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  1. Never made this claim. Using it as a potential method for analysis.
  2. Using measure theory with fractals one can assert the claims being made here. Therefore, I believe that we are over simplifying Willems claim. However I am stumped on the level of complexity needed to understand this further. Can you please explain further @Willem F Esterhuyse
  3. Thank you for the reply. Your statements are both correct. I do underestimate the work required in the scientific process. I will go and learn how to be a proper scientist. Thanks again!
  4. I believe that I came up with a methodology for using crispr gene editing chromosomes to track, label, locate and delete cancer cells. It will take time for me to understand it fully and I have no experience with biology or constructing scientific papers. @AreteWould it be possible for you to assist me in helping me figure it out.
  5. Need assistance writing a paper that expresses the methodology for the Potential Method of Detection, Location, and Removal of Cancer Cells. My current methodology is the following sequence of steps 1) Cell Detection 1.1) Detect Specific Cancer Types using cell classification methods. 1.2) Program DNA for cancer types in order to define signature of cell using CRISPR. 1.3) Classify Cancer type based on cell type that the cancer has mutated. 2) Cell Location 1.1) Immune System auto defines the attack on the given cell based on certain 1.2) Gives an attack signature of the mutated cell based on mutated cell itself. 3) Cell Deletion 3.1) The Immune system removes/collapses the mutated cells from the immune system definement. Immediate assistance would be appreciated. Want to try to get this into a formal paper to gain a better understanding on the research process.
  6. Hey everyone. So uhh, i'm back from the lab and I learned that uhhh entropy is the measure of decay of structure in the solid matter. To me this means that everything in the universe will eventually decay into nothingness assuming current laws of physics. This makes me feel happy about myself because I can deduce a reason to live from it, which is that everything is finite and unstable, but I can come up with ways to better structure myself and my surroundings. Thank you all for coming and enjoy the rest of your evenings!
  7. Alright boys. "Stretches" I finally did it. Went ta never land, freed the evil witch and saved the princess and played a large amount of mental DND campaigns to discover myself. Only to realize I have been afraid my reflection due to not recognizing it along with understanding that that "night" is just my shadow. I believe that I am on my way to fully self-actualizing. Wish me further luck!

  8. today I learned about prime and normal factorization. And the use of rectangles in order to represent factors of a given value.
  9. I today I learned about some basic algebra skills from brilliant. Gotta learn every day. Even if its the smallest thing. Gotta stay on brand.
  10. Today I am learning about adversarial machine learning and ways one can trick a machine learning system. Going to start giving a brief explanation each time I start learning something new in order to express I have learned and understood something so I can be accountable for what I have learned. Tomorrow I plan on learning about philosophy concepts such as classes and groups and rules because I sense that this is a VERY important concept. Then I will move on to going back to learning my grammer rules and basic english because I feel like I neglected this when I was younger and it royally messed me up going through life till this point. After that its gonna be going back over all my math so I can have that down pact. Then expanding outwards from there. Wish me luck! I understand that one.
  11. Today I am learning about opencv for python. Its a neat tool!
  12. Today I have learned about, and learning about, opencv for python.
  13. Guys guys guys, let's just discuss/focus this in terms of the new framework I created because of its being able to exist in the framework of reality on what we know. This way we can have a meaningful and useful conversation about its possible implications. What would the drone(s) do based on what the Lax would want it/them to do?
  14. Thanks bud Cools, the reason that I ask is because I want to know if it is the primary cause of if it is just one of the causes.
  15. This does not answer my question. However, I will take the advice non the less.
  16. Quick question. How does your brain function when you are dehydrated? Because I think that is one of the factors which contributed to my sudden "Awareness" of things.
  17. As fast as it could go based on known technological methods. Need ta do the math. Yeah sure. Or how about 1000 LY potential bubble. And anything in the range of 3LY out to 1000 LY out could be a potential planet for the Lax because proxim centari is around 3 LY out. Nothing, they could have sent out millions of drones over the years given there technology to millions of potential areas within there "reach" so to speak. At the end I changed the number to billions. Ye. No separation between any forming l planets that "could" harbor life that grew and evolved. So they would not really have any knowledge of humans, like at all. Only the vague notion that something "could" exist. Huh, this is pretty fun actually, phrasing it in the realm of the possible and trying to see the result from it. This a good science framing @swansont?
