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  1. Division by 0 is illegal, so there is no such number!
  2. The description only makes sense for small volume, where everything is in close proximity. .. Extreme counterexample - the ocean
  3. Note that the sun is too small to become a black hole.
  4. Eddington experiment had nothing to do with the "size" of the photon.
  5. General relativity can't be used for something as small as an electron - quantum theory conflict.
  6. For this to happen (moon breakup) you need a very large object - much bigger than known asteroids. If it does happen, the result depends on size of the big rock, how fast it was moving, impact direction, etc.
  7. mathematic


    \( x^i=e^{iln(x)}=cos(ln(x))+isin(ln(x)) \)
  8. Instructions should include how to bracket statements. math and /math inside [] works. Does anything else?
  9. dy/dx is a symbol for the derivative - it is not a ratio.
  10. 13 billion years ago "we" were not 13 billion light years from the galaxies we are seeing now. The universe has been expanding all along, so it has taken that long for the light to catch up to us.
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