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  1. ALine

    What is faith?

    faith can lead to an obsession which in turn can prevent you from looking at any drawn conclusion with a rational eye. It is like if you had faith that your conclusion about science is correct then no amount of argumentation can remove that conclusion from your brain. It is stuck there and no matter how much it has been disproven it will always be there, waiting to strike. It creates a merger between reality and imagination where imagination takes the lead.
  2. For the longest time, I have been trying to understand how to create and understand mathematical models. From the simplest ones growing to the more complex ones. Can anyone recommend to me any reading material, videos, or learning material that can help?
  3. I found this on MIT's open courseware website. here is a reference image I snipped. and here is a link to the MIT open courseware website itself. it is pretty close to what I was looking for.
  4. both educational and hunger inducing.
  5. ALine


    yep :D
  6. Is there a dynamic model which shows gaps in a society as a wholes general knowledge. Like a overall "fields of study" mapping where people can come together and view exactly what knowledge that they have for the purpose of growing that said knowledge by visually exploring new fields of study connected to what they already know? Like a visualized encyclopedia organized by the different fields of study. for better visualization purposes
  7. Is there a visual model which represents all of the different fields of study? Something kind of like this?
  8. ALine


    I can neither confirm nor deny this fact. And I got the name from a television show called adventure time with princess bubble gum who is a supposed scientist. Did not expect the hypothesis to hold at all hence why I placed it into speculation. Only wanted it torn apart so I can see if it is viable in any way.
  9. ALine

    Starting a business

    So like an equipment renting service. Would I need to make sure that each one of those pieces of equipment be insured?
  10. ALine

    Starting a business

    Ok so I started a business a while back however I have not really done anything with it physically. It is based on the idea of giving scientist, engineers, and artists the space and resources they would need in order to fully develop there ideas through fluishion. Like say if someone wanted to build a flying car they could do this here. I feel as if all I am lacking are people who are willing to work from there passions and not from there desires, however I am an extreme novice when it comes to trying to find these types of people along with fully setting up a business from scratch. What advice can you guys give to assist. Thank you.
  11. ALine


    Could quantum mechanics lead into relativity through string theories holographic field theory by assuming that all systems in the universe, systems being objects that are observable, are themselves independent universes that are mirrored off of itself into separate dimensions? If you were to have a universe created which mimics the effects of an electron then that universe is mirrored in some way, shape or form causing all assumed electrons simply be mirrors of the same electron universe?
  12. this answer both frightens me and excites my curiosity all at the same time.
  13. ALine

    Measurement of Volume

    I think it has something to do with the make up of the fluid itself. Being either polar or non-polar. Water, being a polar molecule, would be more attractive to the glass surface. This would produce a concave shape. And because you are looking for the waters volume I believe, do not quote me on this, that due to this affect you would need to measure taking this into account. As for the color liquids I am not sure. An idea would be that most color liquids used in chemistry are usually non-polar. Again I am not sure.
  14. ALine

    The Official "Introduce Yourself" Thread

    Hello my name is A Grey Line and I would like to be an inventor/scientist when I finish my schooling I enjoy coming up with ideas along with watching animations
  15. ALine

    real vs. imaginary

    Originally I wanted to attempt to prove something with an idea that I had. Now that I look back on it I guess it did not have any real meaning behind it, just an activity with observation of others responses while also being an open ended question to be further explored.