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  1. I see. Thank you for answering.
  2. Question I'd like to re-quote a general question I asked on an other thread, as it seems to be relevant to this thread: "Are the equilibrium states governed by gravity?" Examples - An equilibrium state between the Sun and planets. - An equilibrium state between human body and the Earth. What I'm Familiar with so Far I am only familiar with stable, unstable, and maybe dynamic equilibrium state, there are maybe more states that I am not aware of. Reason The reason I asked the question is because it seems trying to understand the equilibrium states could lead to make an inference of how gravity work if the gravity is indeed responsible for the equilibrium states, I think.
  3. Other discussions Okay. I'll look into other discussions if time permit. Question I have a question: Are the equilibrium states governed by gravity?
  4. Afternoon, all. The adaptive semi-determinism or ASD is a concept conceived by myself in an attempt to define and explain the universal mechanism behind everything, or at least I think so. I thought I'd share about the ASD to all of you on here. I had hoped that by sharing about it, it could become more developed or evolved understanding via discussion between you and me. Unfortunately, it became apparent that I performed poorly of job with the definition and explanation for the ASD mechanism. As result of that, I have decided to discontinue my contribution to philosophy / science. It is clear that I have no place in either domains or fields. I wasted your time, for that I am sorry and won't bother any of you again. I wish you good luck with finding, proving, and putting the final theory to good use if there is any. Good day to all of you.
  5. Sorry for the long reply. Think of ASD like Kernel used in Linux operating systems, a middle (drivers sort of) between hardware and software. That is kinda the best explanation I can could come up with atm.
  6. Philosophical interpretation of and action with meaning.
  7. ASD seems to sums it up. At least for me, so far. I "see" ASD kinda everywhere, perhaps interpreted to be understood probably for my way. But I thought I could share and contribute it. "Where to begin?" is the question I asked myself, to find an example. The picture is a perfect example of human(s) using (eg. including gravity, other factors) but I call it ASD, at a right condition (ASD is situational dependent) to construct that balanced rocks. But I could find more examples if you want. But though, I'm layman person. What is the ultimate beginning, middle, and inevitable destination of entities/objects/systems while in any equilibrium state as you said, also while in any type of relationship? Is there such an absolute and singular of entity/object/system that is absolutely independent of any type of relationship? Other comments: I still think ASD could be a concept construction by myself to define and explain the general mechanism of The Nature, in seemingly unified way regarding any type of relationship between objects/systems. Probably appropriated for my level of understanding. It is still important to see if ASD is right or wrong. For some reason I keep thinking ASD could be an inference of pattern by gravity or something like that. But though, I'm only layman person. I can't cognitize further beyond ASD, and into the intricate / complexity of science. This is my limitation.
  8. https://pocket-syndicated-images.s3.amazonaws.com/5e90a389bb09e.jpg ^ A visual example of ASD result. [note 1 of 2: Originally found from reading an article - link: https://getpocket.com/explore/item/physics-needs-philosophy-philosophy-needs-physics?utm_source=pocket-newtab] [note 2 of 2: above 1st link - Photo by Dimitri Otis / Getty Images]
  9. I'm neither a qualified scientist / mathematician nor expert. Idk. I'm a bit unsure whether if ASD is a concept construction based on a pattern or is a pattern that which I "see" kinda in something part of everywhere but then maybe it is just me. I guess I thought I could make use of it to solve two or more incompatible things or something like that. Call it a contribution of sort. If ASD is useless here, then I'll discuss ASD elsewhere where there might be more meaning to it. Thanks for participating.
  10. Maybe ASD could be of tiny use: 'What is Quantum Gravity?' article, 'Is Quantum Gravity Proven?' section, dated March 21, 2018 - from: https://www.thoughtco.com/what-is-quantum-gravity-2699360 quote: "Attempts to combine them generally run into the "renormalization problem," in which the sum of all of the forces do not cancel out and result in an infinite value. In quantum electrodynamics, this happened occasionally, but one could renormalize the mathematics to remove these issues. Such renormalization does not work in a quantum interpretation of gravity." I'm wondering with a question as follow: Have you or anyone ever tried to use ASD to pit two or more incompatible theories against each other instead of combing both or more, to see what emerge as result? The theories could include General Relativity, Quantum Gravity, Quantum Theory, or other ones which I'm not aware about.
  11. Here is a list of few ASD states to ascertain why it is wrong: ASD States: State 1 – Connection: For A and B or more to have a type of relationship between both or more, then both or more must establish a connection between both or more. State 2 – Change Process: For either A and B or more to be less or greater than sum of both or more, then both or more must undergo a change process toward an equilibrium. State 3 – Equilibrium: For A and B or more to be at equilibrium, then both or more must be equalized to each other. Note 1 of 3: A and B or more refer to objects and / or systems. Note 2 of 3: Connection refers to any type of connection (ie. any types of relationship). Note 3 of 3: The change process refers to all known actionable words or processes (eg. bonding, creating, forming, decaying, etc). Will you please explain which or even all states is/are wrong, an example of it being wrong, and why?
  12. If ASD doesn’t, then maybe could it be used as a conceptual tool to understand any varying degree or type of relationship between objects/systems and another or other objects/systems in terms of real time and situational dependent?
  13. Coherent actualization = makes real and sustained, or sustainability. By knowing that things tend to move toward equilibrium because of coherent actualization as potential reason why, we could use that to indicate which object(s) and / or system(s) that are in a process (forming, bonding, decaying, etc) toward equilibrium or at equilibrium (coherence or sustainability). An example: Heat flows from a hotter to a colder body as long there is a type of relationship being maintained between both [in a progression or "change"], once completed then both are at equilibrium (coherence or sustainability). Understanding sustainability is the key word. Take away a leg (an attribute) from a human being (atom). What do you think will happen? Or Give a superpower (an attribute) to a human being (atom). What do you think will happen? Additional definitions: Less or greater = a quantifiable value or visual / spatial measurement of an attribute, object, or system that is comparable to be less or greater than the sum of both or its parts. Sum of both (or sum of its parts) = An equalize between. Change = Any form of action or process. Level of Speed in Change = From slowest to fastest or instantaneous, or vice versa depending on situation.
  14. Skipped? I didn't. In fact, I already stated why: quote 1: "ASD – Reason why behind ASD "Mechanism" Primary answer: Coherent actualization." quote 2: "I think it is the "ghost mechanism" with much needed name of it own (I used ASD as starting point), the mechanism responsible for the.. say, coherence or framework of reality. It is still kind of bit difficult to say what it is exactly is, but somehow my mind "see" it." quote 3: "If ASD is true, then yes. It must, there is no else way. The action of reaching an equilibrium seems to be the strict law (coherent reason), this means the atom must will undergo change (eg. Possible outcomes such as creation, formation, deformation, decay, etc as situational dependent) in the reaching process toward an equilibrium." Other comment: Coherent actualization seems to be best answer I can could come up with, but there could be some more research and understanding needed to address it.
  15. A stable state could mean atoms reached equilibrium. Equilibrium = stable. Reduce and form = forms of change.
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