabetes preventable ?
  4. By the way, is it the rumor that yam contains something like progesterone, and increases estrogen level ?
  5. most of windows in our house are tempered glass, no matter how strong the glass is, it will be broken under certain circumstances. last month my neighbor's glass suddenly fell down from 10 floors above ( in which floor was not to be told by management department) and smashed a car parking down the block. It is so dangerous! the reason is due to cold weather (only 0 Celsius )as property management department claimed. i don't believe the so called reason!
  6. My mom has blood sugar problems. She always tests her blood sugar level 2hours after meal. She knows how she cooks could lower the GI of some food. try the results by yourself for type 2 diabetes. Moreover, in winter blood sugar level is often higher than in summer. No idea why?
  7. sweet potato is different from potato. Put into practice, test your blood sugar respectively after steaming sweet potatoes for 15 minutes,25 minutes, and 30 minutes or even longer . You will find out the longer you steam it, the higher the GI it has. same with rice and potato. the results of your blood sugar is what you should believe.
  8. Which one has the lowest GI? Which one has the highest? Microwaving sweet potato is same as baking it, and steaming is like the way of boiling, am I right? How you cook the food really matters for those who have blood sugar problems. how do you guys think?
  9. How do you cook sweet potatoes and yams?
  10. The title of that research is Researchers reveal sweet potato as weapon against diabetes. it seems sweet potatoes is a treatment for diabetes. Researchers reveal sweet potato as weapon against diabetes. similar to Researchers reveal XX as weapon against xx(disease) . isn't it ? i have no idea whether we could trust it.