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  1. EdEarl

    Deputy arrests ex-wife

    This event is an example of police out of control, which is common. I suppose I should have qualified my question.
  2. EdEarl

    Deputy arrests ex-wife

    Control freaks are drawn to politics and law enforcement. How can this kind of crap be stopped.
  3. EdEarl

    Magnet-Based artificial gravity

    Magnets cannot "simulate" gravity. An MRI contains an extremely strong magnet, and I haven't felt any change in gravity when in one. The Large Haydron Colider has nearly 20 miles of strong magnets and no one has mentioned additional gravity, AFAIK.
  4. EdEarl

    Trump and The Market

    LOL, a bit harsh. They are living a delusion that few talk about.
  5. EdEarl

    Trump and The Market

    That's true. It's like many chickens are deaf and blind.
  6. EdEarl

    Trump and The Market

    He is a fox in the hen house.
  7. EdEarl

    Trump and The Market

    Unfortunately, it seems we must play and win or let them have their own way. I'm old and may at any time stumble and break my queue, but will, as long as possible, protest injustice and try to sneak a win sometimes. Support from the audience is welcome and essential to victory.
  8. EdEarl

    Trump and The Market

    It makes one fear leaving money in a bank.
  9. EdEarl

    Trump and The Market

    It seems to me there is only one party, taking PAC money and dancing to the tune "Money is our Savior."
  10. EdEarl

    Trump and The Market

    I heard. Do you think family members or Trump could hide such transactions? Maybe he had excess cash or got a loan and wanted to buy stock, so imposed the tariffs.
  11. EdEarl

    Trump and The Market

    Has Trump sold stock, increased tariffs to drive the market down, now will buy low, and remove tariffs again, in response to complaints about the bear market?
  12. The sign-in screen gave me some fits just now. I'd been using facebook, but that didn't work. I got a new password via email, and sign-in gave me an error, but then logged me in. Maybe it picked up that I was logged in to another window. I'll log out now, and try to sign-in again. If you don't hear from me again, I'll be somewhere in the aether I exited my browser and started it again. ScienceForums came back OK.
  13. I'm Type 2, good control with metformin. I love sweat potato fries, baked crispy, and dipped in catsup. As long as I don't overeat, my diabetes is OK with the fries.
  14. A survival skill that should be taught early in life is accepting constructive criticism. That means teaching an infant to know the difference between trash talk and good advice,. When someone responds like Phillip did to beecee's post, they feel unreasonably threatened, which was not beecee's intent. People like Phillip, who do not understand the difference, may forever be confused, because they do not know who to trust.
  15. It seems unlikely that roadster will be in orbit for than a hundred years. I think it will end up in the Smithsonian or a private collection. The hyperloop, factory automation, commercial battery installations, nearly indestructible solar panel roof tiles, tunnel boring, supercharger network, and pushing limits everywhere.