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  1. It's due to logic, there is really infinite regression so to avoid infinite regression there must be an entity so to speak, necessary entity that has a property that can cater all possibilities. Imagine, what entity that can cater all possibilities and choose one of this possibilities to exist. We can't imagine anything other than mind. We know obviously that an intelligent being can think of anything inside his mind. That's the power of intelligence. There is no other thing other than mind that can do what the mind does. But note, I don't intended to introduce an argument for the existence o
  2. Exactly my worldview of Christianity is base on evidences. But I want to point out that again almost all new testament scholars and historians agree of the 1. historicity of the empty tomb, 2.postmortem appearances and 3.origin of the disciples faith. Scholars such as Barth Ehrman, Wolfhart Pannenberg etc. The evidence are well established for these 3 facts. Now the question is how are these 3 facts better explained? And the best explanation so far is because God raised Jesus from the dead. Some scholars did not accept this hypothesis because they did not believe in supernatural so they propos
  3. No it's not what the argument say. If a thing has a property then the property of that thing can't be explain by itself. For example you see an ant. Why that is the property of an ant? Having long antenna and bites. You can't explain the property in the ant itself. The universe can't escape from this analogy. Our universe has a property. Why the universe has this property? You can't answer it in the universe itself. What proof do you want? Philosophical or empirical? Why you said there are missing arguments?
  4. Faith and reason are not enemies, for example I put my faith in that doctor to undergo my operation thru the evidences that he is the best doctor in the community. My faith in Christianity is like that. I have already faith in God thru personal experience but it strengthens thru knowing the evidence for the creator of the universe and the historicity of the empty tomb,postmortem appearances and the origin of disciples faith that are widely agreed upon by New Testament scholars. References: Philosophical foundations for a Christian worldview, The Case for Christ, The Case for a Creator, T
  5. Every human being have his or her own position in this planet. The position refers to what he or she holds or believes. It is in other words his or her worldview. Some are atheist, some are agnostics, some are theist and so on. Now I want to ask what are there grounds for holding such positions or beliefs. I myself as a Christian have grounds for holding my Christian worldview that is base on faith and reason.
  6. This topic talks about the difference between necessity and contingency and it's relation to our universe. This words are common on metaphysics. It talks about existence.When we say a thing necessarily exist if it should exist in all possible worlds. Examples are shapes, numbers etc. Contingency on the other hand can not exist. It is not necessary to our reality. Examples are certain animals like monkey, it exist in the actual world but it is possible also to not exist in other possible worlds. Other is unicorn. It doesn't exist in the actual world but possible to exist in other possible world
  7. No. This is already answered in philosophy like Leibniz. The answer is that this is the best possible world that God could create.
  8. Again if we say that our universe is eternal it can be still defeated by philosophy. Because the infinity of past events doesn't hold on reality( William Lane Craig, Hilbert). Also our universe is contingent because it cannot exist. There are other possibilities of what our universe would look like. And after all, why this is the type of the universe that exist and not those other possibilities? Again even you suspect cosmological evidences you can't still avoid the philosophical arguments for the finity of universe. Reference1: The argument that Parmenides offers is that for
  9. I don't say that the BGV theorem prove it was created. I said that BGV shows that the universe began to exist.
  10. Answers are bolded: You are claiming that the universe was created from "metaphysical nothingness" by a "special agent" (DiNozzo, I hope).-- This is a conclusion in philosophy from what the data suggest in cosmology. There is no evidence the universe was created. (You are lying about what the Big Bang model says, you are living about what the BGV theorem says)----Again it is the conclusion in philosophy base on the data. You claim that your god created the universe - there is no evidence for this and simply repeating your beliefs is known as preaching.---It is not preaching agai
  11. That is why I posted this topic in this forum because it's foundation is on metaphysics. I think we can have disagreement for the metaphysical nothing because you don't believe it. It is in fact what metaphysics suggest. It is metaphysical. If you don't rely on intuition or philosophy and you prefer more on empiricism then this topic will not go on.
  12. For Studiot Question-----Nothing produces nothing is actually not a definition but a metaphysical description of nothing.
  13. I am not preaching. I only answer your questions. Please be open minded Why someone here could be banned when I am arguing with evidences. What is the reason you are banning me. Deep in my heart I am not lying. I only provided evidences and where it leads and I can provide more.
  14. It's the implications of the big bang and the B-G-V theorem says that the universe began to exist. You can't escape the implication of creation here because the universe began to exist and it is contingent. It requires a personal agent to exist. This is not merely assumption but what philosophy suggest. Now what is your question so that I can answer. Sorry I don't intended it.
  15. I want to ask, why it is hard to someone here to believe in the metaphysical nothing. What I mean of metaphysical nothing is completely nothing.
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