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  1. Moreno

    The end of gasoline/diesel powered cars?

    In majority of applications like transport or mobile phones the mass is critical. Also the size is also larger than Li-ion.
  2. If our Universe is infinite in time and space and physical reality preserves its key elements forever, does it mean that all people who once died are destined to resurrect somewhere in space and time and will practically never die?
  3. Moreno

    Did we beat the Russians into space?

    1) The question is how we define "the space". There is no absolutely evident border between atmosphere and the space. 2) The space race never ends. It just only started. Russians, Chinese, Indians could be the first on Mars, Venus etc. And don't forget the other galaxies.
  4. Why small intestine needs to neutralize the acid?
  5. What could be an evolutionary purpose to have digestive system strictly differentiated into the stomach, small intestine and large intestine? Is it too difficult to have a single organ which can perform the functions of all the three? For example something similar to a large intestine?
  6. Moreno

    A liquid which absorbs EMF?

    Is it possible to create some coktail of nanoparticles which absorb all the radiation between 300 MHz and 3GHz? And convert this radiation into heat?
  7. I think it is disappointing that laws of our universe do not permit to create a practical engines which would work without entropy change (and therefore wouldn't require constant fuel supply). Even though such engines may not contradict to the formal 3 laws of thermodynamics. Or they do?
  8. Moreno

    The end of gasoline/diesel powered cars?

    Sodium-ion batteries have even lower energy density than Li-ion, what cannot solve the quest.
  9. Moreno

    The end of gasoline/diesel powered cars?

    So, what kind of battery do you think of?
  10. Moreno

    The end of gasoline/diesel powered cars?

    Why Sodium? It is difficult to store. It cannot be stored on open air and will explode on contact with water.
  11. Moreno

    The end of gasoline/diesel powered cars?

    I agree on that. Thermodynamically there is no difference if we burn Lithium on air with help of fire or if we "burn" it in electrochemical element. In idealized case it should release the same amount of energy. But practically efficiency of metal-air fuel cells (as well as any other batteries) never get close to 100%.
  12. Moreno

    The end of gasoline/diesel powered cars?

    So what are you trying to prove me and what is your point? Any metal-air battery is rather an energy storage device than an energy source. There is no pure metal in nature, typically, with exception of the midgets, you need to take energy sourse somewhere to get free metal or recharge metal-air battery. Thermodinamically efficiency of metal-air batteries can approach efficiency of Li-ion batteries very closely, the differences are rather chemical than thermodynamical. My point was that you need more kg of Lithium to save the same amount of energy in Li-ion battery than if you would make react Lithium with air in idealized conditions, so knowing how much energy does Lithium-Oxygen reaction releases gives you a starting point to estimate how many kg of Lithium you will need in a typical car which runs on Li-ion batteries (quite a many).
  13. Moreno

    Dry tantalum capacitors

    And how high voltage suppose to be to make tunneling effect significant? Could you give some links?
  14. Moreno

    The end of gasoline/diesel powered cars?

    It is quite similar. In metal-air fuel cells or batteries a metal reacts with oxygen and releases energy. In idealized case it releases as much energy as if we just burn this metal on air. Some of such batteries can be even rechargeable. For example Zinc-air. There are some experiments on Li-air. Other batteries are similar. In Li-Silfur Lithium reacts with Sulfur instead of Oxygen, in Li-ion it intercalactes into a host material (typically an oxide). But the basic principle is no different from Li-air. Obviously Li-air battery going to give more energy per weight of Lithium than Li-ion because reaction with Oxigen is more energetic one than reaction of intercalation.
  15. Moreno

    Dry tantalum capacitors

    I think the same issue, probably, may be related to all the typical electrolytic capacitors.