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  1. lemon is a mixture and polypropylene is a compound.
  2. yes, mixture can be separated physically, while compound need a chemical reaction to separate.
  3. why ? i can smell grass, apple, lemon, earth, wood, plastic,camphor, vinegar, china ink, metal and so on... are they impurity ? what's the definition of impurity ? I don't mean food. Ok, any bag smells bad is not a good bag.
  4. Drp said, "Probably so small amounts as not to be harmful although you can almost always smell new plastics. The monomer is propylene I think (thus poly-propylene)." so i guess it is the smell of propylene. @ polypropylene doesn't contain nitrogen,. Nobody says poly-propylene contain nitrogen. i am confused. I and my mom both smell it like unpleasant chemical, and anything smells bad is not a good thing, maybe it is toxic, at least that bad smell makes people feel uncomfortable.
  5. Thank you guys, I am relieved. it smells of propylene. I decide to let it lie in the sun for a few days.
  6. I bought some non-woven polypropylene bags online. It smells bad. my mom says it smells of nasty chemical. is it toxic and harmful to our health ? why it still smells bad after i opened and put it near windows for 2 days ? Polypropylene is the most common form of synthetic material used.It is used in almost every thing we use. Though previously declared safe, recent searches reveal that polypropylene may release two highly toxic substances, quaternary ammonium biocides and oleamide. (i have some problem uploading pictures)
  7. not that thinking about me....think of me... misunderstanding, it is did i do sth wrong ...some colleagues say good words in front of you while bad words behind me.
  8. doubt what ? you think he feels i have a crush on him and delete me ? is that bad ??? NO! what makes me leave such impression on him ?
  9. I hate to be disliked by others, honestly speaking...when you have to deal with different people. i am so tired and feel so annoyed to guess and conjecture what this guy is thinking ? and what that person is thinking of me ? particularly, in office, i have to deal with different bosses and colleagues.
  10. I remember once a guy asked me: 'have you had any experience that someone you chat quite well today then days later she ignores you?' i said:' no.' he said: 'Don't you think it is very strange? i don't get it at all !' Yes, it is very strange, i don't get it at all too !