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  1. I've long taken personal exception to the under-representation of old, bald, white men, with questionable bladder control amongst Olympic athletes.
  2. I think I'd rather educate discriminating individuals not to discriminate. I don't insist that this is easy, or even possible in each instance, but the same may be said of justice. On the whole I'd prefer the former (education) and nothing says we can't strive for both.
  3. This example is not one of wisdom, but did give me great hopes that my son had developed the same warped sense of humour. At a dinner to celebrate his 11th birthday I was pontificating about the supposed origin of the name America from that of the explorer Amerigo Vespucci. Quick as a flash my son said, "That's quite something. Having a continent and a fairground a attraction named after you." I looked at him, puzzled? "A fairground attraction?" "Yes," he replied "A merry-go-round."
  4. Probably, but gravity seems to be constrained in his brain - the penny drops slowly. I agree with the entitled impression, though in my mind I just think of her as a politically incorrect five letter word: if there is an ounce of compassion in her it is well concealed. Still, while we are almost as messed up as the US, it's less important.
  5. Do you see parallels with the UK situation where Boris Johnson has refused to fire Priti Patel, Home Secretary, following the report finding she was in breach of Ministerial behaviour via multiple instances of bullying? The Code of Ministerial Behaviour lays out the standards and Sir Alex Allan, heading the enquiry, held that they had been breached. He then resigned in protest at the rejection of the findings by Johnson. While the Code is not legally binding the norm has been to resign if foundin breach of it. This incident is, in my view, a dangerous precedent, akin to his refusal to ditch Cummings after he blatantly flouted Covid restrictions.
  6. Water evaporates. Water molecules drift through the air. Flies detect water molecules and move up the concentration gradient.
  7. To my psychiatrist. I paid him good money to stop these delusions.
  8. I've given your post a +1, since this comment is the most positive content I have seen in your threads. You acknowledge that you need to improve and you ask for help to do so. Excellent. Now the onus is on me (and hopefully others) to give you specific guidance. Where to begin? Here are some things you could try: Make no assumptions about the extent of other people's knowledge Provide details, but make sure you organise those details. Don't throw them down as they occur to you, but think about the best way to present them. Use short sentences, Avoid complicated English. Example: you said "How is it I should improve to more efficiently articulate myself." Firstly, "improve" and "more efficiently articulate" are the same. You don't need both and including both makes the sentence more difficult to understand. Secondly, "more effciently articulate" is flowery. Why not say, "How can I write more clearly? Edit. Then edit again. Wait fifteen minutes. Edit again. If you wish I can comment on future posts. This can be by pm, if you prefer.
  9. That is not evident. The OP is word salad. I imagine you have an idea, important to you and possibly of general interest, but until you improve your ability to communicate that idea we shall be running in circles. You can continue to reject that, thinking that you are writing clearly and umabiguously, but that leads nowhere. Such of those posts I have seen seem to suffer from the same problem. Until your posts combine clarity, relevance and purpose I shall merely point this out to you in the hope you can improve. Only then will I know if I have something on topic to contribute. In the meantime Zapatos makes a good suggestion.
  10. Well, that's an improvement on your OP. However, as @zapatos has pointed out it is still much to vague to do anything with. That is why the contribution from @MigL was valuable. It highlighted, if you had been willing to pay attention, that your OP had all the appearance of garbled nonsense. I've confirmed that view and zapatos has reiniforced it. Time for you to ante up something of value that is perceived as such by others, not just by yourself.
  11. I presume you are trying to initiate a mind experiment. What is the goal of this experiment? If we knew that it might make the question look less nonsensical. (By the way if you were the member who gave a -1 to @MigL that was both undeserved and unhelpful. I've countered it, on your behalf.)
  12. I would agree that some aspects of thinking are linear. Certainly, when explaining a concept to others we are obliged to move from point to point. However, this certainly not the way I approach all situations/topics. You spoke of the landscape viewed by the eagle and I should say that is a good analogy for how I think about more complex problems, especially in the early stages. The elements in the landscape represent data, or concepts and "seeing" them in this bird's-eye view allows one to better understand the relationship between them and adjust where necessary. I've not discussed this with others, but I would be surprised if this approach were unique. Indeed, the fact that you conceived the eagle example suggests you also think in this way, though you may not have recognised it.
  13. The South Atlantic Anomaly is not a pole reversal. It is a distortion/reduction of the geomagnetic field that might be a step towards a pole reversal, but probably is not . Domingos et al note that "One of the striking characteristics of the present geomagnetic field is denoted the South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA) where the total field intensity is unusually low and the flux of charged particles, trapped in the inner Van Allen radiation belts, is maximum." However the ozone hole has nothing to do with the van Allen Belts or the SAA. Its causes are discussed in this wikipedia article. The presence of the holes at the poles is related to extended sunlight hours in hemisphere summers, wind patterns, low temperatures, etc. The ozone hole arose largely because of CFCs. The ban on these is allowing the ozone levels return towards normal. It will take till near the end of the century before these levels recover to those present before CFC use.
  14. Perhaps if we send them videos of Trump they will change their minds and quarantine us instead.
  15. Talking to myself is the best way of ensuring intelligent conversation.
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