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  1. Could you do me a favor? list the reputable media as much as you can. Thanks.
  2. i am still learning, why this person is too hard on me ? PL be kind. how do i know that website ? i am foreigner who is learning. it is TOO hard on me. unfair !! if i know that website is filthy and lying conspiracies, i did it on purpose, it is my problem, but i know Nothing about that website !!!
  3. this website provides some information including coronavirus's genetic sequence which is too technical for me to understand. we need experts to verify it. https://www.infowars.com/white-house-asks-scientists-to-investigate-whether-2019-ncov-was-bio-engineered/
  4. Is it right to put this news here?? If not, PL correct me. Thanks. https://www.yerepouni-news.com/2020/02/11/over-350000-sign-petition-calling-for-who-chiefs-resignation/
  5. It is said the confirmed cases is more than 150,000, and some experts doubt the virus is from lab. It means it’s origin may be from bio-weapon.
  6. The real figure is Not in that tracker.
  7. mainland China confirmed cases is 7734. death 170.
  8. Thanks. But it is more than that figure. mainland China confirmed cases is 6090 death 133.
  9. you are right. what's the clever work to make it transparent ?
  10. and this one is also added manganese ? manganese dioxide is a decoloring agent. why i think it looks like amber-brown added by carbon dioxides ?
  11. thank you. it looks like .. Carbon Oxides Amber-Brown why add it to utensil ? is it good for health ? What Causes Color in Stained and Colored Glass_.html why need add manganese ?
  12. I am given a tempered glass dinnerware which can be used in microwave. The problem is it is tea-color. I have no idea why it is tea-color ? what is the chemical added to become this color ?
  13. will competitive eaters die early ? such as stomach cancer and pancreas cancer.
  14. yes, mixture can be separated physically, while compound need a chemical reaction to separate.
  15. why ? i can smell grass, apple, lemon, earth, wood, plastic,camphor, vinegar, china ink, metal and so on... are they impurity ? what's the definition of impurity ? I don't mean food. Ok, any bag smells bad is not a good bag.
  16. Drp said, "Probably so small amounts as not to be harmful although you can almost always smell new plastics. The monomer is propylene I think (thus poly-propylene)." so i guess it is the smell of propylene. @ polypropylene doesn't contain nitrogen,. Nobody says poly-propylene contain nitrogen. i am confused. I and my mom both smell it like unpleasant chemical, and anything smells bad is not a good thing, maybe it is toxic, at least that bad smell makes people feel uncomfortable.
  17. Thank you guys, I am relieved. it smells of propylene. I decide to let it lie in the sun for a few days.
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