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  1. I hesitate to perpetuate this thread necromancy, but your comment could not go unremarked. Lightning involves plasma. The ionosphere is, I understand, a plasma, thus plasmas have been present on the Earth, probably from the beginning. I see this is your first post, so welcome to the forum.
  2. How the heck you see that in @Curious layman's posts is beyond me. He has simply voiced the opinion that, with the ongoing changes in society regarding our view of gender, sport will be impacted. He is interested in what these impacts might be and how we might most effectively handle them. If you don't want to be viewed as a politically correct evangelist then stop saying things that sound like you won't tolerate honest questions.
  3. No. A pound or two of acceptance and understanding. An ounce or two of hostility.
  4. I think it is a "bad thing". I can't envisage how ignorance and misinformation can ever be a good thing. I doubt you place any value on fake news. I hope you find its existence abhorent. This is no different. You ask what harm can having odd ideas do. Ask that of the families who lost members to covid because they thought it was all a big conspiracy, or that mask wearing was an infringment of their civil liberties. Science is under attack by segments of society who seem to glorify ignorance and sneer at the educated. I think such an attack on one of the cornerstones of civilisation m
  5. It is, perhaps, a pleasant thought. Unforunately belief in what lacks significant evidence is a form of self deception. You doubtless detect a measure of seeming hostility in replies from other members. Rather than hostility this is more in the way of frustration at yet another new member arriving with the same tired ideas to challenge science, thinking they have arrived at something original and penetrating. You have not. There is, however, a great oppotunity for you, through dialogue on this site, to gain improved insights into the nature of reality. To do that you will have to ope
  6. More than three quarters of a million people commit suicide every year. That's three quarters of a million people who will never have another conversation, enjoy a meal, take a walk, view a sunset, have an idea. I think, in its most generally understood sense, that is three quarters of a million dead people, that is death.
  7. Plouging generaly involves a single pass of each portion of land; two, if you are harrowing; a third pass for planting. During the March to September interval there are multiple passes with weedkillers, pest killers and fertilisers. Then comes the harvesting. Combine harvesters use a bunch more fuel than tractors.
  8. 1. A journey occupies time; a destination is but an instant. 2. Journies are variable; destinations are fixed. 3. Journies require observation, analyses and decisions; destinations are content with observation alone. 4. Journies have multiple possible routes; destinations are fixed. 5. Why not?
  9. The journey is more important than the destination.
  10. I'm going to disagree with you here. All attempts have been successful, in that 80% - 90% of the test objectives have been met in each case. and each test has progressed further, with the cause of failure beng eliminated in the subsequent test. Such engineering development as I have been involved in had the same pattern of failures, just not so spectacular, or public. As I noted earlier the patient did die, but the important point is that the operation itself was a success. The consensus view of commentators in the hour following the explosion was that the failure was of the landing legs.
  11. I concur with @Bufofrog and @joigus. Your posts make no sense. If you are unable to post a clear, unambiguous statement of your concept, along the lines joigus suggested, I shall recommend to the moderators that the thread be closed. That would be a shame, if your idea actually is interesting. However, if you are simply trolling, or inept, it would be the perfect solution. I look forward to a positive and understandable reply.
  12. A. Indeed, the landing was sucessful, but the patient subsequently died. . . Post landing video. B. If you watch the "community" feeds, multiple cameras are in play, with diverse viewpoints. Without knowing which feed you were watching I can only suggest a possible explanation for the apparent constant perspective . . perhaps it is only apparent. I don't entirely rule out a chase plane for some of the shots, but suspect a very high end camera is the correct explanation. Regardless, they are damn good shots.
  13. I recall de Gaulle's inflamatory speech in the 1960s while visiting Montreal when he addressed the crowd with "Vive le Québec libre!" I'm much more of a Cuba Libre man myself, ideally accompanied by nachos. Fusion sustenance.
  14. I realise that you do not respond well to criticism. That is unfortunate. You post a great deal that deserves criticism. Your post here is a good example - almost everything you have said in it is nonsense. If you disagree then post sound evidence that supports your claims.
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