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  1. 0 K = 0 °R What charge? Bad spelling?
  2. Surely there are only so many dead cats you can throw on the table...?
  3. He doesn't have the authority to move the election; presumably he knows that. But this announcement has done a marvelous job of distracting people from the latest economic figures. He may also be setting the stage for claiming that the election result is wrong and he should stay on... forever.
  4. That's interesting. Can you cite a report of the effect plese?
  5. One known, documented problem with masks is that they don't work properly for people (like me, as it happens) who have beards- because the beard stops the mask sealing properly. So, if anything, they are less likely to reduce oxygenation. In the real world, I have a beard and I do sometimes wear a mask; I don't get dizzy.. Again, your "point" is demonstrably false. Just stop trying to repeat this nonsense. I take your point but, even if the thread was about flower arranging, it wouldn't be appropriate to let Sensei's dangerous nonsense stand uncorrected.
  6. Demonstrably false Reported as dangerous misinformation
  7. Straw man No. Your experience is different from many people.
  8. Nonsense https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2020/04/the-rapid-increase-of-u-s-coronavirus-deaths-in-one-graphic.html
  9. They used to use crystalline quartz prisms- which makes life interesting because quartz is chiral. They had to make the prism out of two pieces o quartz, one left handed and the other right. I think reflective diffraction gratings are common now. Yes, but you might need some sort of "order sorting filter"
  10. To be fair, we know that the effect of sunlight is almost entirely the effect of UV. Virus particles are essentially made of proteins and DNA or RNA. None of those absorbs visible light so viruses can't be affected by visible light. It won't even warm them up much since it will be scattered or reflected. So, you can discount the roughly 90% of sunlight that isn't UV*. Which makes the heating problem roughly 10 times less bad than you think. It's also likely that most of the "killing" is done by UVB rather than UVA, in which case you can include another factor of 20. In that case, the thermal load from the UV needed to get a good kill quickly is roughly the same as sunlight. Which is all very well, but a hair drier is probably easier. * Based on Most of the natural UV light people encounter comes from the sun. However, only about 10 percent of sunlight is UV, and only about one-third of this penetrates the atmosphere to reach the ground, according to the National Toxicology Program (NTP). Of the solar UV energy that reaches the equator, 95 percent is UVA and 5 percent is UVB. From https://www.livescience.com/50326-what-is-ultraviolet-light.html#:~:text=However%2C only about 10 percent,and 5 percent is UVB.
  11. Imagine that, rather than rigid beads, these contained dots of nuclear material surrounded by a gas and then an elastic membrane. In that case, if the reactor got too hot the gas would expand and increase the distance between the dots. That would reduce the reaction rate and so the reactor would cool again. You can achieve the same sort of effect by having a reactor that relies on heavy water as the moderator as well as the coolant. If it gets too hot the heavy water boils off. So it's sort of possible to make a reactor that can't overheat. But I don't see anything here that would achieve that outcome. It might be there, but they didn't mention it.
  12. I find this interesting "fuel is made from a mixture of low enriched uranium and oxygen" I wonder if the rest of the article is equally inaccurate. "Sell says. “It is physically impossible—as in, against the laws of physics—for triso to melt in a reactor,” says Sell" The Titanic was unsinkable for the same reason.
  13. If the "disinfection box" was as full of hot air as this thread is in danger of becoming then the problem is solved. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1002/rmv.2115 3 minutes at 65C will apparently do it. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1002/rmv.2115
  14. Near UV isn't good at killing viruses. The big problem is that , even at the right wavelengths, a virus hidden under a fingerprint is immune.
  15. Except, if we did, it wouldn't be.
  16. Could an omnipotent being set himself a goal he can't achieve? If so, he's not omnipotent, if not, he's not omnipotent. Depends on the God. There are lots to choose from. It' not clear that any of them actually exists. This leads to the interesting question of why God created Satan. (or equivalently, why did God, knowing what would happen, choose to put the Serpent in Eden?)
  17. No. None of them is real, at least not by this definition
  18. They have enough money to stay alive. But if you actually ask them (which is what I actually said) they say they want a job. It's the self respect that does it. You pretty much said it yourself: Most people want the satisfaction of actually achieving things.
  19. Next time you see someone who is on the dole, ask them if they want a job.
  20. There is no longer a "standard" metre rule, we have a different definition of a metre these days. However, when there was a single standard- (all the others are copies) it looked pretty much the same as this one. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_metre#/media/File:US_National_Length_Meter.JPG It has, so I understand, two marks on it about 1cm from each end. The bottom of middles of those marks are 1 metre apart.
  21. It's a bright sunny day her . (An bit too warm for my preferences but...) And I can see a star that's in orbit around a black hole. Next time I cross the equator I will try to remember to keep a look out.
  22. Around the world, religion is , in fact, dying out. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/news/2016/04/160422-atheism-agnostic-secular-nones-rising-religion/ Who is praying for that to happen?
  23. No they have not. That's the straw man version. The actual reason is that having a second line doubles the capacity which should cut down on the delays which, in addition to being annoying, are expensive. It means that the local services don't have to stop + get out of the way of the mainline ones. The real question is why is it so expensive.
  24. The Serpent pretty much did say "please eat this". Don't forget that God put the serpent into the garden. Nobody seems to know what He did that.
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