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  1. I came here to have a humble chat about the subject and not here to hear your sarcasm now go and fuck your mother you sad ugly fuck.
  2. I am dead serious ok ?. Bruce Lipton says beliefs can cause changes in the genes if one changes their beliefs they change gene expression.
  3. How can one use the power of epigenetics to cure skin diseases and spots. If can somehow change my beliefs this could activate my dormant genes. My mind says "i am not a spotty hairy person". Then the gene instructions can be changed. Thanks
  4. Is Climate change such a big issue we need to step back and reexamine the whole issue ?. One website says its a critical issue another site tells me its a hoax. I am really confused now one guy was telling me its a hoax fabricated by socialists and feminists. What are your thoughts ?
  5. Hello All Can someone provide examples of how to spot someone using them when in a heated discussion. I am guessing that if someone cannot provide empirical evidence for what they believe in it comes under the category of a logical fallacy ? such as conspiracy theories.
  6. I see alot of articles on the internet proclaiming metals in vaccines (mercury and aluminium} are bad and can cause problems in children and babies. I am keen to hear other peoples thoughts on this.
  7. A friend of mine has decided that he is not going to give his baby vaccinations. From what he tells me from his research he claims that vaccines are not required and may cause autism. I did a quick google and from what I can see most of the medical evidence suggests that vaccines are usually have very mild side effects. It was stated that perhaps one baby in a million might suffer an allergic reaction to vaccines. What are your thoughts on vaccines and autism ? If people have been misguided where did these rumours come from ?
  8. I have to admit I am no expert when it comes to socialist policies. However from what I can see countries like Holland and Germany. When someone loses their job the state will intervene and ensure that they are paid upto 75% of what they were earning. Does this not put a strain on the economy ?. Having to pay out such large sums of money to millions ?
  9. I think we are all shaped by the social norms we grew up in, I believe this programes our beliefs and behaviors. Do you think it would be possible to reverse engineer a specific social norm and then create an algorithum. That can be used to predict human behavior ?.
  10. Some people would argue that the universe could not have come from nothing and a creator must have initiated the creation of the universe the planets, solar system etc. What are your thoughts on this ?
  11. In that case I better not be asking these questions
  12. What are your thoughts on "big pharma"conspiracy theories ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Pharma_conspiracy_theory Are the FDA really hiding the natural cures as they do not want us to know about ? Are pharmaceutical companies suppressing negative research about their drugs by financially pressuring researchers and journals ?
  13. I remember reading an article how nearly 600 people a year die of the common flu in the UK. Now imagine every country in europe you are going to have a large number of people. Who unfortunately will suffer from the flu virus. My question is has the media made us overeact to the corona virus ?. I am sure if the media had focused on the flu virus and its casualities there would be equally wide spread panic.
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