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  1. Surely the reasons why somebody hates broccoli are different to why somebody discriminates to a certain group of humans. That entirely depends on who you're talking to. If it is a member of a far right group such as the EDL then yes ? If it's a naive 78 year old, then probably not. Are you not familiar with 'I'm not a racist, but...' Because the term is used in a negative light, because it's extreme, it's synonymous with terrorist in a media context. If you (quite rightly) take issue with racism, then calling somebody a racist is clearly a derogatory term.
  2. Fair enough, I kinda like the idea of children with lazer eyes taking out adults....each their own. However this is fundamental to the brexit debate... Nobody knew what they were voting for, except the people (to a certain degree) who voted remain, because it was already in place. For the people that voted leave, only a handful of powerful people knew the implications of leaving, not the public. If the public knew the hopeless mess that would entail they certainly would of not voted for it...yet it's these same people that scream 'the will of the people' and 'democracy'.
  3. I find it quite interesting that a cauldron of shit media, propaganda, and puppetry can quickly polarize a country i.e a few years ago, remain and leavers never existed...yet for some reason we're at logger heads. Personally I think we should have a civil war...the majority of brexit voters were 50+, so the younger generation should take their legs out with lazers.
  4. I don't think that makes much sense...spacetime is one entity, not two. It maybe worth familiarising with the workings of light cones and see how they behave as they go past an event horizon. If you were travelling into a black hole and you went past the EH, before the inevitable spaghettification you would not experience anything wacky (from your frame of reference). However, what truly happens past the event horizon, regardless of what GR predicts and a number of other theories, still remains speculative. Awww, that's so cute. Let's hope c stays invariant so time and space doesn't get all grumpy.
  5. FWIW here is the original report... https://jech.bmj.com/content/66/9/767 This (from the NHS website) is a good summary and highlights why the study is inconclusive... https://www.nhs.uk/news/lifestyle-and-exercise/childhood-iq-linked-to-adult-drug-use/
  6. It was a joke, but sure, (I would hope) there is prior knowledge about the poll, i.e veganism and vegetarianism does exist.
  7. A sample of 11 is more than enough to come to hasty conclusions. So the majority of SFN'ers enjoy feasting on the flesh of murdered animals. Poor use of a term on my part...being physiologically an omnivore is obviously not a choice.
  8. I became a vegetarian roughly a year and a half ago, where I'd been toying with the idea for much longer. Strangely, although I've not indoctrinated myself, pass not eating meat, I find the idea of eating any meat completely repulsive, albeit I've only cut it out of my diet. There is no other influence as far as I'm aware of to trigger such a response :). I chose to be a veggie for environmental impact reasons and also are lack of knowledge when it comes to sentience. So, just wondering what you sciencey types choose as a diet choice, and why ?
  9. It's not necessary to have an innate skill to start studying an introductory course...prerequisites maybe but not talent. So that is a bit of a moot point. I get that, but the entire thrust of my first post was, if you're in a funk and wasting time in front of a pc, that pc and time could be utilised to progress somewhere. It was merely to widen his eyes to that fact...context is everything I guess.
  10. Thanks, Phi ! Vexen, if you're interested here is the link to the edx site... edx . I completed two courses through edx after my degree, they were both very insightful and well paced. So if you feel your lacking focus, I think this would be an excellent start.
  11. Having been through an underwhelming progress rut (I was also mentally ill at the time), my solution was to find a subject that got me excited, was challenging and gave me the tools to better myself and think more rationally about the world...and study it. I ended up enrolling on a general sciences course to find out what really rocked my boat and after taking the plunge it became clear that physics was my subject. So I kept enrolling for courses (I was on a low wage at the time so I was studying for free due to an earnings threshold). Indeed, you're at a time where there are so many free resources at your disposal due to the internet that a formal as well as self taught education is easily at your disposal. After studying and thoroughly enjoying the distant learning experience, I walked away with a degree, new friends and an abundance of ideas on how I could utilise what I had learned. At present I'm a test engineer for F1 and I get to play around with the skills I picked up through studying mathematics and physics. I'm now in the process of forming a start up company that deals with tabletop gaming assets using photogrammetry, 3D printing and 3D modelling. My point is that you can hit absolute rock bottom, which is where I was and have the ability to claw yourself out of it if you can focus on, not only what you're good at but use the abundance of resources that are free, to climb out of that rut. As a starting point I would think of what really gives you a mental hard on and do an introductory course ...I studied computer science through edx, I highly recommend it
  12. Thanks for the responses both. After some cursory digging a metallic taste in the mouth requires a trigger e.g from poor oral hygiene to use of certain drugs. A metallic taste seems to be quite a general gustatory reaction. I think the last point is quite salient but I'm struggling to understand why that is a general reaction.
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