  18. Ok, that's my bad. that one's on me. should have read the rules. it right there clear as day. How about this then. "Let's assume that a generations ship ....actually scratch that. An "automated drone" has been traveling for millions of years which was sent out by an intelligent civilization known as the Lax in order to "do something" because they detected a star forming a solar system which has the potential to form a planet which could have life one day based on their existing knowledge. Which we can assume they can have due to their intelligence, replacing assumption 2 with 3 and 4. Let us also assume that no matter what the actions that the Lax will do they will always preserve their existence. So they can last millions of years and preform projects such as this. After the probe does what it does it will return back to the Lax. Now lets say this probe can do anything, "within the realms of science." The question then becomes. What will that drone do? In terms of what the Lax want it to do? I believe that this thought experiment removes the need for sci fi tech, or FM technology and falls into our currently known science. The reason I say this is because 1) It is known from human societies that they will have a tendency to preserve that said society, we are just extending this outward to millions of years for this thought experiment. 2) the idea for a drone which can be developed and sent out into space falls into the realm of the possible. Now will it survive, lets assume that there is a chance that it breaks down due to interactions. However because we are also assuming the Lax are extremely intelligent, based on our understanding of intelligence, we can assume that the chance is very low because of there knowledge of space stuff and they have plotted a specific path for the drone to take to and from the forming object. 3) We at this current time can predict the formation of different astronomical bodies based on learned rules. So it would not be a stretch to say that the Lax would be able to do the same with just more knowledge from millions of years of observation. Let's also assume that they are very similar to human society in terms of its development and behaviors seeing as that it the only example of intelligence that we know of which is complex enough to build a technology such as a drone to do different things. Review of Assumptions: 1) Aliens exist: The Lax 2) The Lax will not wipe itself out due to their tendency to always attempt to survive. So even if there is one left they have developed methods and ways to prevent the species from ending. We can see this behavior in things such as us storing sperm and egg samples and also storing food and such in very durable places. 3) They are what we consider to be intelligent based on our limited knowledge and understanding of what intelligence is. Preserving knowledge and such. 4) They can be considered like a "higher form of intelligence" verses us. So if humans had the chance to "grow" so to speak. Meaning they are similar to us, they just have millions of years to develop there knowledge. It would actually be billions and not millions. me bad
  19. Today I learned that computers are just giant memory store and retrieval calls along with operations being preformed.
  20. Theres a great graphing tool online called "Desmos" which would allow for you to make such graphs. As for ze limit there are also other online resources you can use to solve it. We can't do ze work for ya. Only provide examples tools and give assistance in conceptual issues and check process ta help ya learn.
  21. I am not pretending its science, of course it is not real. Hence why I started this conversation in speculation. Because it would not make sense to call this anything else than what it is. Pure science fiction. It's a thought experiment in which looks at a given idea from the perspective of if an alien species were to be able to meet with humans directly, or indirectly in this case. In order to do so the understanding of this imaginary technology is used only as a means of facilitating this idea. Like how you would assume a spherical cow. Its not going to exist, however it makes understanding something if it did easier. This can then be applied to "if", and that is a big "if", we were to encounter some given" extraterrretrial species one day. It most likely will never happen due to the constraints which the laws of the universe provide as you have previously mentioned. Ok got ya, moving forward when creating assumptions I will try and better define them in a sort of "current depends on previous assumptions" kind of lay out in order to make linear and better interpretable. Thanks ya. Ok then, I retract assumptions 3 and 4 and maintain assumption 2. Assumption 1: Aliens exist Assumption 2: They can travel to different parts of the universe at will.
  22. Lets assume then that there exists some unknown rule or law that allows for assumption 2 for this thought experiment. Also are assumptions supposed to go in order? Like is assumption 3 supposed to rely on assumption 2? Or are you just saying that a relationship exists between 3,4 and 2? I genuinely have no idea and want ta know.
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