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  1. Whenever I write a sum in Latex, the limits appear forward of the sum sign. I have seen many instances where the limits are below and above. What is the code to get them there?
  2. Make up a definition. Will it be meaningful?
  3. Any description beyond current expansion from the big bang is pure speculation.
  4. Mathematics is flexible. You can define such concepts, such as negative dimension or sets with a negative number of elements and do what you want with them. It would be very hard to give them any physical meaning.
  5. The notation is math, mot physics. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christoffel_symbols
  6. Clarify your question. By example?
  7. What has Robert Stephenson got to do with it??
  8. No effects on humanity. One immediate consequence, physicists would better understand black holes.
  9. Based on special relativity, there is no center of motion. The best one can .do is define the center of the solar system as the center of mass
  10. Everyone can speculate, but only the original poster can tell us what is meant. So far there has been no response.
  11. I am under the impression that CO2 in the atmosphere acts as a heat shield against heat escaping from the earth, not as a source.
  12. Most of physics and much engineering needs calculus. I suggest you learn a little bit about the subjects you are asking about.
  13. The x in sin(x) has no physical units. It is usually in terms of radians or degrees. sin(x) also has no physical dimension - usual definition is the ratio of two lengths.
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