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  1. A perspectives of the heat pumps

    I don't think I would need it for personal use in a foreseeable future. I thought about greener economy and possibility to reduce amount of CO2 emissions. Heat pumps can be helpful to a poor cold countries similar to Russia, Ukraine or Belarus where many people stagger to pay their gas bills. Unfortunately, modern heat pumps loose efficiency in strong frosts typical to these countries and some others similar to Canada or certain regions of US. However, theoretically, efficiency of heat pumps can be much higher even in strong colds.
  2. The violation of conservation laws

    On Earth it can be observed occasionally on nanoscopic level. You need an electronic microscope to observe something like this. Hardly on a larger scale. There is an interesting question regarding Universe heat death and giant thermal fluctuations. How likely is it and how many modern scientists do believe that the observable part of Universe is the result of a giant thermal fluctuation?
  3. Pluto, Triton and Enceladus aren't a Gas giants. Neither is Earth and Venus.
  4. At present level of science it is practically impossible to know Earth core composition exactly. Wikipedia article about Earth inner core doesn't contain any mention of radioactive elements.
  5. Does blackbody radiation shows such properties as interference and diffraction? If yes, how can it co-exist with quantum theory?
  6. Why not? I thought to permit the demon to work like an ideal Carnot engine.
  7. Still, there is principal theoretical difference between entropy decrease and entropy unchanged. This is what ideal Carnot engine does:
  8. I don't know. I think demon would decrease entropy if he increase temperature/pressure differences in comparison to some initial state. If he just starts from some initial non-equilibrium state (created not by him) and keeps this state unchanged, where do you see entropy decrease?
  9. But that's a point. The demon doesn't decrease entropy. It just prevents it grow, so basically keeps it at the same level.
  10. I've already said. It may use some part of energy produced by the turbine.
  11. I think word "energy" may be appropriate here as well, if we are trying to describe heat exchange between gas molecules and those atoms/molecules the turbine made of at the atomic level. It may draw part of the turbine's energy.
  12. To a larger extent Earth exist in thermodynamic equilibrium with Sun as it radiates as much energy into space as it receives from Sun. We may ignore here the space rays or similar phenomena. But let imagine for simplicity that entire Earth is surrounded from space with shield completely restricting for any radiation to come in and out. And all Earth is divided in two containers separated by molecular membrane with a demon who allows fast or slow molecules to come from one container to another, sorting them at will. All humans may live in one of part of the container together with their factories, cars, houses and entire civilization. Let say another part of container is completely uninhabitable. The air pressure in inhabitable part of container is constant and is always 10 times higher than in uninhabitable part. Air is allowed to travel from one part of container to another part through a turbine and this huge turbine powers entire human civilization. Demon allows molecules return to high pressure container by opening molecular membranes when needed. In this way the constant air pressure is supported in both part of containers and entropy never changes. Entropy would diminish if pressure difference between both containers grow larger at some point, but this is not a case as demon constantly preserves the same amount of molecules in each particular part of container. As entropy of entire system never changes, I assume will neither change its ability to perform a useful work. So, factories, cars, computers, trains will keep going forever and ever. Entropy growth = amount of useful work diminishes. Entropy never change = no useful degradation. Turbine is not going to transfer all the energy at any given point. Turbines work smoothly.
  13. "For Earth think still some remnant heat of formation. For smaller planets, heat of formation may have been dissipated as quickly as planet formed." One more argument against Pluto preserved lot of formational heat.
  14. Why do you think it suppose to transfer energy outside the system in order to do the work? Principally we can imaging that closed system is entire Earth, and we all live inside one part of container. And huge, huge turbine located within this closed system and powers all the power grids on Earth. Heat energy has nowhere to go outside the system, so it totally conserved within it.