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  1. Some deny we have a soul, and that`s kinda okay, but I noticed that no one ever freeses in certain situations that are new, I mean, wouldn`t a brain have to be infinite advanced to never freese in a new situation that it hasn`t encountered before? Yes, like when you find yourself in a completly new situation, but still doesn`t just freese on you, especially when living in a society that`s always changing, this would be a problem you think, so I personally lean more towards that we really are souls that just take in the enviroment without processing it also, more just like take it in, a brain would have to be so complex in order to never freese, yes like almost infinite complex, it kinda sounds a little strange also that we just make up a personality for the outside, so we look real but aren`t, and other stuff also, they can`t explain how we can feel real ether, so I personally think we aren`t a brain, but a soul and this is found in the brainstem, yes they say the breathing is controlled by it the brainsteim, so I don`t think our being is made up from different parts of a brain and brainstem, just working together to form a being, I think our personality and being and soul and breathing, and so fourth, is all found in the brainstem and the brain is only to make hormones and circulate blood, I know when you scan it during different tasks that certain areas light up, but what instead that it lights up because different parts are making different hormones? Most think that nature is only nutrients, but there`s stuff in it also that just makes us feel good, like hormones also, an empty head would trap heat also, that`s why I think it`s mostly for circulating blood, secondary make hormones, what do you think?
  2. I took up classes again, to get high-school, and I struggled somewhat with math, the teacher didn`t really teach anything about how it works, only how to do it, but, I sort of still struggled, and I also noticed that more rational people struggle with it also, it`s like math is only there to filter out the people who aren`t really in the same group as the rest of the society, so, I`m not saying it`s for just irrational people, but I started to think about it a little, math I mean, in the old days they just used it for building simple houses and used inches, so here`s my problem with it then, if you take a ruler and measure the lenght of something, no matter how small you make the markings on it, you can still make it smaller, so the idea of math itself is kinda irrational, you can always make it smaller, even if you measured the length of one atom, two atoms, and so fourth, you can still go even smaller, I know tools are kinda primitive to use anyways, but isn`t it really a problem that you can go smaller and smaller forever, it kinda indicates that math itself isn`t very accurate, and therefore not valid? People who are more irrational in nature seems to have a easier time with it also, I discussed this very thing with some friends that are interested in math also, but finally one of them said that you can still count one and two..
  3. Let`s say your`re a very sensitive person that picks up everything in your enviroment, but you never sensed that anything was made from him, or that you can sense him also, an higher being, I know a god can in theory, do anything he wants, even hide himself, I guess, but how is it really possible to hide himself that well and when you look at a rock, for example, it doesn`t look like it`s made by someone? How can someone make something and hide himself 100 %, there`s always a signature of you if you make something? I`m a nature-person myself and very sensitive, and I tried to look at rocks, for example, and see if it`s really is made by someone, but, I wouldn`t say things in nature looks dead exactly, but not like it`s made of someone ether..
  4. I was just thinking, everyone says the universe will one day just and and be dead, but why do black holes keep gathering mass and energy then, I mean, all matter is just energy in it`s purest form and since black holes gathers mass over time and get`s heavier and heavier, will the weight eventually be so much that the mass breaks down to energy again and become a new sun? It`s a kinda strange idea that the universe will just be dead in the future when it came from nothing and, like, why can`t it do it again also? I know the inner fire in our own planet won`t last forever, and therefore the electromagnetic field around it will die also and all life, but one can speculate a little also that since we`re moving very fast through the empty space, that sooner or later it`ll end up near another sun again and go into orbit around it, but I guess it doesn`t matter so much if there`s no electromagnetic field around it, I don`t know, perhaps get surprised anyways?
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