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  1. How many whites in US are descendants of immigrants who came in US after 1865 when slavery was abolished? A significant part, probably. Neither Nikola Tesla, for example. At its highest number of black slaves in US was around 4 mln. Now the quantity of black in US is around 10 times more than that. The US in which N. Tesla came in. The US N. Tesla has left. Climbed the heads of the colored?
  2. Social justice activist calls on Trudeau to do more than kneel with protesters https://www.iheartradio.ca/cjad/news/a-hollow-gesture-social-justice-activist-calls-on-trudeau-to-do-more-than-kneel-with-protesters-1.12612698 A Toronto man was arrested solely for appearing with blackface on public. Shocking. I didn't know that having dark skin color in Canada became an inborn privilege... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8395345/Toronto-man-charged-turned-anti-racism-protest-BLACKFACE.html Only having white skin is not a protected privilege for some reason. No one arrested Michael Jackson.
  3. It is difficult to do for me because such things are invented not by me, but by a people with different style of thinking. What are your thought, for example, on "affirmative action"? What are the reasons behind it?
  4. Version: Green: A countries with predominantly white population which never had a large scale slavery, any colonies with predominantly non-white population or legalized racial segregation. Olive: A countries with predominantly white population which had only limited racial segregation (a while ago) during their independence and were a colonies before that. Red: A countries with predominantly white population which had a large scale slavery, colonies or racial segregation. Pink: A former apartheid country. Brown: non-white countries. Gray: A sparsely populated areas. Version: Red: A territories on which mass-scale black slavery took place (more than 1.000.000 of slaves per territory). Green, Gray, Brown: other territories. Mongol empire - a territory on which a large scale slavery, killing, genocide and robbery of whites by non-whites took place during hundreds of years. Do you think there is such thing as a "collective racial guilt/debt" does exist, and if yes, which actions we need to implement regarding this?
  5. Another curious event happened at Toronto anti-black racism protest when a white person who painted his face with black paint was arrested merely for an "offensive look". Before that police squirted water at his face. Do you have any suggestions, why exactly? https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/man-charged-after-attending-toronto-anti-black-racism-protest-in-blackface-police/ar-BB158xz3?ocid=spartan-ntp-feeds
  6. Not guarantied. Where it follows from? I think it is better to talk about human rights protection regardless the race from the very beginning.
  7. "Alive or dead you will come with me..."
  8. Do you assume police is killing them just for been black, primarily? This is a controversial topic, because I like when police acts fast and brutal and regardless the race of an offender FOR REASON. But when they do the same thing for no justful reason it turns absolutely terrible.
  9. I think there could be an educational programs, increased bursaries and student loans that facilitate access to education to people with lower incomes, but do not see a reason or moral justification to do it along racial lines. If we dig dipper and wider in history, then there were cases of wide scale white slavery, when colored people kept many white slaves, or oppressed white people for hundreds of years. The best known is Mongol Empire. I hope it doesn't mean that Mongols need to pay reparations to Russians, Ukrainians and Belorussians and hurry to create for them a quota places in Ulanbaatar universities? And I hope it doesn't mean we need to talk about collective guilt of all the Asians before all the Whites for all the times to come? Many Whites came in US from countries (such as Poland, Sweden or Ukraine) which never had any slavery, colonies or official racial segregation. Majority of countries with predominantly European population never had something like this. And if some US or British whites like to think about white collective "guilt" what gives them right to talk from the name of entire white race and involve many whites who have no any historic relation to all this?
  10. Treated by whom, in which exactly country? They could be mistreated in Africa too. Because I don't honestly know any proves to this. I never personally observed in my life any case when even a single black person would be mistreated by someone. And statistical 1.000 of a black persons killed by police in US per 320.000.000(!) population in US each year either for a sound reason or not don't convince me there is a repressive system regarding blacks in US...
  11. So, could you explain why an accidental bystander suddenly decided to do the video and was so patient with it? Who exactly and why did the video? (I support peaceful protests under the slogan "Human lives matter").
  12. Yes, I know. But he wasn't personally a killer. I thought there could be a possibility that whites are over-suspected in "racism" and often hated for been perceived "successful" and hardworking. And things are intentionally heated up by somebody. Possibly by a foreign intelligence services. For example it rises doubts that video with Floyds death been done in such details, so patiently and professionally, was done by an accidental bystander. Also there are reports that some mysterious "flying squads" of a robbers and looters on bicycles and skateboards participated in riots who acted too professionally for an accidental mob.
  13. But in all the cases when killing a black guy by a police officer provokes wide scale riots and public actions it is always a white police officer who is suspected. Is there at least one exception? But there are a huge number of a Latino and Asian police officers who serve in US police. Is there really not a single such an incident involving one of them?
  14. What do you think would happen if it would be an Asian or Latino police officer who accidentally killed him? Would there be exactly the same reaction? These regular riots happen always if it is a white police officer suspected in use excessive force against a black guy. Does it mean there is never cases like this which would involve a Latino or Asian police officer and a black guy? If they are, why there is no riots about it?
  15. So, how is it relevant today in this context something that took place 30-50 years ago? What is your point? I thought the present situation is more important that something took place in the past.
  16. Probably it included "Hispanic". Non-Hispanic whites constituted merely 75% in 1990. https://www.marketingcharts.com/demographics-and-audiences-41558 Now they constitute only 59%.
  17. Regarding access to good education. In some countries like Canada and possibly UK/rest of EU universities are in hands of govt. mostly and inexpensive. Often there is no even serious entering exams. Does it help colored people much more than in US? It would be interesting to compare. Don't many US universities have quotas for colored people? Is receiving good education such a tremendous problem?
  18. I would be glad to know your opinion on possibility to use an airborne substance which is capable to reduce fertility rates in those countries where people cannot find a balance with surrounding environment and stabilize their population on their own. Such vaccine wouldn't be able to cause any harm to humans or even their purely sexual functions, but just make them infertile. I don't propose to use such a vaccine, of course, but would be glad to know an opinions on ethical and practical side of the question. There are predictions that all the tropical rainforests soon will gone forever, as well as majority of leaving species on Earth with them. Also there is a threat that weapon of mass destruction will get in hands of unstable regimes. There are a huge problems with migration/refugees. Fertility rates by country: https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/fields/356rank.html#AM
  19. Not mandated by any official laws. Therefore it is a speculation.
  20. What do you think about this book? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IQ_and_the_Wealth_of_Nations How rich were Irish, Norwegians or Koreans 160 years ago?
  21. 1) Colored people in US were not prevented to do any private business activity in 160 years. Nobody prevented them to create enterprises, open banks, save money and accumulate capital, hire their fellows. Why they suppose to depend solely on white favors in our days? 2) Private businesses and employers suppose to value their profits most of all. Why they suppose to reject a colored candidate if he/she can potentially bring them more profit than a white candidate? They will go bankrupt if they will hire all the white fools instead of colored smarties (or contra). 3) Why all white people suppose to share collective responsibility for some private banks who refuse to give credits to some colored people? If colored people don't like they may ask for a loan in a state bank of Nigeria. 4) First time I hear that refusing in loan by private bank based on a region of a city where person lives instead of a personal data/record is a common practice. 5) The richest ethnicity in US per capita are East Indians. A dark-skinned colored people. Video - dragged by head and shoulders.
  22. https://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2016-09-29/race-and-homicide-in-america-by-the-numbers
  23. Is the case with George Floyd a proved sign of systemic racism? It there a different motive behind systemic racism and simple bigotry/hatred? I think systemic racism can exist only if significant % of a total population is involved. I whish to know what % of whites in US are involved in systemic racism? Majority?
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