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  1. I have made with "Molecular Models" ... three(3) Molecules !!!... which can unite together to ONE UNIT !!!... with "Hydrogen Bonds" !!!... First !!!... with my "cheap" and "small" Molecular Models !!!... The GREY-Bonds are (-) "simple Bonds" !!!... and the RED-Bonds are (=) "double Bonds" !!!... On the YELLOW-Bonds are the "tautomeric Hydrogens" which can move to the beside BLUE-Nitrogen and change position !!!... Second !!!... with my "Ball & Stick" Molecular Models !!!... ( FAA≡BBC≡DCE≡FAA ) & ( LDG≡HEI≡JFK≡LDG ) You can see ... the GREY ... (-)simple ... and (=)double Bonds!!!... On the PURPLE-Bonds are the "tautomeric Hydrogens" !!!... ( and the YELLOW-atom is ... a charged BLUE-Nitrogen(N+) atom !!! ) Third !!!... with my "Spacefilling" Molecular Models !!!... You cannot see the "Bonds" between the atoms !!!... but you can see !!!... the "Space" of each of the three(3) Molecules !!!... I have changed the 4 WHITE-Hydrogens !!!... with 4 WHITE-GREEN "Fluorine-atoms" !!!... to "mark" the "tautomeric Hydrogens" !!!... and ... on the small-squares !!!... you can see the "differences" !!!... between the atoms !!!... of the three(3) Molecules !!!... from the Left-triplet to the Right-triplet !!!... SPYROU Kostas - GREECE - 20/3/2020
  2. This is the normal 3*3*3 Rubic Cube ... and this is a LEGO 3*3*3 Cube found by amazon !!!... and this is the 3*3*3 Lego-Cube for Blind people !!!... WHITE = 0 and BLACK = 4 RED =1 and GREEN = 3 YELLOW =2 and BLUE = 2
  3. THANK You for your comment !!!... I am only asking if a "Fullerite C24" can be done by Natur (or by Humans) having in Mind that the "Cubic Fullerite C24" is made by scientists !!!... ( Is there some reason that prevent the construction of "Fullerite C24" ???... ) https://link.springer.com/article/10.1134/1.1649442
  4. This is the "Cubic Fullerite C24" made from "Cubes" and "Fullerenes C24" which have the shape of "Truncated Octahedrons" !!!... Could "Theoretically" exist a solid "Fullerite C24" with only Space Filling "Truncated Octahedrons" ???... Why NOT ???...
  5. This "Triple DNA Helix" on Earth ... is NOT a "real" Triple-Helix !!!... because the "Third-Base" has "Hydrogen Bonds" only with the one of the other two Bases of the "Double-Helix" !!!...
  6. In the "DOUBLE Helix DNA" there is NO "Free Space" inside it !!!... In my second version of the "TRIPLE-Bases" ... that I call "Boomerang-DNA"... there is "Free Space" inside the 3 Bases and other small Molecules could Bind there and then prevent the binding of the 3 Bases together !!!...
  7. Both "TRIPLE-Bases" are beautiful !!!... but for a DNA-Helix I choose the one on the right as more possible !!!...
  8. Alien-1 : "Why do the people on Earth believe ... that there is NO "Triple DNA Helix" ???..." Alien-2 : "Because they think only "twice" !!!... "
  9. The 2 "TRIPLE-Bases" = UP & DOWN (left) with their tautomeric "Triple Bases" = (right)
  10. I have NOT a GOOD "Molecular Drawing Software" !!!...
  11. This is the END of my work with the "Triple DNA Bases" !!!... Someone will like it ... some other not !!!... It would be very kind if you write me your true and scientific opinion !!!... Remember that all the inventions ... startet with one Hypothesis or one Theory !!!... Scientists have made other smaller Molecules that NOT exist in Natur !!!... With "Chemical Synthetic Biology" my "Triple-Bases" and my "Triple DNA Helix" can be made !!!... Have a nice Day - EVERY Day of your Life !!!... Kni - Greece
  12. The Bases (1-4) & (2-5) & (3-6) have the same "Molecular Formula" !!!... ( only the position of some atoms changes !!!... )
  13. This is the START position with opposite "Hydrogen Bonds" !!!... And these 2 Images show into (YELLOW-Circles) the differences between the 6 Bases !!!...
  14. Inside the "Free Space" of these "Triple-Bases" of the "Boomerang-DNA" could other Molecules prevent the binding of the 3 Bases !!!...
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