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  1. In order to erase differences completely we would need to endow men with the ability to get pregnant from the females. Not to say this is completely impossible. This is what sea horses and similar species are doing for millions of years. But it would be tremendously difficult task for genetic engineering. Without that there always will be some principal evolutionary differences related to the same sex competition and therefore anything else. But this is not what I propose.
  2. But men are much taller and stronger than females on average and therefore a female often have no chances to stand male aggression one on one in a closed environment. I think that humans in general rather physically weak and too vulnerable but with females situation gets critical.
  3. Equality can be only formal if there are significant biological differences...
  4. It seems majority of people on this forum support designer babies. I don't claim I do support it myself, but would be glad to know opinion of other people: if designer babies will ever become a commonplace, should humanity try to erase any difference between males and females and any sexual inequality by means of genetic engineering and modification? Should females become as tall, physically strong, having brains of the same size as males? Should they have the same ability to aggressive self-defense and military jobs? Or even humanity may go so far some day and endow females with ability to impregnate the males, making equality complete in this way? Or perhaps we need to give even some allowance to females by making them stronger and taller than males taking in account what they experience? Please take a note this is just an assumption and you may regard it just as a joke.
  5. A tree falls down on a road and obstructs the way. A robot faces a choice to avoid collision: to turn left and roll over a dog, to turn right and roll over a helpless child. A robot takes choice N2 for making no priorities between dogs and humans. For it they are just a moving objects which radiate infrared. Good luck with robot drivers justification.
  6. I cannot imagine self-driving cars for the reason of a lot of unpredictable circumstances on the roads. For example: icy and slippery roads, construction works, a pedestrian or an animal running on the red light, dangerous behaviors of other drivers or intoxicated pedestrians, traffic lights out or working improperly or replaced by a human traffic controller, some criminal situations etc, etc. For example, what if a self-driving car will face a choice: "to hit a dog at full speed and continue driving or start to slow down abruptly to avoid collision with dog on a highway, but create a very dangerous situation to humans it this way"? Any reasonable human driver would choose variant N1, but who knows about a robot? Very likely it will not be able even make a difference between a dogs and a humans technically and hence their life priorities. For a robot they all would be just a "moving pieces of meat". For now I simply cannot imaging self-driving legalization.
  7. Moreno

    Methane storage

    Hard to say. There are claims that methane in adsorbent pressurized to 400 bars is capable to achieve 500 v/v density. Certainly it wouldn't be possible without adsorbent. You would be hardly able to compress methane to 500 v/v. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/ente.201600172/abstract Possibly a solvent can play role similar to an adsorbent.
  8. Moreno

    Methane storage

    How well does methane dissolve under high pressures in different substances? For example, what methane solubility may we expect in paraffines under 600-700 bar pressures?
  9. Moreno

    Methane storage

    Are you sure in it?!
  10. Moreno

    Methane storage

    So, how strong tank do you need if 700 bar tank will rupture?!
  11. Moreno

    Methane storage

    You don't need to get a combustion process initially to get a cylinder rupture. Even cylinder with pure liquid Oxygen or Nitrogen can get rupture if cylinder walls cannot hold increased pressure any more.
  12. Moreno

    Methane storage

    So, if we will fill a cylinder designed to withstand 700 bar pressure (similar to those in Toyota Mirae) with LNG and will left it unattended and with no further refrigeration, will it explode with time?
  13. Moreno

    Methane storage

    Where did you take it from? When LNG reaches room temperature, I think it's closer to -167 C to +25 C change. Where did you take 0 C from? I think container could have around 50 L volume. Let say initially it was completely filled with LNG. How much pressure will grow, when its content will reach +25 C? What pressure the cylinder walls will experience?
  14. Moreno

    Methane storage

    Maybe you may make calculation for methane in particular? For example, if we fill some cylinder with LNG and will wait when temperature of LNG will become equal to room temperature. How much pressure on cylinder walls it will exert now?
  15. Moreno

    Methane storage

    How much LNG pressure suppose to increase when it will reach room temperature?
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