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  1. The 'something' could be harmonic equilibrium (being balanced and coherence).
  2. From: https://starchild.gsfc.nasa.gov/docs/StarChild/questions/question18.html Anything could happen in the orbital journey around the milky way. Cameras on each planet. Education and observations of planets. These planets would surely undergo a change (eg. weather, auras, etc). Forming a big picture of our solar system. Aura example on Saturn: From: https://www.nasa.gov/multimedia/imagegallery/image_feature_1083.html If it is no use, then why these links posted above exist?
  3. I can imagine tuning to a channel on tv or youtube live streaming our solar system. There could be multiple satellites working in tandem with each other and each is spread over or positioned at a specific location, presumably around the solar system. That could enable us to switch a specific camera to another.. to get a different view of the solar system, just like in a hockey game. In a hockey game, a couple of cameras are positioned at certain location around the hockey rink. The broadcasting camera changes to another one as depend on a live game. So the satellites could act similar to the broadcasting cameras in the hockey, but with our solar system.
  4. From the article you posted: Without causing side effects (as in zero)? I think it is impossible, really. Because of equilibrium or ratio principle; for a thing to be altered while it is in relation/relationship with existing other things, all of these must change in order to reach toward/back to an equilibrium. All of things as I said, include side effects. What I'm saying.. I think there will be always side-effects of some degree in principle in all drugs. Maybe a next version of drug might will help human astronauts to go to ISS, the moon, to Mars, or elsewhere if we still have the notion; want a preservation of human body and its functions. If so, we have to consider the environmental design or ecological nature of spaceship and eventually to elsewhere - with earthy conditions in mind. It is like carrying a baggage with a bit of everything in it. Too much manpower and costly. The question is, once get there (eg. ISS, the moon, mars, etc) - how would the drug respond to a different condition over a long period of time? I mean, the drug and any future version(s) of it would be extensively tested here on Earth and orbit above.. positioned proximity to earth conditions, not the destinations as named above which have conditions that would be surely different from what is tested. A solution for a situation, but that doesn't mean it is same for another or different situation. A saying. It is all situational dependent. And also, a drug is not always a solution, especially when faced with natural conditions (eg. outer space ecology, on Mars, etc) for a long time. Anyway, have we yet to see if plants or mice undergo some kind of change over a long period of time in outer space without drugs, apart from the bone loss? I mean, plants or mice feed with natural food/drink/air and other basic and survival necessities. Just to see what happen. A long time, by that I mean, like.. over 1 year or so. To see the full impact of effects on it. Will it continue to be as it is, or until it encounter some kind of problems, or will it change to fit in a different ecological condition such as outer space?
  5. If my understanding of human bone is correct; The bone makes blood for body and in return, body needs the bone. When in outer space in a micro-gravity environment or no gravity at all, the relationship between body and Earth decreases to minimum or none at all thus minimum or presumably absence of a type of sustainability for bone. The cause of bone loss is far more likely because of relationship between body and Earth (eg. gravity, etc), and of course with surface ecology in consideration. Assumption 1 - Optimal Function: Then I think that body uses up what is available from bone (eg. blood). Bone will likely continue to provide until it is completely used up as long body require it. Once all used up, no manufacturing of blood then no renewable cells to sustain, repair, etc with the body thus human body will eventually either stop to function optimally until a possible death or something like that. Or.. Assumption 2 - The Ecology of Outer Space: If a prolonged stay in outer space while supplied with survival requirements (eg. food, drink, etc) apart from gravity, would the human body undergo a change to fit in the ecology of outer space? If so, would that means we might have to redefine what it mean to be human being in outer space without gravity or other conditions (eg. Earth and its ecological surface) that give arise to conditional definitions of human beings?
  6. I'm now a bit not so sure about that, especially the sum of both or more - the sum notion. I know conditions are there (eg. greater than, less than, etc) and these seemingly or tend to equalize (eg. a direction) to something in order for an equilibrium to occur, as long objects / systems are in relation / relationship between each other or more. The 'something' I said, what is it?
