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  1. I have been working on this problem as of late for a general purpose AI and have developed a principle I like to call the "Continuity" principle. It dictates that all things are continuously defined. Such as reason, observation, pattern recognition, awareness, etc.
  2. What if you create magnetic little beads and the shoot them in the general trajectory of a metal debris fields which also can be electrically charged and uncharged. That way when ever there is a clumping of debris caused by the magnet beads + captured debris you can somehow shoot a beam of energy to control the momentum of the particles to slow them down enough to burn up in the atmosphere.
  3. I have been looking at how to define a system for the longest time and wanted to share it with you all. "A system is a grouping representation of a practical pattern and/or process in which can be used to form new knowledge and fact that can further be actualized into tools and technologies."
  4. I'm hoping to make this a life long awesome project that grows with me along with my other projects.
  5. If at all possible I am looking for really good books on AI from all different fields of study.
  6. I am assuming that it can be. Thank you, looking into it now
  7. I was going to compare how I think to how it thinks. yeah, I am wanting ta build sort of a builder assistant while also learning as much theory as a kind to build it.
  8. I mean like a formal definition of intelligence/cognition. One where it can be expressed by a computer.
  9. That...is a very good question! Not sure yet. Thank you for bringing that up. I was going to compare my own reasoning to its reasoning and then compare and contrast.
  10. are feelings learned or expressed?

  11. Cool, what did you have in mind?
  12. I feel that the best direction I should take is looking at how I learn and define my own reasoning and then from there defining the reasoning of a potential "object" and then add more and more complexity to that said object.
  13. First attempt at defining intelligence:
    Intelligence: A thing which completes itself.

    completes: To continue its own state and behaviors.

  14. I want to try and throw myself at the hardest problem possible so I can go on a life long journey.
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