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  1. Could there be a DNA Base pair where ALL the 3 Hydrogen Bonds are on the same side of the one Base???...
  2. With Chemical Synthetic Biology they are 6 Double-Bases = 12 DNA Bases possible (Image)... Why are they not 8 Double-Bases = 16 DNA Bases possible???... Image: (111) - (000) Why cannot the middle Oxygen atom make a Hydrogen Bond???... Oxygen: 2e- = Lone none-bonding electron pair (2e-) 2e- = Hydrogen Bond (2e-) 2e- = simple Bond (1e-) 2e- = simple Bond (1e-)
  3. Thank you all for your correct answers!!!... But with light I don't mean only visible for us Humans Eyes light but light in General...
  4. The Hubble Telescope has shown that in the darkest places of the Univerce there are old Galaxies!!!... So, is the Black Night Sky only an Illusion of our Eyes???... ( IF we had Eyes like the Telescopes would the sky be full of sunlight???...) Thank You...
  5. I know that my "TRIPLE Helix DNA" sounds more like "molecular science fiction" but if we could make it with "Chemical Synthetic Biology" we could learn something about it...
  6. I have only forget to write that I had made thoughts about the existens of a molecule that could make the job of DNA... ( The IDEA of triplet bases came to me as I looked on my chessboard with the Hexagons - for 3 players...) A DNA like molecule has to have weak Hydrogen Bonds!!!... So... the simplest way is only a DOUBLE Helix DNA!!! Theoretical it is possible to exist an Alien TRIPLE Helix DNA... The only advandage of the TRIPLE Bases are the 3 Hydrogen Bonds: 8 + 13 + 13 = 34 kJ/mol and 34 + 68 = 102 kJ/mol the triplet... That means that Organisms with a TRIPLE Helix like it HOT !!!...
  7. How long can a Cell live without DNA???...

    THANK You very much!!!... so, we can say that Life started with DNA or RNA molecules replicating themselfs???...
  8. How long can a Cell live without DNA???...

    I have read that the Red blood Cells (erythrocytes) can be alive for 100 Days!!!... When the DNA is packaged into Chromosomes can it produce proteins???... Could it exist at the START of Life, a Lifeform of Chemical Evolution, without DNA or something similar???... ( Because I believe that the DNA Bases are "complex" and a product of Evolution...by Metabolic Pathways...) Could there exist random Life with Cells that divide randomly into two daughter Cells???... What do we know about "Chemical Evolution" ???... (before the Biological (DNA) Evolution)...
  9. I know that the Red blood cells don't have a nucleous... I have read that the Lens cells have only crystallins proteins and NOT a nucleous...(so, that we can see the Light through them...) I think that there is a time in the cells Life where the DNA is in form of Chromosomes (sperms - eggs) and when I am not wrong they don't make at that time proteins...
  10. I meant all living organisms (with us too)... I keep in mind that: Genes always act in the context of their cellular environment!!!... (THANK You both for your comments!!!...)
  11. I thought about the problem of tautomerism and mutations rate... Probably 4 Bases are the LIMIT that Life can accept!!!... (Image)
  12. The damage of "tautomerism" in the 2 TRIPLES DNA bases of my first Design was: 1. The one TRIPLET can be converted to the other TRIPLET, and vice versa, so instead of two TRIPLETS I was been left with only one TRIPLET !!! ... 2. And from this one TRIPLET the one Base was complementary to itself and creates with two other identical two Bases – from alone – a triplet !!! ... 3. THEREFORE IT DOES NOT APPLY ANY MORE that the 3 Bases are connected to each other in one and only one way and so the TRIPLET can NOT be used for a TRIPLE Helix DNA !!! ...