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  1. Could you advise me please, some powerful, non-toxic, cheap and readily available laxative? It should be powerful enough to prevent any consumed food to stay inside of body even for half an hour. I suspect it could be some kind of non-toxic soap. But which exactly?
  2. The end of gasoline/diesel powered cars?

    What type of hydrogen storage and size of a fuel tank do you assume?
  3. The end of gasoline/diesel powered cars?

    It looks like the largest problems of EV/hybrids (which is the price of the batteries) is still far from the ultimate solution. Are they going improve zinc-air batteries (or some other inexpensive variety of batteries) well enough just in 20 years to make the breakthrough?
  4. Majority of Western European countries have outlined the date when they will prohibit cars based on internal combustion on their roads. Typically these dates range from 2025 to 2040. The similar initiatives are attempted in India and China. I have hard time to believe it is realistic. Do you? What technology are they going to implement to make it real? Maybe what they've meant is plug-in hybrids rather than all-electric?
  5. Do exist some kind of Mott or charge-transfer insulators which do NOT undergone metal-dielectric transition and always remain Mott or charge transfer insulators regardless density of carriers increase? In one word they do not suppose obtain metallic properties.
  6. A safe propane storage?

    I think propane can be stored in adsorbent at low pressure, something like 1 bar. I think it could be sufficient to create constant supply to the engine.
  7. Could you advice me some free of cost and good modeling software which allows to model solid state and atomic physics? For example model such things as CMOS capacitors made of different exotic materials including graphene, semiconductor devices similar to diodes, spintronic devices, ferroelectric capacitors and similar staff.
  8. A safe propane storage?

    There are claims that storing methane in adsorbed state allows to reduce pressure quite a lot preserving the same energy density (by volume). Is the same true about propane? I think it should be even easier as pressures of LPG are typically much lower than that of CNG.
  9. A safe propane storage?

    Either it can be stored under small pressure like gasoline vapors in a regular gas tank, or some physical effects can be used to make it heat up and expend a bit, similar to passing electric current through a wire.
  10. A safe propane storage?

    A sponge can be a rock-hard zeolite. Surface tension may prevent LPG leak out and lack of oxygen inside of it may prevent it to explode even during a strike.
  11. A safe propane storage?

    Why not? I though that been stored in an absorbent it would less likely leak and ignite and also pressure needed for the storage could be reduced.
  12. A safe propane storage?

    How much safer would LPG become if we will soak some sponge with it?
  13. A safe propane storage?

    So, you believe that safety issues is not a problem at modern stage of tech.?
  14. A safe propane storage?

    What prevents government incentives to make all garages supply it and make all cars bi-fuel? Or even completely transfer from gasoline to LPG?
  15. A safe propane storage?

    Why LPG is so unpopular in majority of countries as a motor fuel? Because of safety problems?