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  1. 13 billion years ago "we" were not 13 billion light years from the galaxies we are seeing now. The universe has been expanding all along, so it has taken that long for the light to catch up to us.
  2. Dark matter is (as far as we know) matter and subject to gravity like ordinary matter. Dark energy is sometimes considered negative gravity.
  3. You need a better translation. "this sentences" should be "this sentence" or "these sentences". "about for that" is meaningless.
  4. Why 7x-2x? The congruence question is 7x and 8x,
  5. The image is unreadable! Try writing it in directly.
  6. First comment applies to this statement.
  7. This is all too cryptic.
  8. I have no idea what you are trying to say. Do you?
  9. The paper is basically flawed. All it does is count all reals with finite decimal expansions - a countable list, but certainly not all reals. ! Moderator Note Merged with the open thread on this subject
  10. The most important math background would be differential geometry.
  11. Cosmic rays may not be a serious problem. The Apollo program did not concern itself with them.
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