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  1. ALine

    Speculatory Hypothesis

    ah, well that speculatory hypothesis is getting trashed
  2. ALine

    Last Attempt For An Understanding

    re-read your posts and say that again, please Theredbarron. I want to understand what you are saying but I have no knowledge of the subject. say it in your own unique words
  3. ALine

    Speculatory Hypothesis

    so had a dream last night about the universe an then in my dream I had an idea. (* Please note that under no circumstance should this idea be considered real science. Dreams do not compete in the slightest with real science works. It is only an idea from putting puzzle pieces together thank you*) what if gravity is impossible to observe because it tunes itself to the observer. Like a string on a guitar which is being played by the observed. The more you observe something the more in tune it becomes. And vise verse. So say you have a piece of mass you want to try an observe right? well, you can do that at larger scales, but at smaller scales, it becomes more difficult because you have to balance out the forces. And even at larger scales, it becomes difficult. The smaller or bigger you go the more you have to balance out the forces. And at a certain point on each side you, as an observer, reach a certain limit. What if that entire process itself IS(claim) gravity and we are living inside of an "observational sinkhole" where big and small is based upon our biological size limitations.
  4. 2*x^2 + 1

  5. \(y=x*1\)

    1. ALine


      \( y = 1 \)

  6. testing math formulas

    /( x^2 + 1 /)

    /[ x^2 + 1/]


    1. ALine


      (Math/) (x^2+1) (/Math)




      f(x) = 2

      [math] y = 2*x [/math]


    2. hypervalent_iodine


      Hi. We have a section of the forum dedicated to letting members test out these functions. See here

  7. ALine

    Smallest possible mass?

    My mistake, was attempting to describe surface area or the outshell of the massive object. If this is still incorrect please correct me.
  8. ALine

    Are we observing to far?

    I don't know and I can never say that I will ever know. But I want to know so it gives me something to wake up to in the mourning. A purpose or meaning. Like trying to find the end of the rainbow. I think that I am questioning too much of the reasoning behind science without even doing science. Personal side note - I think the magic at the end of the rainbow is from collecting pieces of gold on your way down and up. And once you reach the end you realize that the magic was in the journey all along and now you can go back and look at the beauty of what you have done in order to make something new and unique like exploring the universe in order to make a new one.
  9. ALine

    Are we observing to far?

    When it comes to physics I do not nor will I ever claim to be an expert. Only a curious explorer of knowledge for the application of developing ideas. My question, as stated in the title, is are we observing down too far. Meaning that why are we attempting to go smaller or bigger scale wise when it comes to understanding physics? By this I mean why are we, by we I mean science in general, trying to find an ultimate answer or a theory of everything? Why try and put puzzle pieces that do not fit together , together? I feel as if I already "know" the answer, however I feel as if I do not "understand" the answer.
  10. ALine

    Smallest possible mass?

    I believe that mass can be classified by two parts, the space a system takes up along with the actual physical system in which takes up space. The former may be classified as volume and the later be classified as the observation of that volume. If you are attempting to observe the smallest mass then this may create a certain paradox or level of uncertainty due to whether or not the observer is affecting that mass due to said observation of that mass. Maybe even the usage of time begins to break down due to time itself being a for, of observation. Therefore in order to begin to classify if there is such a thing as an "absolute mass" one may first need to choose the correct observer medium which in turn is constant inside of all space. My first thought would be using the space of light, however, I am a novice when it comes to physics so I am unsure. Please message me with a response of what you think so that I can correct myself for issues in my understanding of physics.
  11. I apologize for my recent behavior. I do not understand what I am asking in direct relation to the amount of knowledge that I have accumulated along with the amount of knowledge that others have accumulated themselves. I need to go back and learn exactly what it is that I am trying to say.
  12. ALine

    Philosophy question #1

    I apologize for my recent behavior. I did not understand what I was asking in direct relation to the amount of knowledge that I have accumulated along with the amount of knowledge that others have accumulated themselves. I need to go back and learn exactly what it is that I am trying to say. I will come back when I fully understand what exactly it is that I am trying to ask.