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  1. What is the wave function of an electron in a Hydrogen atom?
  2. Correct. I'm not claiming the particles are made of a mapping. I'm claiming they are the object that is mapped to.
  3. The mapping of the complex plane by stereographic projection onto a unit sphere. I don't know of other Riemann Spheres.
  4. I can't believe stars are other suns because I have seen a star stop shining in front of my eyes.
  5. I have evidence but you can't see it, you can just feel it and hear it.
  6. Mesons are made of six superimposed Riemann Spheres with left out or added events of spacetime encoding the mass, isospin, electric charge and color charge. The Riemann Spheres comes from all of spacetime that copied and contracted (in 2D slices). Baryons are made of ten Riemann Spheres superimposed.
  7. I don't need to derive geodesic equations: I can simply state that the anti-photon engages the next two negative spacetime events thereby possibly changing its direction of motion. We associate numbers to negative events simply by stating: CB("Name of Coordinate System", -ngx_1 - mgx_2 - lgx_3 - kgx_4), where x_i element of unit vectors on R^4, n, m, l, k element of N, g element of R. From Figure 1.5 we see that an electron may emit a photon or an anti-photon (the two electric charge circles). To create a photon from an electron we need: an operator called a copier, a charg
  8. I stated that negative events are events left out of the relevant spacetime. They have negative numbers associated with them. "Positive events" have positive numbers associated with them. Inverse handedness. For example: an electron falling from a higher energy state at 12 o'clock in it's orbit would not emit a photon exactly in the "up" direction.
  9. Negative events are events lying on the negative axis, should some observer provide a zero point. The photons have events left out as shown in the picture. These left out points are located at 1-delta_1 - i*delta_2 and delta_1 - I*(1 - delta_2) as well as copies around the y-z plane. This is for the obvious coordinate system centered at the origin, with x pointing to the right. The left out events have by their nature the property of attracting events of spacetime, since left out events cancels out positive events. Then I think the stiffness of space will come into the formulas. The spacetime
  10. The program allows for uploading a file. Anyway to answer the previous reply: 1) I can predict that photons see positive events of spacetime while anti-photons see negative events. 2) My model is still not solid on the "c" issue 3) The direction will depend on the experiment. Anyway: here is the manuscript copied to here: Physics from Axioms. Mr. Willem F. Esterhuyse Email: talanum1@yahoo.com Abstract: We introduce a definition of Time and Photons from four Axioms. Basically you take a 4-dimensional
  11. That does not make total sense. What is the mechanism by which it does this? Here is the manuscript attached. It is in .pdf format.
  12. My manuscript explains why photons follow geodesics. See: LINK DELETED
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