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  1. Hi, I was looking for plant biology podcast, and I discovered than there was really few Podcast on plant science (specially with a molecular point of view). 1) Do you have any idea why plant science seems to be so forgotten ? 2) Do you think it can be interesting to create a podcast about it (on photosynthesis, plant immunty...) 3) Why should be important for something like that ? I hope this topic is in the right place. Thanks
  2. The question is how to regulate it ?
  3. I'm completely agree with you but it's not easy to do. To construct those rules more efficiently we would need to do it on an exemple (a country or at least a culture).
  4. I don't see how this is incompatible with money (I see why it's impossible with our system, but we could build an alternative monetary system). Money is the simplest way to trade (and trade is important, because it's the simplest way to connect people). So maybe just build some new rules ? -Every body will receive a minimum salary (without looking for his employement, sex, age ...). -Nobody can earn more than 10 times this salary (10 is just an exemple). -An organisation can control some prices (for the most important supplies) to avoid dangerous inflation. It may be an alternative between our world and a world without money (remember : money is a tool, a tool can't be evil, it just may be evily used).
  5. I must be wrong somewhere because I found this. My B=D/C=0.13257072 ANd in my correction : Bartlett’s K-squared =0.305 bertlett.xlsx
  6. Thanks Is it possible than D is negative ? I don't understand why do we use the sum for C, we don't have anything to sum ? ∑i=1,2,3
  7. Stupid question but : what is frac ?
  8. We must see if all entries follow the same normal distribution. And it's the same for the second table. I don't think those table are related (but I'm not sure, I just have the exercice and the value of Shapiro for the first and Bartlett for the second). I'm sorry to don't be more precise but, I haven't a lot of information (I need to understand this test for the following of my study, but my teacher choose to don't work on it). Thank you for your help.
  9. It's my fault I haven't been clear. I'm suppose to learn how to use those test, and my teacher doesn't gave me more information. So, I don't really know the difference.
  10. Actually, it's exactly why I need to understand those test ^^
  11. For example I have to look if those sample follow a normal distribution. Temperature_1 Temperature_2 Temperature_3 Temperature_4 Temperature_5 2.56 2.28 2.73 2.44 2.54 2.92 2.78 2.97 2.81 2.67 2.00 2.74 2.00 2.08 2.43 2.83 2.47 2.13 2.90 2.10 2.61 2.52 2.09 3.05 2.78 3.10 2.16 1.90 2.69 2.85 2.42 2.70 3.04 3.03 2.76 2.28 2.70 2.57 2.91 2.47 I'm suppose to use shapiro-wilk . On this one I need to find if the variance are equal. Temperature_1 Temperature_2 Temperature_3 2.42 3.05 1.95 2.83 2.21 2.23 2.25 2.18 2.54 3.02 2.35 2.56 I think I must use Bartlett.
  12. Hi, I have to do some statistic, and I don't understand how works the shapiro-wilk test or the barltett test. I think I understand why do we use it (to see if an sample follow a normal distribution for shapiro and see if our vaiance are equal for Bartlett). But I am completely unable to do the math, can somebody help me ? Thanks
  13. My question may look weird but : Doesn't Italy have a really different death ratio than China ? And if it's true, doesn't it mean than China may have cover some death ?
  14. Thanks for your reply ^^. Your link answer my questions.
  15. Yes, but they show than we have free mitochondria are present even in physiological state. So it must be usefull in another way, no ?
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