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  1. One simple example: the double split experiment. One electron (or photon) at a time at the double split results in the diffraction pattern.
  2. Light and black holes

    Your teacher's explanation is not very good. Photons always move (in a vacuum) at the speed of light, never at 0 speed. The simplest explanation for for light not escaping is the equivalence between mass and energy (which light has), both subject to the effect of gravity. The formula he was using E=mc^2/sqrt(1-(v/c)^2)shows the relationship between mass and energy, where the rest mass is m, v is the speed of the particle, and c is the speed of light. Note: there are more recent versions in terms of momentum.
  3. Sound Perception

    My guess: The headphones smear it all together
  4. New White Dwarf Mass Limit

    Standard candles start with Cepheid variable stars. For long distances Type IA supernovae.
  5. if you were flying on a diagonal and you fell would you fall diagonally?

    When you leave the plane, you start with 2 components of velocity corresponding to the plane's. The vertical up is immediately stopped by gravity, while the horizontal is slowed by air resistance. Very soon you will be going straight down.
  6. if you were flying on a diagonal and you fell would you fall diagonally?

    Flying diagonally? Superman? Falling out of a plane? You should supply more detail.
  7. Observed examples of emergentism?

    It looks like a made up word. Do you have any context for it?
  8. Fast Rotating Asteroids

    In theory, the only limit would be that due to relativity
  9. Accelerating light beams in curved space

    Acceleration refers to a change in direction, not speed. Space versus space-time? I don't think it is relevant here.
  10. Quantun vibration vs time vs gravity

    If you want an answer, you need to present a question in readable form.
  11. Four dimensions (split from The meter-second)

    Are you looking for a physics definition, such as time in the theory of relativity, or a mathematics definition, such as defining points by number quadruples?
  12. Irrationality of √3

    p=3a leads to [latex]9a^2=3q^2\ or\ 3a^2=q^2[/latex], leading to in infinite chain, which cannot be.
  13. An overly simplified description of the methodology. The distance to far away galaxies can be measured two ways, red shift or standard candles (1A supernovae). The distances didn't match when assuming a uniform or slowing down expansion. They matched for speeding up.
  14. mars's atmosphere

    Venus is about the same size as earth. Is it at all feasible to make it habitable?
  15. I have a question vaguely related to the solar system

    This question belongs in classical physics.