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  1. I think pretty nearly everything is opaque at 116 nm
  2. This is interesting. https://www.ft.com/content/5f393d77-8e5b-4a85-b647-416efbc575ec
  3. To be fair, they are closely related ideas.
  4. Why would someone get roasted for asking if we can check if something is true as Macorn is doing?
  5. The experts are right. But the anecdotal evidence is interesting. The cost (in whatever terms) of doing the trial isn't high. The potential benefits are large. So it's worth doing the test. The costs of what Trump is suggesting are much higher. The benefits (if there are any) are similar. That's the difference between the two approaches. One is reasonable, the other reckless.
  6. But Trump thinks he already knows the answer. That's why he's getting roasted (along with his financial interest)
  7. We now need to add "It was the international Maritime Organisation's fault that we hit the iceberg, so I'm not paying my membership fee".
  8. When Romney's the good guy, you know things are bad. Because he'd be in jail.
  9. Well, since you ask; can I take it back and get a refund? It rallis isn't what I was hoping for.
  10. Inside of it, the death toll is already (reportedly) one. The person who died from misunderstanding hydroxychloroquine as chloroquine Outside of the fact that he's wrong, I don't see the fact that he's wrong causing a problem. ... obviously... I'd like him more if he didn't lie about his competence to deliver medical advice. Why does he choose to kill people (who don't dislike him) in this way? That's OK. just as long as the rest of the world calls him the "German president of the USA".
  11. It it turns out to be dangerous snake oil (and it looks like it wil), do you think Trump will take responsibility for the damage he caused?
  12. I used the word "pathogens" for a reason. So, what you are saying is that if there are significant (i.e. pathogenic) numbers of them, it's because the chlorination process is inadequate and you have a problem. I can spend my day indoors with very little exposure to coronavirus. I can't avoid drinking water.
  13. Very sensible of them. If ill-informed rich Americans start trying to buy the stuff then there won't be any left for poor Indians who need it to treat malaria (for which it actually works). No great shock that Trump's being a bully about it.
  14. If your drinking water does not meet the specification of being "pretty much devoid of pathogens" the coronavirus is not actually your big problem.
  15. Sort of... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solid-state_nuclear_track_detector
  16. A bad drawing of this? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetrahydrocannabinol
  17. Not using a conductor like silver is probably a good start.
  18. Could be worse; the Americans don't even seem to know what cider is. "Hard cider"; LOL.
  19. That's actually a much more interesting concept than Sorry; too much scrumpy. which reminds me of Arthur Dent's comment when being launched into hyperspace for the first time. "I'll never be cruel to a gin and tonic again".
  20. That statement is true of my lunch, if you look carefully enough. It's not a statement that would be made by anyone who actually knows the issues. So... not actually thulium.
  21. Why misrepresent what I said?
  22. Sure, but to do that we need to know what's good and what's bad. If we know that already, what does the Book add? There's a depressingly good argument that twisting people's minds to the benefit of the powerful is exactly what religion is for. You shouldn't be sorry for learning.
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