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  1. Size, shape, speed, impact point. In practice, probability distributions are used.
  2. mathematic


    Try math Forum.
  3. Usual definition of open - singleton is NOT open. Every neighborhood contains points outside the set.
  4. What do you have in mind? ' new mathematical model's of the formulas'
  5. That is the reason for fuses and circuit breakers. Cut off current when it gets too high.
  6. A major problem between them is trying to describe what goes on inside a black hole. GR ends up as a singularity. QM says impossible.
  7. 1. All evidence points to accelerated expansion. 2. Singularity is a mathematical artifact. Physics is unknown. 3. Pre-big bang is pure speculation.
  8. It looks like the min and max occur when sin = 0 (0 or 180).
  9. Use inverse squarer relationship. Your description doesn't describe the motion of the first two relative to the third.
  10. It will depend on where the observer is relative to the meteorites. Speed of sound is not subject to Lorentz transformation.
  11. Zeno's paradox goes away when time is considered.
  12. Why is the name of a particular specialty important? I presume venomology is narrower than toxicology. Try Google.
  13. The link appears to be a list of numbers - no picture?
  14. My statement is about all (including complex) numbers.
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