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  1. I presume this is an advert trying to sell a book to people who don't understand rain.
  2. Petrol in the UK is about £ 1.12 which is equivalent to about $1.50 per litre. Water is delivered by pipe- it isn't normally metered; you pay for the connection rather than per litre. The cost is about £1.00 per day and you can use as much water as you need. If you want to, you can get a water meter fitted and pay for it by volume. The typical cost is about £1.90 per 1000 litres. It's not very helpful to compare prices unless you also compare incomes. Average salary in the UK is about £35,000 per year. I think that's a bit more than 3 times the average salary in Iran but the exchange rates vary with time and the tax systems are different.
  3. Then you have a potentially explosive mixture in a place that is not designed for it. That's a bad idea. It's probably going to invalidate your insurance too. In the UK, the incentive to use LPG as a vehicle fuel is that it's cheap. The conversion cost- which is about £2000- is recovered because LPG is roughly half the price of petrol. But if you live somewhere where all fuels are cheap, you will never cover the cost of doing the conversion properly. When your petrol is nearly as cheap as mineral water, why bother with the risk and hassle of converting?
  4. With better punctuation, that still wouldn't be worth reading.
  5. Because the X Rays generated by the electron beam hitting things would kill everyone within a few kilometres. (OK the range is a guess; the problem is real.)
  6. Prove that before you go any further
  7. and symbiotic bacteria Ok Plants require four five things for seeds to grow into plants. Water Carbon dioxide Sunlight A few trace elements, mainly phosphorous. and symbiotic bacteria. And sometimes fungi Ok Plants require four five six things for seeds to grow into plants. Water Carbon dioxide Sunlight A few trace elements, mainly phosphorous. symbiotic bacteria. and sometimes fungi. OK among the things that plants require are such elements as... pollinating insects.
  8. So an offence against a particular state or individual or a company or a charity, or another country is outside that remit. He's still looking for a retirement home where there isn't an extradition treaty... Incidentally, fundamentally re. "Article II says “he shall have Power to grant Reprieves and Pardons for Offenses against the United States" Why? Why is one, potentially biased, person given authority over all courts? How is that a good idea?
  9. If he was never tried but was pardoned- perhaps by Pence or even by himself- then there was no jeopardy in the first place. So, it wouldn't be double jeopardy. However, the point is substantially moot. He can be pardoned for federal crimes. But he has apparently committed so many other crimes that he would never get out of jail except to testify in another trial against him. And he would also be open to any number of lawsuits about his actions before, during and probably after his presidency.
  10. Not long https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Surtsey#Settlement_of_life (The tomato plant gets a coy reference.)
  11. It's usually accepted that no decision is binding on a future government. Amongst other things this shows that Boris passing a law to say he couldn't change his mind about Brexit was a petty-minded posturing waste of time. However, in a world like we have at the moment, all bets are off. Maybe Boris will pardon Trump and vice versa.
  12. What do you mean "no apes" there's one in green overalls looking at the obelisk.
  13. Realistically, it will be somewhere in between.
  14. I think the relevant consequence wass " and mum just heard me tell you that..."
  15. Why? Why do you assume that they are the result of something which we know is billions of times too weak to have caused them?
  16. I doubt it will matter much but the "late" votes are often postal. Trump told his minions not to use postal voting. So postal votes will be disproportionately from Biden supporters. The tricky question is by how much?
  17. My cousin's son to his big sister " stop tickling me or I will wee in my pants".
  18. None of that makes any scientific sense. Also ,when someone tells you that "There is no such thing as negative intensity of illumination ", it is unlikely to be helpful to start your reply It makes it look as if you are soapboxing and refusing to learn.
  19. In what way? He's not someone I know. Has he indecently assaulted women and then tried to pas it off as a joke?
  20. There really is a difference between hype and, for example, DT's claim of electoral fraud- for which there is apparently no evidence at all.
  21. If President Trump let the electoral system fall into disrepair on his watch, to the point that he doesn't believe it gave the right result, then he deserves to lose anyway.
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