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  1. In the end all philosophies revolve around "humanism". They try to explain the relation between humans/humans and universe. For me pursuing aesthetics and sciences are ways of experiencing the world/universe and are fulfilling humanism.
  2. Under influence of gravity the Hydrogen molecules are attracted to each other. There is deuterium fusion???(How is deuterium formed in the first place???) The atom with near light velocity in the dense nucleus is unthinkable. There has to be some other explanation for fusion trigger. The trigger must be lightning of very high voltage that must be producing very high temperatures and highly kinetic particles, which may be culminating in a fusion reaction.
  3. People refuse to believe that Nature is powerful enough to cause what people term "supernatural". All religions claim to know the mind of God and say that their doctrines are commandments or will of God. People who claim to have spoken with God are in fact stating that they were "inspired" by HIM. In Hinduism such inspiration is called "Para vani", that which comes from your soul(???). The Aryans were nature worshippers and their "Gods" very much reflect this fact. God made circumcision in Muslims compulsory for men. Why did God not create circumcised men. HE was powerful enough to do it. Does it mean HIS creation is not perfect? All the doctrine was given by humans for humans. People were slaughtered in the name of God. God is only a abstract mythical entity.
  4. Sorry, three systems. The answer to my question might border on philosophy or religion, yet I would like to know the facts.
  5. I mean : Do we know all the properties of matter? Is it too early to state the properties of matter? Are all the laws of thermodynamics applicable to the Universe?
  6. Well, I know systems are of two types : Closed,isolated and open. What type of system is this Universe? and can you provide arguments to justify your answer?. I studied these systems related to thermodynamics.
  7. It is quite amusing that in this forum we talk about AI being better than humans, but look at US today. The US may soon see AI getting equal rights to humans while humans suffer inequality at hands of other humans. Actually technological arrogance overrides people with sensitivities. Capitalism should die a horrible death.
  8. I want to know the scientific reason(s) for coincidences.
  9. Most of the Americans I have met are hypocrites. They have dismantled the Order God : Man : Things and are quick to consider hermaphrodites as dirt. You will be considered at par or lower than a hermaphrodite no matter how much gifted common man is in comparison to hermaphrodites. There is nothing to compare : Normal people have got away, sorry, getting away with the most heinous crimes. Based on what? There is more to a man than his/her sin. Of course hermaphrodites are only single dimensional. The only difference being that you are mathematically perfect bastards. You can plan. You can hide. Hermaphrodites are straight er to put it that way. You are atheist and expect hermaphrodites to follow religion. There is a perfectly sound reason for Evolutionary Forces to thrust a hermaphrodite on normal people. Atheist talking about order...... jeez. worse than a hermaphrodite masturbating.
  10. I think the process of influencing voters by dubious means and manipulating them enough for them to vote one way or the other should be brought within judicial purview. Democracy is not just about electing ones leader. It is about having a comprehensive plan for the betterment of the citizens. Providing for the burgeoning population is necessary. It is not Greatest Good for the Greatest Numbers" anymore.
  11. Is it possible that matter would be converted to anti-matter in the future? Is anti-matter creation possible in a black hole? We know that the amount of anti-matter created at the beginning of the Universe was small. As the Universe expands we have space-time equations changing. Have such experiments been tried in Laboratory?
  12. Here it goes : Is the President of USA post needed to be filled by a democratic process? Especially when Democracy is on the decline as an institution.
  13. Maybe our belief in something apersonal like God gels us with the Universe in a better way.
  14. A person always knows the answer. He needs validation from God. Strange and yet right in some way.
  15. I mean the cotton crop is time tested. Evolution has made cotton a hardy fabric. I do agree it is chemically processed, but fundamental qualities remain. You cannot grow nylon et al in fields. GM cotton is a recent development, yet to stand against evolution.
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