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  1. This is awesome, thank you again for the assistance! And yeah, got it. Just Google BN and basically what I am looking for.
  2. Yes this is a great start, thank you. I've gone through the wiki and have found a few values. However, in regards to Bandgap I need to state whether it is either a direct or indirect Bandgap and when looking into it I found that there is a sort of controversy about it. Is this true? Also I cannot seem to find it's resistivity and conductivity values. Thank you again! Edit: If I am asking for to much please inform me. I want help, however I would like to also kind of go into it and not be given answers. I need to start holding myself accountable for my laziness in regards to learning.
  3. Hey, I have a project in my microelectronics class and trying to do research and learn more about h-BN. Are there any open source resources that I can get a full understanding of its properties? Thank you for the assist.
  4. I feel as if it would be much more easier to maintain and manufacture on a large scale. Repair in the sense that you can easily just buy a metal plate from your local hardware store and then just place it over the area that it damaged. Manufacture being that the only really complex parts are the electronics which make it up and the inner seating design. On the outside it seems really easy to just manufacture because of the linear design.
  5. It was more along the lines of "I really want to just over this fence and do the things, however I am not sure what will happen when I do it and I just need one person to give me the slightest shove so that I can have an excuse to do the things." Apologies and again thank you for the assistance
  6. thank you for the response, it has helped me to determine what it is that I need to do. However it is to much to put all in a single thread so I am going to organize everything and put it into blog so that I can get everything organized and place it in a location which is easily accessible.
  7. Ok so I have been reaaaaaaly reluctant to share an idea that I came up with a while back and have been working on for a long time and I am not sure what to do with it. I can continue keeping it to myself, working on it in secret. Trying to improve it so that one day it will be ready for others. Or I can share it now and gain partial notoriety from it, however this is really unlikely due to it being so weird of an idea. However I do not want to be what causes harm to others if it turns out that it is a "good idea." I can go without the notoriety, however my ego will have a problem with it, however my biggest concern is how it might affect others along with how it may be used to harm others. What should I do? Thank you for your responses p.s. I know this sounds hella pretentious, however I really want to share the idea with people and I really want to get feedback so that I can improve on the idea, but again I do not want to accidently harm anyone with the idea.
  8. I think this may belong in philosophy, however not entirely sure. What is the meaning of mathematics? By this I mean what is its purpose/function? Is it a tool which is used to formulate relationships between different variables in order to develop constants in order to give characteristics/ properties to different things? Is it a whole different universe with distinct rules which are to be followed like our reality in order to develop and analyze this mathematical universe? Is it to model the real world and then see how they interact with this mathematical universe? Is it meant to capture changes in different things and there behaviors? Or is it just something fun to play around with? p.s. do not really have a goal for this post, just wanted to ask the question to see if a definition can be concluded. Or at the very least to understand everyone's different interpretation and understanding of the field of mathematics.
  9. ALine

    question about pi

    So would it still be considered a "circle" at that point? Or would its "circular value" is lost, where it is only like a background image for the different points in space? Also, if you do not mind me asking, how would this relate the x and y's and functions? Where functions are relating the x points with the y points in space. Also would the definition of the x and y graph dependent on the "space" you define them in? Like can there be different "types" of spaces? Like is x and y considered dimensions of a given space and if so does this mean that you can use other variables like time or velocity as be part of the same "dimensional space." ( when I say dimension I just mean a variable which can have a specific value on a number line) p.s. sorry if I am speculating to much, I have a bad habit of "guess to far ahead."
  10. ALine

    question about pi

    when you say, " fixed it in space." what do you mean by this. When I hear this it makes me think that someone is analogously "tacking" it to a wall. Or even taking like a snap shot of it and you cannot change anything about it, whereas you can only look at it and then trace over it with an x and y graph. I am also having a problem understanding this concept. Can you please explain. When I hear this it makes me think that you are analogously "removing it from reality and placing into a mathematical universe where it can be dissected." So like taking a picture of it, and then analyzing and understanding that "image."
  11. ALine

