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  1. In a world consisting of anti-matter, moving positrons would be electricity.
  2. There is a standard procedure to calculate the determinant of a 3x3 matrix.
  3. So far to date, string theory etc. has no experimental basis. The basic problem is reconciling quantum theory and general relativity when both are needed (black holes).
  4. You have given a sequence of sentences??????
  5. If the universe is like a torus, then it has to be very big to look flat locally.
  6. Within a galaxy, it is impossible for anything to be stationary - gravity!
  7. The concept of sequence is well defined - a set which is 1-1 with integers (all or part). What is being described are sets which are not necessarily sequences.
  8. Since the numbers in the interval are uncountable, no (countable) sequence can generate all the numbers in the interval.
  9. Think of a block of wood. On dry land it has a weight. But on water it floats, so its "weight" is zero.
  10. This is not completely true. There are matriarchal societies (in Papua among other places) today.
  11. Rather than L'Hopital's, one can take the first few terms of \(sin(x)=x-x^3/3! +x^5/5!+...\) to get -1/3!, as \(x\to 0\).
  12. The value of pi is not something people decide on. It simply comes from its definition.
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