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  1. A survival skill that should be taught early in life is accepting constructive criticism. That means teaching an infant to know the difference between trash talk and good advice,. When someone responds like Phillip did to beecee's post, they feel unreasonably threatened, which was not beecee's intent. People like Phillip, who do not understand the difference, may forever be confused, because they do not know who to trust.
  2. It seems unlikely that roadster will be in orbit for than a hundred years. I think it will end up in the Smithsonian or a private collection. The hyperloop, factory automation, commercial battery installations, nearly indestructible solar panel roof tiles, tunnel boring, supercharger network, and pushing limits everywhere.
  3. Electrolysis to reduce water's saltiness

    Electrolysis of water generates H2 and O2; thus, concentrating dissolved solids. See: https://phys.org/news/2018-02-efficient-sustainable-filter-salt-metal.html
  4. Optimization of complex if() else if()

    Yes, at least on older machines. On modern chips there is so much caching and other run-time optimization it's possible there is no difference. It's best to run a test to be sure.
  5. Optimization of complex if() else if()

    I think the fastest code will use an indirect function call, and a vector (array) of function address per array element. Then call the function via the array. Here is an example program that does an indirect call, but without the array. If you need help, let me know. It's been a few years and I'm rusty, but should be able to do it again. Sorry for the delay.
  6. What is the point of existence of Art?

    I think we learned to appreciate pretty things because we appreciate the human form for reproductive reasons. For example, we lie symmetrical faces better than others. There are many features of the human body, so symmetry must be only one of many features we appreciate. The sum effect on a person of all the little things we appreciate about a person determines whether we think they are good or bad looking. Those beauty judgments work looking at a mate, a dog or art.
  7. Sleep is confusing, because sometimes the brain is very active during sleep; while not conscious, unconscious does not necessarily mean sleep. Let's consider unconscious to be brain dead or in a coma. The higher the temperature, the more usable heat energy is available for work. The lower the temperature the less energy available for work. Is it untrue that a high temperature mass produces more [math]\Delta[/math]S, but the mass at high temperature has less entropy than the same mass at low temperature. I think I figured it out. The more molecules vibrate the higher the entropy. Also, the more disperse molecules are the higher the entropy. However, I think of the Sun as having lower entropy than deep space; is that false.
  8. Liberal Views Explained

    I am liberal, but changed from a conservative. Here is my reason. I live in the US which purports to believe everyone is born with equal rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Moreover, we are all children of Earth, along with all the animals. If we act like animals, then we ignore our fellow man and take food off their plate if we are hungry, chase them from a hunting territory, and let them starve if they cannot fight hard enough for to live. Conservatives seem to follow this reasoning; it was my reasoning when I thought I was conservative. However, we produce enough food on Earth to feed everyone. There is no reason anyone should be starving. We make fences and destroy habitats of animals and thereby have been destroying the natural world around us. Our release of CO2 and methane threaten to cause a mass extinction from which no man can survive. Conservatives in my country, seem hell bent to commit suicide, by denying climate change, spoiling natural habitats, and poisoning the water. Conservatives have been opposed to raising the minimum wage, which in my opinion destroys the economy. My reasoning is to consider the lowest possible wage $0. If the masses have no money to spend, the economy is toast. Factories will close. People will suffer. Thus, I am liberal.
  9. Consciousness results in greater brain activity than unconsciousness. in fact, unconsciousness can be caused by low blood flow to the brain. My understanding is that there is greater blood flow in the brain than during unconsciousness, which means the grain is using more energy during consciousness than when it is unconscious. According to Wikipedia's Entropy article, Entropy is inversely proportional to temperature. Thus, higher entropy would indicate an unconscious brain. Shannon entropy is supposed to be analogous to thermodynamic entropy. Thus, your title seems incorrect; thus, it confuses me.
  10. I didn't just take Strange's word. I may be mistaken. Your title for this thread seams misleading to me, even if the researchers didn't make any mistakes. Moreover, I don't believe that consciousness is a side effect of entropy. Here is a report of a conscious robot.
  11. Anybody can do it now.

    A recent report on TYT (re: youtube How AI Is Being Used To Create Fake Porn) says AI systems are available on the internet with instructions telling novice users, ones with no programming experience, how to use the AI. Furthermore, someone has created a video editing system that allows the person to trade faces in the video for one in a picture. Thus, anyone may show up in a porn movie. Not good. Adolescents will grow up developing AI and some of them will do good things. Of course there are serious developers using AI, too. It is good to know how easy it is to use AI. I think everyone needs to now about this technology, Forewarning perhaps can lessen the shock of seeing oneself in a compromising situation.
  12. I find the cherry picking less problematic than your point that thoughtfunk seems to misunderstand the research.
  13. DOJ and FBI under attack

    I think these attacks are part of a greater campaign to hide the truth. The FBI and DOJ use true data, other data, and personal opinion to convict law breakers; thus, they are attacked. They prefer true data, since it is less likely to be tossed by a judge than other data.
  14. Trump Slump

    It's hard to get an accurate estimate of job creation and demise. Does anyone know of a good source for [math] \Delta [/math]jobs.