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  1. I have NOT a GOOD "Molecular Drawing Software" !!!...
  2. This is the END of my work with the "Triple DNA Bases" !!!... Someone will like it ... some other not !!!... It would be very kind if you write me your true and scientific opinion !!!... Remember that all the inventions ... startet with one Hypothesis or one Theory !!!... Scientists have made other smaller Molecules that NOT exist in Natur !!!... With "Chemical Synthetic Biology" my "Triple-Bases" and my "Triple DNA Helix" can be made !!!... Have a nice Day - EVERY Day of your Life !!!... Kni - Greece
  3. The Bases (1-4) & (2-5) & (3-6) have the same "Molecular Formula" !!!... ( only the position of some atoms changes !!!... )
  4. This is the START position with opposite "Hydrogen Bonds" !!!... And these 2 Images show into (YELLOW-Circles) the differences between the 6 Bases !!!...
  5. Inside the "Free Space" of these "Triple-Bases" of the "Boomerang-DNA" could other Molecules prevent the binding of the 3 Bases !!!...
  6. By only "comparing" it with my First Design !!!... By the "Boomerang" version ... there is too much free space inside the "Triple-Bases" !!!...
  7. This is another IDEA of 2 Triple-Bases DNA ... which I call "Boomerang-DNA" !!!... But it is too LARGE !!!... to be useful ...
  8. The Left-Triplet (YELLOW) has a Carbon(C) atom more - The Right-Triplet (BLUE) has a Nitrogen(N) atom more.
  9. "Theoretical" my Idea for 2 "Triple-Bases" of ( my ) "Triple DNA Helix" ... is possible !!!... To test my Idea there is only one way !!!... to make them with "Chemical Synthetic Biology" in a Laboratory !!!... or ... to wait ... until "Aliens" with my "Triple DNA Helix" visit our Earth !!!... I write always my "Triple DNA Helix" because on Earth exist a ( 2+1=3 Triple Helix ) which is a normal "Double DNA Helix" with the addition of one Helix !!!... If we make my Triple DNA Helix ... we could learn something about the DNA !!!...
  10. Until now there is NO evidence that my 2 "Triple-Bases" or my "TRIPLE Helix DNA" exist in Natur !!!... It exist only in my Mind !!!... (sorry !!!...) And the Question is NOT if Life could choose only one "orientation" of the "Double-Bases" !!!... The Question is ... HOW could Life make it ???...
  11. This is our "DOUBLE Helix DNA" on Earth !!!... From the "theoretical" possible 6 pairs with 12 Bases ... it has only 2 pairs with 4 Bases !!!.. On other extraterrestial Planets with Life ... they will have probably a "Double Helix DNA" with 1-6 pairs of DNA-Bases !!!... My IDEA of a "TRIPLE Helix DNA" is only "theoretical" and "hypothetical" !!!... But with "Chemical Synthetic Biology" ... we could make my 2 "Triple-Bases" and a "TRIPLE Helix DNA" to see if it is possible to exist !!!... ( Life finds always a way to make incredible things !!!... )
  12. The NAMES of my 6 "Double-Bases": FAA = Federal Aviation Administration BBC = British Broadcasting Corporation DCE = Data Center Ethernet LDG = Latitudinal Diversity Gradient HEI = Hawaiian Electric Industries JFK = John Fitzgerald Kennedy
  13. All the possible "combinations" to form a "Triple-Base" !!!...
  14. Into the YELLOW-Circles are the "tautomeric Hydrogens" and the one circle can change into the other circle !!!... The YELLOW-atom is a charged (Blue) Nitrogen(N+) atom and has a Bond with a Hydrogen !!!... But I have seen that the "opposite" Nitrogen atom can be charged too !!!... and then the Hydrogen will go to the other side of the "Hydrogen Bond" !!!... I have calculated these changes of the "combinations" of the "Hydrogen Bonds" and they cannot make other "Triplets" with the other Bases !!!... ( Only 2 "Triple-Bases" are possible !!!... )
  15. How can Life choose only one orientation ???....