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  1. The statistics in this area can be far from real, indeed. And is difficult to calculate as a lot of victims do not report about such incidents. The real percentage is even higher,i assume. The story i can share will explain what is sexual harrasment from the women's point of view. When i was 22 years old i was proposed to be a lover. It was one of the Chief Executives of my company i am still working for. From his point of view it was a good deal because he could support me financially.He said it with a nice smile considering himself as a charming one. No matter,he was married. It was a difficult time for me as i was a only one working in my family and my salary was essential. He didn't insist as i said i had a bf but always paid attention to me since then. If my skirt is too short,why i came 10 minutes late from dinner, the quality of my reports....everything was a reason to shame me. I was afraid of going to the room where he was standing and tried to hide myself each time heard his voice. This is an ordinary way of how it happens. A man is powerful,a girl is young and cute. Am sure,he never realised it was a crime. About your next point of why i didn't report: what could i say? And what for? Would it change his mind? Never. Would it cause i loose my job? Very possible. You doubt the statistics cause you have rapes/violents only in your mind. But the situations like that is also the matter of statistics.
  2. Worldwide, 76 % of women are targeted for physical and sexual violence in their life time,at least once. Up to 50% of sexual assaults are committed against girls under 16. In USA 83% of girls aged 12-16 experienced sexual harrasment in schools, in Europe 50% of women experienced unwanted advances or sexual harrasment at work. No need to be a genius to realise that all the men seem as powerful for a 16 years old girl who just started this life long fight for her rights, body and safety. Even he is not rich and she is not a glamorous beauty. Just normal people living next door to yours. Cause in 2 out of 3 cases these men are familiar to that girls. It is a men's world. 76% of women suffered = 76% of men caused it, at least once. And yes, i experienced all of the things am talking about. And yes, statistically proved some of the men registered at this site harmed women and/or made a harassment
  3. Thank you all! It's a topic i am interested in. In my opinion,intelligence is an ability of mind to notice,analyze and link together the complex data for creating some making decisions tools. But it's not fixed for ages. It changes with time, efforts to improve it or special medical treatment as psychostimulants. In this sense measurement of intelligence is important not only for realising my current status but my potential mostly. IQ test, for example, have an index of age. Which means a 10 years old kid who is solving the problems as he is 15, has bigger result as a more intelligent person then that one. Am not sure, it is not a sign of agism,by the way,but is another story. I would like to use such a proper test i believe in to measure my progress in keeping my "brain fit" as i do regularly check my body condition.
  4. Evgenia

    about charity

    Some time ago i recognised the girl from orphan house we supported died. She didn't because of accident or fatal illness. She was eaten by wild dogs. The reason was simple. She was drunk and dogs ate her till death. The reason why she was drunk was complicated. After the kids reach 16, they go out this charity system. They are not little cute kids everyone likes to donate for. They are adults. And they are not ready for real life. Should i help to others? Yes, i think so. Should i help to girl until 16 hoping she will not be eaten by wild dogs after? I don't know....
  5. After some time general knowledge became not the collecting of some new info as i have too much but to make the proper connection between facts and theories. To train my ability to do so i practice TRIZ. While am doing these exercises i feel my brain wheels go faster and i notice the connection better. There is nothing valuable to know more new discovered facts while am reading 10 science forums at the same time. As too many of them become old before i know it even. General knowledge is a relevant category when you are 18. After reaching some level it's essential to select in which area of knowledge you need to concenrate to reach your goal. I don't need to improve my GK. But what i really need is a Ph.D degree. Finally
  6. Do you know the exam system when the number of exam ticket is written on paper and it is flipped over? You choose the one from the table and give the answers for the questions written on it. My friend was passing the exam session with me. For the first time she took the ticket with 13 number. By the way, in my country 13 is unlucky number. Next day she took the ticket with 13 number again. For the third day she said she read the answers for 13 so she was no nervous at all. And yes, that happened! 13 number one more time.. All the exams,days,subjects,rooms and teachers were different. She could not see the number through a paper. It was just a beautiful moment of seeing the smile of universe in action.
  7. Hello, I am interested in genom, and savants specially. To advance my own body is my practical daily research. Avoid Boring People: Lessons from a Life in Science, James Dewey Watson He is a genetist, best known as one of the co-discoverers of the structure of DNA in 1953 and was awarded Nobel Prize for it.
  8. In China they have already such an "Universal Supra-Computer" Sunway TaihuLight calculating the biggest model of Universe described mathematically. But it doesn't mean humans become gods. Even calculating it for an hour only with a help of 10 mln of processing cores does not mean it. So it's not enough. There should be smth else
  9. Thank you. You made me smile. I didn't have enough of positive things recently.To find out the discussion of essense of love in the topic about logics at the science forum is a really lovely gift. Logics is a science to find a truth with a help of valid arguments. Therefore truth as a "product" of logics is logical. By the way,love as a very important feeling of sensual experience should be a matter of science of the other type, but i don't know any of such a type...Do you? Sexology no, psychology no, biology no...
  10. Thank you. Yes, indeed. It's one of the well known proofs of DE. Though, not all the scienists accept it. https://m.phys.org/news/2017-03-expansion-universe-dark-energy.html I've read about supercritical fluid as an explanation of some effects also. May DE is a not 100% proper example i should choose as it has some evidence. Just i wanted to name the theory i need to believe more rather then to be sure because of lack of facts.
  11. Thank you for the note. The Dark Energy concept has no empirical evidence yet, but still it's one of scientific models they need in cosmology. Isn't it?
  12. I am sorry. May be i express myself not good enough. I agree with Damateur that scientists are people and try to answer why do scientists believe in science. The more smart people are the more they hesitate. But to go further they need to believe. Not all the theories can be proved by facts, at least not immediately. So they need to believe in theirs theories.
  13. As described by David Dunning and Justin Kruger, the cognitive bias of illusory superiority results from an internal illusion in people of low ability and from an external misperception in people of high ability; that is, "the miscalibration of the incompetent stems from an error about the self, whereas the miscalibration of the highly competent stems from an error about others." Hence, the corollary to the Dunning–Kruger effect indicates that persons of high ability tend to underestimate their relative competence, and erroneously presume that tasks that are easy for them to perform also are easy for other people to perform. To understand some ideas of some scientists we need to be of the same level. As i am totally not a scientist,i trust or believe the scientists i trust. Some young scientists do not have enough of experience so they believe masters. They need it to develop themselves as an experts. According to Dunning-Kruger, masters in the case of lack of evidence start to hesitate too. So whom they trust at the top of science to develop science?
  14. Evgenia


    Hello,everybody! I remembered an old joke about a scientist in car who was waiting for green light to go. After him was another car with a rude driver who be-e-ep him to go cause he didn't want to wait. The scientist turned to his friend sitting next to him and asked - If the speed of light is higher then the speed of sound wave, why i hear his bee-e-p to go faster then i see a green light?
  15. Dear Tar, thank you for the answer In Russia we have games we call Kauzal Intellect. It's an event for several people and a coach. Each person tell a problem of himself he doesn't see an answer for. Then with the help of game rules all the participants play and find these answers from theirs own subconscious. For me it's an interesting thing but i don't know any of foreign analogue. Sorry
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