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  1. Time Does Not Exist

    The real question is if time exists physically as 'stuff', or is an effect like evolution.
  2. Telepathy and Brain Waves

    Undoubtedly experiments with people who claim to have said ability. Seems like all this proves is that the people who claim this don't have it. Doesn't mean it exists, of course.
  3. Yes, we're absolutely better designers than evolution because evolution doesn't design anything.
  4. Nice amount of speculation I could just as easily say that I'm a supernatural soul who controls their body through the nervous system from outside the body, who is also currently not scientifically detectable. And actually, it's something I find a whole lot more plausible simply because I find it likely that there's more to reality than meets the current scientific eye. Probably much more. That said, I sure hope I'm right...
  5. God and science

    Scientific nothing? No problem. Happens all the time. Isn't nothing to begin with. Absolute nothingness? Likely not a chance. Why does a creator being have to be supernatural at all? And also, what is supernatural anyway? Something that goes beyond ordinary nature as we know it?
  6. I'm just saying that perhaps not all behavior in non-human animal species is evolution driven. Furthermore, is an overwhelmingly strong sex drive a requirement for adequate reproduction? Because if it's not, then why would a very strong sex drive be selected for? Then after that you have to ask yourself if all successful species have very strong sex drives. All in all, what I wrote doesn't seem as unreasonable as you make it out to be.
  7. Because monkeys, or any other organisms with brains, are a bad metaphor for randomness seeing how they aren't random. If you're going to use a metaphor, use a good one.
  8. For any possible character combination of a specific length to occur, you need unbiased randomness, otherwise it's possible that certain character sequences will simply never occur. Monkey brains, like human brains, are probably not good generators of randomness, and as such it's possible that a monkey will never type out Hamlet, or any other complete text.
  9. Why do men who marry younger women live longer?

    Would that be because there's no advantage to marrying?
  10. Is it relevant? They probably just do it because they're horny, evolutionary advantage or not.
  11. is meat unhealthy?

    You're supposed to have any ideological position you want, however, veganism is about avoiding all animal products as much as possible in order to contribute as little as possible to animal suffering and death. It's a misconception that it's a diet (for example, steaks from a steak tree would be perfectly vegan).
  12. Relativity and its demerits.

    What do mass and massless actually really mean? Can't you just say that photons belong to a class of particles that behave one way, while things like protons are part of a class of particles that behave in another way? Just thinking out loud
  13. Welcome to the upgraded SFN

    Would be cool if the dreadful post editor could be replaced with a better one somehow.