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  1. I like this idea: it's close to the phage therapy (wich is one of the funniest ways to fight an infection ever ^^). However, I 'm pretty sure it would not work. 1 One of the biggest antibiotic resistance problems is the ability to be delivered by a plasmid. Our sensitive strain would have those plasmid and become resistant really soon. So we would get back in the original solution. 2 Place like hospitals NEED to be clean up often. If we had some strain (even really sensitive) it would kill a lot of people (Antibiotic doesn't cure every desease : resistance or not). 3 Instability: bacteria mutate, really often and it becomes a kind of a time bomb (some day it will be dangerous, and if you have more bacteria this day will come sooner.).
  2. Yes, I meant the more sustainable. Wich diet has the lowest impact on our planet while being healthy.
  3. I don't know where this subject should go so I put it in this section. Hi, I am looking for an alimentation more respectufull of the environnenment. So I have began to ask myself : wich diet is the better for our environment ? Do you have any thought on it ?
  4. I'm not sure but an insect could really stay on a jet plane during the flight ? The speed isn't too fast and the temperature isn't too low ?
  5. I'm one of the members of the ''next generation''. However, I fell exactly the opposite ^^. We begin to look directly in the DNA. We have the CRISP CAS 9 tool. We are able to see black holes (Isn't it just marvellous ?????) Last month I have program an algorithm of Deep learning, able to analyse the microscopic picture. It helps us to understand how our DNA is expressed. What I mean is pretty simple.Last month I have program an algorithm of Deep learning, able to analyse the microscopic picture. We do make a lot of discovered and science is progressing in every level (even ethic in my point of view). If you want to contribute, you can. Study and soon you will be full of question. Then work on them and you will help science to progress. Sorry for my english.
  6. Yes it's what I meant.
  7. Hi, I have always been interest by quantic physic even if I don't have the mathematic or physic knowledge allowing me to really understand it. So a question came into my mind: do we find any impact of the physic quantic theory on the relation ligand receptor? Does some people research on bio-quantic stuff? I have the same question about protein reploiement and quantic effect. Thank you if you can help me, and I hope I'm being clear.
  8. Hi everyone, I was looking on the post about the reliability of published research. And I was wondering if we could know, a posteriori, if a study is dependable or not. Do you know any statistic test to improve our understanding of already published paper? In biology I have seen a lot of people doing three or four different tests to see if their results are meaningful. Isn't it a kind of fraud? Thank you very much.
  9. Actually we have a skin wich gave us a pretty good protection against sun burn. Black people for example have a skin really efficient to limit the impact of sun (I didn't say they don't have any, just less than other people : https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2757062/pdf/nihms106393.pdf). White people have evolve in a less sunny place, so they don't need a extrem protection. A lot of animal have the same problem. And you must remember than our ancestor had hair (wich decrease the impact of sun). Realy ? sources ? Dog have a HUGE array of skin deseases for exemple. I'm not sure than human have more than other species... In addition you must remember than in our natural place we don't live for 80 years so a lot of desease can't evolve (most of the carcinom melanom ... happen after 50). Our ancestors were monkeys, they weren't standing. First it depend were you live in africa but it's not always cold night. Again, we didn't came up like we are now, we have evolved. At the begining we did have hair. You have an immunoly theory about this one. It's called the ''hygiene hypothesis'' (a least we call it this way in france). It explain than : We are in a cleaner place=> but our immune system had'nt enough time to adapt himself => so we will have more and more immune desease and allergy (wich are a kind of immune desease) because our immune system is to strong for our environnement. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2841828/ Another explanation is the old-freinds theory : Our immune system co-evolve with some bacteria but those bacteria has desepeare => our immune system is less efficient. (Today, I think the old friend theory have more proof than the hygiene hypothesis) https://academic.oup.com/emph/article/2013/1/46/1858882/ At the beginning we weren't expose to extrem environnment. And again, our specie change with time and lose his hair slowly. I'm pretty sure it's wrong. For example dog can have a type 2 diabete, as most of the mamar (I personnally work on type 2 diabetic mouse). Further more we have a lot in common with other species. For exemple we found Toll Like Receptor (TLR) in a lot of animals (fly, human ...) and plant have a receptor reaaly close to our TLR. Our immune defense system use the same wepon (ROS) than plant. Actually we can drink this water. Our organism has'nt be prepare. For example indian water can make you as sick as hell. However you can't say than human kind can't drink it, indian do. Our body's natural rythm doesn't match ? I thought it was just than we sleep just less than people in 1900 (30 minutes or 1 hour .. I don't remember). Many can, mostly those who need to travel in long distance. Human aren't made to travel in long distance. No, we were just food... We weren't in the top of the pyramide. We were hinding in the tree, throwing rock... Actually most of the animals don't have anithing to fight back with their predator. A never saw a mouse fight a cat and kill it. I hope my answer will help you, don't hesitate to point me things we seems illogical. Sorry for my english, I'm practising.
  10. Hi, You just have to put it in the form y=ax+b where a is your slope and b your origin. in your case : for x = 0 your y=3 so y=a*0+b=3 b=3 the for x=4 y=1 y=a*4+3=1 a*4=1-3=-2 a=-2/4 a=-0.5 your equation is y=-0.5x+3
  11. 3D printing is a way to limitate waste and product in ''less worst'' way in my opinion. Bit coin still a high use of energy. We can hope to be able to product what we need without shipping or stocking thanks to 3D printers.
  12. I'm surprised by this feeling. We know a lot about our minds, and we have always wanted to. We have made a lot of breakthroughs in this domain. The social psychology or more recently the neurobiology gave us a lot of information on it. Sometimes those informations have misused (neuromarketing), but we still want to know how we are working. Even in philosophy we did try to understand the human mind (Freud was wrong about everything or close, but he tried to figure it out.).
  13. sangui


    Do you have any precision ?
  14. A lot can be. The easiest to appreciate are the apopoptisis related genes. Maybe the oxydative stress can be a answer ? O2 can be really oxydative. The lung cell can be in close touch with our cadio vacular system, it can be an explanation too. I'm pretty sure than it's a mix ^^. Seriously : I see cancer as a failure of your immune system. Cell are mutating all the time. The difference between those mutation and a cancer is the ability for our immune system to kill the mutated cells. I hope it helped you PS: Excuse me for my english. I'm practising ^^
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