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  1. not that thinking about me....think of me... misunderstanding, it is did i do sth wrong ...some colleagues say good words in front of you while bad words behind me.
  2. doubt what ? you think he feels i have a crush on him and delete me ? is that bad ??? NO! what makes me leave such impression on him ?
  3. I hate to be disliked by others, honestly speaking...when you have to deal with different people. i am so tired and feel so annoyed to guess and conjecture what this guy is thinking ? and what that person is thinking of me ? particularly, in office, i have to deal with different bosses and colleagues.
  4. I remember once a guy asked me: 'have you had any experience that someone you chat quite well today then days later she ignores you?' i said:' no.' he said: 'Don't you think it is very strange? i don't get it at all !' Yes, it is very strange, i don't get it at all too !
  5. you are so humorous, but i don't believe so. We met in reality not just internet. He moved to different city for a new job. what i feel sad is what i feel about others is always not right why my judgement/feeling is SO poor ???? what a fake and complicated world !
  6. Yes, I feel I am nothing to him at all. I turn to be that sentimental person, not him. Some people you respect but they don't do it back. Yes, what's a moody and self-centered guy ! Some moody people ignore others' feeling.
  7. I shared some articles and pictures of my life in my WeChat moments. A normal male friend kindly commented on them and we happily chatted for a while. Next day I went through his moments and read his poets I feel most of them are quite sentimental, so I left a comment there: you have a successful career and life why you are so unhappy ? he replies : nothing to do with my career, it is just how i feel about the life ! me : you seem always sentimental. then he replies: yes, quite. Days later I found I was deleted from his WeChat.... Am I so wrong of saying such words to him ? Is it true he is really sentimental ? Or I have very poor communication skill ? Or what i said pissed him off and made him very angry with me. Other reasons ? I feel a bit sad. what a complicated guy and life !
  8. BMI between19-21 is not skinny at all... it’s fit.
  9. What is your BMI ? Mine is 19. My mom’s is 21.