    question about pi

    got it, thank you for the correction strange. Did not really have a goal in mind, just "playing around with the numbers" I guess. thank you for the correction as well studiot. I feel as if I have an issue with the conversion between physical geometry and x and y relationship chart representations, I think that is the right way to say this. Need to get better at understanding this. Also, stupid question, so pi is just the relationship between Circumference and Diameter? Like if I wanted to know the circumference and am given the diameter then if I multiply this diameter with pi it will give me pi? And is pi the relationship between diameter and circumference? Like could it be described as being the number which gives a circle its "circle" characteristic or property? if that makes any sense. p.s. thank you guys for answering my questions
  12. Hello, I wanted to present something so I could see where I went wrong. So when I was calculating the area of a circle I wanted to get a better understanding of the circumference of a circle so I found the equation for it online. ( y = sqrt(r^2 - x^2)) now this equation is for a semi-circle, but I can multiply it by 2 in order to get the full circle. so when I substituted the y term with the circumference / 2 and the x term with the diameter I got the following, ( C / 2 ) = sqrt(r^2 - (D)^2) from here you can replaced the diameter term with it radius counterpart (C / 2) = sqrt(r^2 - (2*r)^2) from this you could, in turn, combine the two r terms into the following (C/2) = sqrt(r^2-4r^2) (C/2) = sqrt(-3r^2) C = 2*sqrt(-3r^2) from this I fully reduced it to C = 2*[sqrt(-3)]*r now what made be ask this question is because the sqrt(-3) term is where pi should be. I thought I clearly made a mistake, which I most likely still have. However when I did the same this in order to find the area using integration I got the following ( solving process below ) (A/2) = integral(0->Diameter) of (sqrt(r^2)-D^2) dDiameter going through this and applying all of the substitutions got me A = (sqrt(-3)) * r^2 from going through and solving both for the circumference and area gave the same equations as if you were to replace sqrt(-3) with a pi term. [C = 2 * pi * r] vs [C = 2 * (sqrt(-3)) * r] [A = pi*r^2] vs [A = (sqrt(-3))*r^2] I must have done something wrong, I am thinking it may have something to do with the diameter term and maybe I should use this in place of an x-term. Help would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time P.S. Apologies, can't really LATeX well
  13. Sure, just stand still and look at a clock.
  14. Hmm, this one is a bit tricky. It is like when two countries begin to go against one another which eventually escalates into a war. When Greg initiated the arguement due to how joehaving a loud party Greg began the confirmation. If it is true that Joe had a loud party previously, but was unaware of Greg being able to hear the party then I would say the "blame" would lay on Greg. This is because Joe did not have the intention to hard Greg, however Greg, through hitting Joe's tire, wanted to cause harm. I think it would based on 2 variables, The intention of harm and understanding what that harm would do after the event of causing harm has occured. Basically hitting someone and knowing what affects of hitting that said someone. In this case if Joe was aware of his party and understood the consiquences in respect to Greg, being that he would not be getting any sleep and be tired, maybe making him late to work or something, then Joe is at fault initially. If the confrontation continues then over time these variables may become more and more distinct. Escalating to possible violence. tl;dr: Joe's at fault if aware his party is harming Greg. Greg's at fault if Joe's unaware his party is harming Greg. The first is an accident, the second would be considered purposeful leading to him being at fault.
  15. My new observation machine really works and in so working proves that possible observations are endless.

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      ….I am sorry, but I am a bit confused. What are you talking about? Have we spoken in the past about this subject? Have I made a post about this previously? 

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      ah, ok cool. So when I defined knowledge and the acquisition of it I was making the assumption that everything can be considered as a system which can be "placed in order" in order to give a sort of "path to follow." Or going back and forth through ones knowledge. This would allow for an easy interpretation .If that makes any sense. Also no expert as well :D

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