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  1. Use inverse squarer relationship. Your description doesn't describe the motion of the first two relative to the third.
  2. It will depend on where the observer is relative to the meteorites. Speed of sound is not subject to Lorentz transformation.
  3. Zeno's paradox goes away when time is considered.
  4. Why is the name of a particular specialty important? I presume venomology is narrower than toxicology. Try Google.
  5. The link appears to be a list of numbers - no picture?
  6. My statement is about all (including complex) numbers.
  7. Every number (except 0) has two square roots. Using the convention (ignore negative root) leads to these kinds of problems. l
  8. Non-empty open sts must have positive measure, so your approach to the first question is correct. The second question is almost from the definition.
  9. The second and third easily false. The two function could agree on the rationals, but not elsewhere. You need to use another deliminator for Latex $ doesn't work here [math] and [math] with / work.
  10. Looking at the original question (I have not plowed through the responses), the ball on chain can hit harder than the hammer because it can be made to go much faster before release.
  11. Pure speculation. High wind conditions could lead to evolution of very sturdy thick trunk trees which would mitigate winds and allow small (compared to tree size) animals to evolve.
  12. Mathematically sqrt(1) has two solutions +1 and -1. There is a convention that only +1 is allowed and the program may be set up to follow the convention.
  13. The point I am making is the speed of the electrons is irrelevant to electricity working.
  14. Most households use AC where the electrons jiggle in place.
  15. Is there a question? What are N, x, y?
  16. I hate to say this, but it sounds like meaningless wordplay.
  17. mereotopological - Did you invent this word? What does it supposed to mean?
  18. I agree with Fermi. Interstellar distances are a the main problem.
  19. Define numbers. As is the question doesn't make sense.
  20. I know very little about this subject. However movement like this usually means they need more room.
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