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  1. In some cases, that will require someone to read the book to them- preferably on faux news. Not much of a risk. Essentially, the Republicans have taken the stance that they are dishonest, but nobody cares. It's working just fine so far.
  2. Nobody in their right mind thinks this virus is from a lab. No. You seem to have misunderstood. This is a a science web page not a conspiracy theory one. By whom is this said? Do you have any credible support for that?
  3. So preoccupied with it that they built Stonehenge. we know this because... they built Stonehenge. It may not have been "only" a calendar. People don't build small cathedrals.
  4. You probably made silica gel https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silica_gel#Preparation Borax isn't usually thought of as an acid, but it's more acidic than sodium silicate.
  5. I was particularly struck by the posts about losing UK sovereignty. Here's the UK's sovereign (before, during and after the UK's membership of the EU). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elizabeth_II Here's the man who sent his cronies to lie to her https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boris_Johnson The problem's not so much that they think others are stupid, as that they are stupid themselves, but think everyone else is wrong. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dunning–Kruger_effect. Yes, they "see" that, but it's clearly illusory. (and that's before we get to the issue of brexiteers who apparently think that China, India and Africa must be part of the EU, because they think that brexit will affect immigration in a manner that tallies with their racist viewpoint)
  6. The reason I asked, in case anyone was wondering, is that representatives of the USA have said that accepting chlorinated chicken will be a condition of any trade deal (They may, of course have been wrong). People who are happy to leave the EU keep saying "It's OK- it will be labelled so, if you don't want it, you don't have to have it." My best guess is that the USA will also insist on exporting its labelling laws to the UK (precisely because the chicken won't be traded if it's labelled)- so there will be no labels. (and once again, the Brexiteers will be shown to be talking through a hole in their hats).
  7. I was obviously trying to get an answer which would be yes or no. You seem not to realise that I can google academic papers on the subject just as well as you can. What I was after was the "lived experience" of someone who lives in the US. The site lists you as being in the UK- so you are simply not qualified.
  8. No offence intended, but neither of you is well placed to answer the question. I want to know if it is currently labeled when sold in the US. (whether in a supermarket or a takeaway or whatever)
  9. Sorry to drag this up but I just wondered about something When sold, for human consumption in the US, is chlorinated chicken actually labeled as such?
  10. The snapshot on Stringjunky's post isn't going to update. Follow the link I had a look at the numbers. A log / lin plot looks a lot like exponential growth.
  11. "If the Universe started approximately 13.75 billion years ago as theorized by the 'Big Bang' and TIME itself only came into existence at the moment of the Big Bang, then surely this must be 'Universal Time'." No.
  12. Asking for due process is not an abuse of power. It's also not a thing to do lightly- because, if you do it and the guy gets cleared, you risk looking foolish.
  13. That reaction goes "the wrong way".
  14. I'd like to think it matters here on this site where, as scientists, we understand evidence.
  15. Avoiding any trial is, of course, a way to ensure that you avoid conviction, but that ship sailed. He's getting a trial (of sorts). It seems reasonable to me that his team want to avoid the facts being heard, because they show that he's guilty. In effect, their actions show that they know he did the wrong thing. Otherwise, they would want a chance for the evidence to prove he's innocent.
  16. Why would you not want to be exonerated?
  17. Is there a consensus here that deciding to have a trial with no witnesses is admitting that you don't want a fair trial, and that anyone who doesn't want a fair trial doesn't want a rational, fair, decent outcome? Is there also a consensus that , if you don't want a fair trial, it's because you are scared that the guy is guilty?
  18. That's going to depend on the circumstances. In particular, if they are liars, trolls, and / or ignorant.
  19. You need a whole bunch of solutions (all dissolved in water) 25% Ferrous oxalate Concentrated ammonia (not specified, but probably 25% w/v or thereabouts. A saturated solution of oxalic acid. Unfortunately, ferrous oxalate isn't very soluble in water. So the first of those is impossible. So this is going nowhere.
  20. No. C is "the speed of light in a vacuum". And so C is constant. But, in the real world, we can see that the answers are right here in this thread. You are just ignoring reality. How do we distinguish that from trolling?
  21. No. Since c is a constant it can't change under the influence of a force so it wouldn't tell you if that force was there- that' idea is just silly. By that stupid argument, nobody notices anything new. Probably the best known example is the precession of Mercury. They noticed it many years before they knew what explanation to look for. Please stop putting forward stuff that can be destroyed with just a few moments' thought.
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