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  1. I have it that this correspondence is only valid in a Universe made of Anti-de-Sitter space. Some web pages and videos talk as if it is valid in our Universe.
  2. Jon Butterworth agrees wit me that there is something physical out there. See: At 1:01:02 into the video.
  3. We got the same problem as with mass i.e. what gives a particle charge, spin, weak isospin?
  4. We have that some stars use the Carbon-Nitrogen cycle. Since this produces again the isotope it started with, why don't these type of stars last forever?
  5. I don't know much about measures and fractals. The sphere is constructed by labelling each point on the sphere and doing a shift operation to the points .
  6. "cut in half" does not have an "equi-" prefix, therefore not the same argument.
  7. The paradox specifies a sphere not a solid ball: it has no volume. This comparison is invalid, irrelevant. 1 sphere equidecomposable into 2 spheres Premise 1 object = 1 object + 1 object Abstraction 1 = 1 + 1 Existential Specification 1 = 2 Sum
  8. We have the Banach-Tarski paradox that says: 1 sphere = 2 spheres or 1 = 2. Since it can also be proven that 1 ~= 2, we have an inconsistency. Actually it says a sphere is equidecomposable into 2 spheres. It is then follows that: 1 = 2. To exclude this we have to make the following operation invalid: fill a hole in a line by shifting the line up to infinity.
  9. Actually: charge = -1 = 2(-2/6)+ 2(-1/6) and weak isospin = -1 = -1/2 -1/2
  10. He's right: there is no computer. It can just be that one wavelength of a photon must fit exactly between the two orbits of the electron and spin comparison is physical. m = a number, s = 1, c = white, weak isospin = -1, charge = -1
  11. For example when an electron absorbs a photon there is a computation first to see if the spin of the electron has the correct sign, so that it can or cannot occupy the next energy level. If the computation results in a spin sign that is already present in the higher energy level, then the absorption cannot happen. In addition the "computer" must know the energy level of the higher energy level and must preform a minus operation and a comparison with the photon energy. This is the evidence. How are you going to implement this without assuming some computer? Or when velocity summing takes place in Special Relativity. It labels the properties of the particle. I don't know what else you mean. It means the particle can't occupy the same space as another particle (fermion). The particles would occupy more than one space points. No, I am claiming each space point can take numbers: sss...stsss...st etc. The computer concatenates an i to the y-coordinate. The principle is that all of a 2-dimensional spice of space can be copied and compactified into a Riemann Sphere.
  12. Yes, it's the Complex Plane with stereographic projection onto a Sphere. What causes the computation then?
  13. Having an equation does not supply a reason for why the property holds, since there is always the question: "Why does the equation hold?". So I see that my reason is not in conflict with the formula. The same formula could apply to my reason. Note that the previous post is not quite right: photons are also Riemann Spheres/Anti-Riemann Spheres. The math is just the math of Riemann Spheres (stereographic projection and the like). It means the computer running the Universe knows on what circles what properties are located. The computer can read this by orientating the particle appropriately.
  14. My model predicts why it gets heavier. Namely because a pi-minus having absorbed photons would manifest as a bare pi-minus with superimposed Riemann Spheres with the mass-circle having the extra space points. For this photons must be Riemann Spheres with energy on what can be labelled as the mass-circle and also space points on the spin-circle. I will answer the other questions later.
  15. I have a new model for particles. The model predicts correctly that a particle that absorbed (a) photon(s) (i.e. was accelerated), gets heavier. The Model suggests particles are Riemann Spheres/Anti-Riemann Spheres, with circles in them identified and the properties are carried on these circles (encoded by numbers of superimposed space points). An Anti-Riemann Sphere is a Riemann Sphere made out of left out points of space. The Riemann Spheres are constructed from all of a 2-dimensional slice of space copied and compactified. The particles are made from Riemann Spheres superimposed on Anti-Riemann Spheres. We see that we don't get the most beautiful theory. Particles being just Riemann Spheres would be more beautiful. We see that every particle has infinity in it (at the north pole of the Riemann Spheres), which is why the particles exclude other particles from occupying the same space at the same time. Thus a pi-minus looks like:
  16. I got it from a video on the internet as a fact, see: at 19:00 minutes into the video. Meds just block the bad voices, not good ones. I know she's not in my head I have traced her.
  17. You would say that, until you experienced telepathic contact yourself. Its wonderful. I have an alien contact, and I don't lose contact with her every time I climb on a bus.
  18. The Alien could have telepathic contact wit Bob. Telepathic contact is instantaneous for any distance. It should not follow that the Alien loses telepathic contact just because he/she climbed on his/her bike and pedaled away.
  19. If an Alien in a far distant galaxy does not move relative to Bob on Earth, he sees Bob in his present. But when the alien gets on his bike and cycles away from Bob, he sees not Bob but the past of Earth as it was hundreds of years ago. This does not make sense since the present doesn't change into the past.
  20. Jut the fact that computation happens, is my evidence. It is located on God's space ship.
  21. The particle knows what reference frame you chose! If we are to encode the coordinates as numbers of space points, we need something else to encode the commas: time instances. Then the numbers need to be in a code that the computer that runs the universe knows. The numbers must be easily read trough a function: n = bits(x1 , origin As String), where x1 is a vector stating the particle position and "origin" is a string variable. The number n would be of format: sssss...stssssssss...stssssss...st etc.
  22. But you must choose a reference frame in order to compute and predict an observation - then the machine complies. I meant theoretically implement.
  23. How are you going to implement this given that a mind chooses the reference position. It requires magic. I can make space lines with my mind.
  24. You can do all that because there are particles in the air. In free space one can only have one number for every point. I say this as likely since no two objects can occupy the same space at the same time. One must be able to specify what the field is realized in. If it's in field quanta, were back to taking particles as a given.
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