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  1. As soon as we happened our “happened in” time dimension, became our past, and the speed of light became our future. We can never attain our future, and we can never regain our past. We are the present. We are the light. We have a probability of 1. Therefore: We always had to be. / Past We have to be. / Present We always have to be. / Future We exist in a twined / mirrored, dark energy / light energy Universe, on a time plane we call the present: constantly watching our pasts: as we chase our futures. A “photon of light” is in fact a twinn
  2. In the beginning was the ether (light/energy), and all were at peace (motionless/absolute zero). Then came the question...”To be, or not to be?”...”Be? Be what?...Well, I'm thinking, so I am, already, but what am I? Where am I?...Who else is here with me? They looked... Love at first sight. All the other matter and anti-matter was off being all boring and stuffy somewhere, but you weren't going anywhere. You had looked into the mirror and fallen in love...With yourself!!! Luckily for you, you'd fallen in love with you too so...BANG!!! + CRUNCH!!! I was the centre. I was
  3. In the beginning there was ether (energy/probability), and all was still. Ordinarily the slightest movement on a brane creates a time dimension for that movement to take place in. Time is sentient. Any movement on one surface of the brane, results in an opposite movement on the other side. The resultant “plank times” (bangs/crunches), are magnatism. Matter attracted to antimatter through the brane, past to past, future to future (one horseshoe magnet either side of a piece of glass e.g.). This results in harmony (four beings in love and locked eye-to-eye in perfect pairs e.g.). Result
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