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  1. This means I think that the Sun could possibly has a type of black hole inside (the core) but not the black hole we ordinarily know of. The black hole takes in light and stuff (to in) while the opposite version of black hole gives light (to out). In (Black Hole) and Out (Opposite version of black hole).
  2. It just seems to make sense since black holes suck in light energy and stuff whereas stars give off light energy.
  3. Questions and Answer Q - "Would you for instance declare that the process of melting is not a natural one ?" Q - "OK so what about processes caried out by (some) living things ?" Q - "Would you say flying is a natural process ?" A - These questions depend on a situation that constitutes what natural and non-natural is within human's scope of knowledge on that. That means a requirement is needed to understand what knowing what ultimately naturalness is. I think that we compare what is natural and non-natural based on our own judgments when the Nature is naturally occurred ch
  4. Specific Observance I see the natural process in snow, trees, etc and I was gonna take a picture of that, but the model diagram or this natural causality hypothesis requires causality at work (being observed as live interactions) and I'm unable to capture that thus this hypothesis is useless without it. Lock or Move to Trash Can From now to future, I will refrain from proposing a hypothesis or theory unless I can capture live interactions. The interactions seemingly "are" there (presumably from microscopic level to macroscopic level or vice versa) as I seem to know that, but I h
  5. Swansont, since I stated this natural causality to be hypothesis as per definition: Hypothesis Definition as I Understood it The hypothesis is an idea that assumes something that could be true but requires a research, expanding, disprove, or prove - that involves promoting and entailing a discussion. Theory Requires Evidence, Model, and Math The theory on other hand, you are right as I am more aware by now, requires a scientific model of various scientific types, math, and evidence. Yet this natural causality is not a presently theory since I already stated that I changed i
  6. Just letting you know that you're not alone with that. I'm one of those who performed poorly with math way back in high school and still need to re-learn some basics of mathematics onward to advanced ones if I'm well motive to do so. No Math, Yes Smash "Me no math, me smash!" Green Hulk talk, lol. Just kidding. Normally I don't comment because I don't really know or have a firm grasp of math, as my math knowledge has declined to low since my high school. But I have other comments based on my other strength areas if you don't mind. Conceptualization An abi
  7. Communication Ok, just to make communication between us to be a bit more understandable and better, just letting you know that I am deaf. I use the English language differently as told by my dad; "deaf" writing. Model swansont, I was a bit confused about the model. I thought the diagram I produced that is attached to my 1st post is a model. But now, it seems to be insufficient from your perspective. I will attempt to produce another model according to guidelines I looked up on this website: link: https://www.carolina.com/teacher-resources/Interactive/how-to-make-a-g
  8. Very well. Natural Process and Its Patterns Let's focus on the natural process for a moment, and consider its patterns; form, growth, stable, decay, and death. These are found in the Nature as obviously so (e.g. trees, grass, flowers, etc) and it is common sense that these are part of life span. It would be very silly for me to deny all of these as evidence, because these are apparently real in life.
  9. Introduction A model diagram made by myself, is attached to this post. I recommend use it as reference while reading this post. Summary The idea is that all natural things follow the natural causality. From simplest to complexity (or vice versa) of life could be based on it, in an universal manner. History - Where Did Hypothesis Came From? The idea was inspired by the patterns in the Nature; form, growth, stable, decay, and death – as observed by myself. Originally, it was a theory by myself called, “General Causality Theory”. It was precursor-ed by adaptive semi-
  10. Clarification I already am aware that I am no medical expert and generally should not participate in an applied medical health or other sections since I am not knowledgeable. But if my contribution might help a bit (e.g. 0.1%) chance despite my lack of knowledge on medical health matters, then maybe it might be worthy to see. I have to expand this with more clarifications and attempt to re-orient this toward scientific way. Goal To see if the Wall Theory might be a part of answer to deafness, paralyzed, blindness, or any of disability in humans - to see if regeneration is possib
  11. I'm not sure which forum section this belongs to, but here goes: I'm not expert, but still I have a theory called wall - not sure if this will help or not: Upon destruction or death (e.g. by infection, injury, etc) in certain cells responsible for interfacing between nerve system and cells responsible for receiving sensory information and actualize actions, human body makes a wall up thus promotion of growth or regeneration is disabled then ultimately a re-connection by nerve system is disabled. Why wall up? Maybe because of useless cells and / or to protect nerve system at firs
  12. No Method? Seems there is no way to obtain an accurate divisor or quotient (two missing variables) in a case of no measurement information on gap value number(s). Though, the division is there to be used.. but that would be unreliable and unpredictable (e.g. guessing) especially without two variables and gap value number(s). Or optionally can develop a spreadsheet with all possible numbers in division and decimals pertaining to the volume, then can try look up some approximately close to correct answer to identify divisor and quotient.. but still. Interesting Things to Note - Th
  13. Work in Progress I have written down imaginary measurements and calculations based on my depicted semi-irregular objects; there are four examples of that. All of it is on attached picture to this post. It is a part of my work in progress regarding finding or identifying a pattern in divisor, quotient, and a possible relation between both - for to better a method to obtain a gap value, number, or information from a limited volume information. Pattern in Divisor, Quotient, and Relation Between Both The pattern seems to show up is: more gap values means divisor is less than quotien
  14. Division Method to Obtain Amount of Gap Value Information Seems the division method is there to use. But it involves guessing which precisely and potential divisor or quotient number it is. Or a calculator is there to use to speed up the guess process or alternatively can develop a table with division of numbers ranging from 1.00 to how many maximum number specified on left (potential divisor or quotient) and upper (potential quotient or divisor), also with dividends (total volume) in contents (middle). However, this would involve an insanely large workload with Calc or Excel.. but the re
  15. Updated: The more correct divisor for the shown and attached picture is actually 6.25 , however I still am not sure or certain as how to obtain that divisor number. The guessing process with divisor is not exactly helpful. Another interesting thing to note; the quotient answer as per repeated pattern from some examples I produced seems to be always in number greater than divisor.. this maybe could be a clue to finding out how to obtain a correct divisor at first place.
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