  7. An analogy between life directionality laws and a bit of computer programming, to better understand a bit: A rule. Maybe use logical operators. Form a relation / relationship between variables. Detect, identify, or classify then assign variables with conditions (eg. Greater than, less than, and so on) then perform arithmetic operators until these (variables) equalize to being sum of both or more. Equalized variables. Either an input of command to change the value of a variable or enter a new variable and so on. Maybe this could be used to better understand the fundamental interactions between forces or fields in the universe, especially the relation / relationship between all. See – link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fundamental_interaction
  8. ASD revised, changed to "Life Directionality" Life Directionality Laws - Definitions: (note: 'x, y, or more' used below refer to objects from at microscopic level such as sub-atomic particles to macroscopic objects / systems such as planets, stars, galaxies, universe, etc or vice versa) and / or people in general) Life Directionality Law 1 of 6 - Directionality: A directional determiner or determining process between x and y or more toward a result. Life Directionality Law 2 of 6 - Connection: For x and y or more to have a type and a level of relation or relationship between both or more, then both or more must establish a connection between both or more. Life Directionality Law 3 of 6 - Conditional Change / Adaption: If either x or y or more to be less or greater than sum of both or more while still maintaining a type and a level of relation / relationship between each other, then both or more must undergo a conditional change process until either or more equalize to being sum of all or adapted. Life Directionality Law 4 of 6 - Equilibrium: If either x or y or more being conditioned to change in any level toward being equalized to sum of all or adapted while still in a type and a level of relation / relationship between each other, then both x and y or more must be equalized to each other or all and therefore are in an equilibrium. Life Directionality Law 5 of 6 - Coherence / Sustainability: For long as x and y or more that are in an equilibrium with each other or all, then x and y or more must be coherent and sustained. Life Directionality Law 6 of 6 - Separation: For x and y or more to discontinue a type and / or a level of connection (eg. relation / relationship) between each other or all, then either, both, or more must cancel upon on and / or by their own directionality with each other or more. Sometimes this can be seen as a different type of 'conditional change' of sort. At least to me, this seems to explain the arrow of time and entropy.
  9. I see. Thank you for answering.
  10. Question I'd like to re-quote a general question I asked on an other thread, as it seems to be relevant to this thread: "Are the equilibrium states governed by gravity?" Examples - An equilibrium state between the Sun and planets. - An equilibrium state between human body and the Earth. What I'm Familiar with so Far I am only familiar with stable, unstable, and maybe dynamic equilibrium state, there are maybe more states that I am not aware of. Reason The reason I asked the question is because it seems trying to understand the equilibrium states could lead to make an inference of how gravity work if the gravity is indeed responsible for the equilibrium states, I think.
  11. Other discussions Okay. I'll look into other discussions if time permit. Question I have a question: Are the equilibrium states governed by gravity?
  12. Afternoon, all. The adaptive semi-determinism or ASD is a concept conceived by myself in an attempt to define and explain the universal mechanism behind everything, or at least I think so. I thought I'd share about the ASD to all of you on here. I had hoped that by sharing about it, it could become more developed or evolved understanding via discussion between you and me. Unfortunately, it became apparent that I performed poorly of job with the definition and explanation for the ASD mechanism. As result of that, I have decided to discontinue my contribution to philosophy / science. It is clear that I have no place in either domains or fields. I wasted your time, for that I am sorry and won't bother any of you again. I wish you good luck with finding, proving, and putting the final theory to good use if there is any. Good day to all of you.
  13. Sorry for the long reply. Think of ASD like Kernel used in Linux operating systems, a middle (drivers sort of) between hardware and software. That is kinda the best explanation I can could come up with atm.
  14. Philosophical interpretation of and action with meaning.
  15. ASD seems to sums it up. At least for me, so far. I "see" ASD kinda everywhere, perhaps interpreted to be understood probably for my way. But I thought I could share and contribute it. "Where to begin?" is the question I asked myself, to find an example. The picture is a perfect example of human(s) using (eg. including gravity, other factors) but I call it ASD, at a right condition (ASD is situational dependent) to construct that balanced rocks. But I could find more examples if you want. But though, I'm layman person. What is the ultimate beginning, middle, and inevitable destination of entities/objects/systems while in any equilibrium state as you said, also while in any type of relationship? Is there such an absolute and singular of entity/object/system that is absolutely independent of any type of relationship? Other comments: I still think ASD could be a concept construction by myself to define and explain the general mechanism of The Nature, in seemingly unified way regarding any type of relationship between objects/systems. Probably appropriated for my level of understanding. It is still important to see if ASD is right or wrong. For some reason I keep thinking ASD could be an inference of pattern by gravity or something like that. But though, I'm only layman person. I can't cognitize further beyond ASD, and into the intricate / complexity of science. This is my limitation.
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