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  1. Hello ! Is it possible to produce hypochlorous acid by reacting chlorine gas with water ? Cl2 + 2H2O --> 2HOCl + H2 If it is, is there special conditions for the reaction to occure ? And if it is not, is there another way to make hypochlorous acid ? Thanks
  2. Hello GammaFlux According to this paper https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0010938X16301767, when cerium oxidate, its oxide layer cracks easily and don't protect the rest of the cerium to continue oxidating. So maybe you should find some mineral oil online or maybe try to store it in some raffined gasoline.
  3. Thank you hypervalent_iodine I'm a "beginner" in organic chemistry. Do this reaction is simple and it's just to help me with that, not just in theory (and i have a bit of dioxane to use so..) But i know that it's not the best thing to start with because dioxane is carcinogenic and the 1,4 Dioxanyl-hydroperoxyde is potentially explosive..
  4. Hello ! My question is quite simple, but it's very important. I am looking for the name of this molecule : (chek the attached file) It is a product made by the reaction of dioxygen and 1,4 dioxane and the only thing i was able to find on this is that this compund is naturally occuring when dioxane is exposed to air or UV light. Thanks to your help.
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