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  1. Pessimism mixed with optimism helps us prepare for the worst. Pessimism helps us see the worst. Optimism gives us the spirit to deal with it.
  2. Which is why I said a mix is necessary. Or do you seriously believe, that society can function optimally with only optimists?
  3. I am not a healthy mix 😂 That isn't a pessimist. That's anger issues. A pessimist is a bad person who actively seeks revenge. We may offend people with our words, but we don't hit cars because they are trying to overtake yours. What country are you from anyway?
  4. That is not a pessimist's inner dialog. I am a pessimist. That f**king idiot is definitely going to come through my mind. But not stamp on the brake. Who does that help? And the optimist won't think, why's is he in a hurry? I'd better let him pass. That's a door mat. An optimist's first thought would be maybe he's going somewhere important and he's in a rush.
  5. I still believe that pessimism is necessary. It makes us question ourselves. Optimism helps us find the answers to the question pessimism brings up. Critical thinking is simply finding a logical solution to a problem. Pessimism finds the problem.
  6. Hmm. Putting it that way makes sense. Optimism does have its benefits however. It allows the common man to see other possibilities, as stated earlier. A healthy mix of both optimism and pessimism is what we're after. But as we are in a society that tends towards the latter, we may not attain this equilibrium for some time.
  7. Right now we're arguing optimism vs pessimism. Which goes nowhere. So I won't step in that pit if you won't.
  8. I already said that wasn't the right choice of words. Phi corrected my mistake and I acknowledged it. Further discussion is demeaning. A positive outlook. It tends to obscure faults. I would much rather prefer a partner with one than change my pessimism. It helps me improve what I feel is imperfect. But your advice still has ground. I'll stay a pessimist, but I'll try to be a bit more open minded. Now. The subject at hand. Do we rap it up or?
  9. Soapboxing huh.... I guess I didn't comment on all of the solutions offered. I have yet to state my mind on the subject of money, but I felt you had already responded to that adequately, hence I stepped out. I did respond to a few other options, eagerly waiting their responses till now. But most of the posts have been on how we are developing, which is why it seems im sticking to my view. The argument before was about optimistic improvement, everybody contributing to society. That already happens. In a far more realistic manner. They're called jobs. People around the world are puttin
  10. Im fine with it. Its the expected by product of overpopulation. Thats what I hate Irony? Elaborate
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