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  1. Yes they do. Did you not notice the general election in December?
  2. You have mistaken the idea of insurance (which is fairly Left wing) for the activities of insurance companies (which are very Right wing). If everyone pays and everyone benefits and everyone has a say in what they pay (and what benefits accrue) then it's insurance.
  3. It depends what you mean by "funny" "Funny peculiar, or funny ha- ha?" because it's not actually much of a joke. On the other hand, it's possibly unusual enough to warrant a mention- but not in a jokes thread. And the sad truth is the hypocrisy among politicians isn't very unusual
  4. That escalated quickly.
  5. Good point. In my case it's generally mixed with gin. Alcohol isn't going to help the immune system at all. So a G&T probably isn't a good idea overall. Having said that, I really hope quinine ( or chloroquine) works as a treatment for coronavirus. It's cheap.
  6. The concentration of quinine in (modern) tonic water is tiny. It's not nearly enough to influence malaria and it seems odd that it might treat a viral infection.
  7. Too simple. That rule means nobody can do anything (for fear that someone else objects). All rights granted to any individual or group constitute an infringement of the rights of others. Your right to walk down the street without fear of being killed infringes on my right to kill you. My right to have a barbecue infringes on your right to enjoy fresh air But your right to enjoy fresh air infringes on my right to enjoy a barbecue. In the end, it comes down to compromise. Is the right to protest more important than the right to easy holiday travel? Well: you only get to have a holiday because, in the past, people protested about not getting one.
  8. In fairness to Fresh, it's worth remembering that the available data on this virus is from the Chinese government- and their first reaction was to pretend that it didn't exist. It really is hard to find trustworthy data here.
  9. In order for light to do something different in deep space it would have to "know" that it was there. How could that happen? Does it carry a map?
  10. It's a good man who can admit he was mistaken.
  11. You seem to have built a very complicated barometer.
  12. Both were originally defined geometrically. Pi = 5 arccos (.5 Phi) (shamelessly stolen from here) https://www.goldennumber.net/pi-phi-fibonacci/
  13. So little that it would be quite hard to measure. The sound levels in an office are about 60 to 65 dB That's something like 10 to 30 microwatts per square metre.
  14. It would freeze, but it might burst the safe. Water expands when it turns to ice. You don't need air for water to freeze- comes are often described as "dirty snowballs".
  15. Are most climate scientists alarmists? No The problem is the rate of change of CO2 and thus of climate.
  16. Since 390 nm is (practically) invisible the extent to which a dye absorbs it has nothing to do with the color of the dye. The extent to which teh dye fades also depends on the nature of the dye. It would take a while to fade cinnabar (OK that's a pigment, not a dye) which darkens with exposure to light. The answer to the OP's question si also "it depends on the dye". It should be.
  17. I'm fairly sure that caffeine citrate is not a salt. I think it's a hydrogen bonded molecular complex.
  18. The mortality rate for flu is about 0.1%. The mortality rate for 19 NCov is about 2% It's about 20 times more likely to kill you. In the UK about 600 people a year die from flu- in spite of the fact that many people are vaccinated and that we have antivirals that help treat it. So, it's not unreasonable to imagine that, if there's a serious outbreak in the UK, it's more likely that you will catch it and, if you catch it, it's more likely to kill you. That's grounds for making a bit of fuss.
  19. It worked. It worked under Bill Clinton, and it was just starting to work under Obama- which is how Trump managed to capitalise on the results of policies he didn't enact.
  20. So, if you actually look at the evidence, does JC McS's claim hold water?
  21. If I'm reading the figures right, the last time the US national debt fell was under Clinton. It's now as high as it's ever been (after a few years under Trump) and rising about as fast as it ever did, but without the excuse of the 2007/08 world wide recession. It seems to have started climbing steeply under Reagan. It carried on under Bush(I) and leveled out, then fell under Clinton. The current deficit is about a trillion dollars. https://www.msnbc.com/rachel-maddow-show/1-trillion-deficits-return-despite-trump-s-campaign-promises-n1116951
  22. John Cuthber


    https://xkcd.com/285/ Practically nobody here said anything like that. Those that did got taken to the cleaners because, scientifically, eugenics is dumb.
  23. Saddam hussein won the vote in Iraq, but it wasn't a democratic system. The "German Democratic Republic" wasn't actually a democracy. If the system gives what's plainly the wrong answer, it's not actually a democratic system, is it?
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