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  1. I read things then forget most of what I read. The same goes for videos. Then occasionally, something becomes trendy so an article is written where emphasis on the amazing is placed. These amazing emphasis stressed articles and videos are created, and presented. But in the background of what is my mind all those things I assumed forgotten start to poke and point out that I need to question, apparently everything. So, I try to make it make sense. What is amazing to me, is that some of the, said, trendy is old news. A rehash of what the thinking of the subject used to be. The things nagging started piecing things together and I had my eureka moment. Still I didn’t trust that I had it right and since it is not exactly a question I posted it in speculation, assuming someone will help to clarify. Again 🙏 ! Then I started the reinforcement process which for some subjects is an immediate rapid subject cram fest. So yesterday morning I posted this then by yesterday afternoon I found a YouTube video presented by Arvin Ash that basically said to me; “Alright Joseph, once again you are a day late and a dollar short.” I apparently have read about this in the past. Upon putting the pieces together, I still managed to get some of it wrong, but there is this, pre-surgery I would have been annoyed by the trendy rehash of old views, but would have been clueless as to why. 😊
  2. Okay, this makes sense. It eliminates the apparent same particle going through both slits simultaneously, and to a degree explains the reason for the magic recombination statement that I remember reading somewhere, and simultaneity isn’t necessary for a wave/s to pass through both slits since everything tends to move at odds to everything else, even if only slightly. The wave diagrams, generally provided present what is apparent simultaneity. Thank you...
  3. My first serious girlfriend would on occasion point out my unintentional tendency toward male chauvinism. With those memories in mind I am almost afraid to 😊 in what is likely be a mixed environment... Oh... what the hell! 😂😂😂
  4. Particle wave duality. I can’t remember where, book or video, probably video maybe both, but it was presented amazingly that a particle could pass through two slits at the same time. To me that would be amazing. So, I question it. It’s difficult for me to accept, as I understand the concept. Of course it could be my understanding. I read that for what seems the most part particles only exist for a short time. Also, amazingly presented as popping in and out of existence. Then there is my understanding of Heisenberg‘s uncertainty principle. Note, I am not questioning it. I am accepting it as true to a point, and that point is that you can’t measure both at the same time. To me that seems awkward if not amazing. So, I question it. Then there was the concept of ether. That was shown to be not true. I am not saying that it is, but the fact that it was shown to be not true seems amazing. No I’m not going to question it, except to ask that if the universe is full of continuous particles why was it so easily shown that the ether does not exist. Then there is solid to somewhat solid matter. Why do I exist? No, I am not asking a philosophical question. Why am I cohesive? Do all particles pop in and out of existence? I am aware that it doesn’t quite happen that way though I do not exactly understand how it does happen. In a sense I’m parroting another amazing rhetoric. I am however wondering given my somewhat limited understanding of quantum physics, if I am solid, or is anything else for that matter? My mind can be changed, even taught, but I am not going to simply accept what seems incomprehensible. So, I think about some apparently amazing presentations and think there must be some other explanation. With Heisenberg, the presentation, pick a book or video it really doesn’t matter, comes across as you can not measure both as related to an it. You can measure it’s momentum, you can measure it’s position, but when it comes down to (it) you can’t do both. Realistically, I accept particle wave duality, but have trouble accepting that a particle can travel through two slits at the same time, but I can accept that a wave can. I also understand from different diagrams that some don’t agree as to how a wave propagates. Which can really muddy up a thought. It seems to get more difficult, at least for me to mentally picture such thing, spherically. So, I prefer the presentation where you are looking down on presumably a wave capable medium that upon disruption attempts to propagate in the allowed directions. The produced wave/s go through both slits. I have trouble with analogies, but opposing waves can peak in various places. Like particles popping in and out of existence. The wave is an analogy of energy propagation through a/various fields of energy/energies. The medium, well for lack of a best definition, is simply vast. Back to Heisenberg and the inability to measure both of (it’s) momentum, or it’s position. I’m suggesting that is because it is not an it but rather two peaks created by the act of measuring. The wave peaks when it interacts with the measuring devices. In essence the wave peaks every time you take a measure. I don’t think the particle is amazingly going through both slits. What is seen is/are peaks of a propagating wave/s where it interacts with opposition. For a moment of time a particle is created and observed. Among other things the photon is not displaying a gravitational attraction or reaction to an intense gravitational field. The energy waves created by the distant star are going around. The observed photon does not exist until the wave/s interacts with the observer. I can’t think of any reason why these thoughts might be seen as an attempt to dismantle physics. To me they just seem to be a rational way for someone who is not an expert to grasp the reality of a few things often presented as amazing, but true! (Among other things the photon is not displaying a gravitational attraction or reaction to an intense gravitational field). This part I am still thinking about? I have another thought that requires gravity, that possibly comes from particles that pop in and out of existence due to opposing energy fields, but that is another thought.
  5. 😊 It appears you do want a philosophical conversation. Why would you consider anything that is, or is not corporeal, to be permanent, nothing stays the same. Why should it be any different for time? I suppose it could depend on the observers preference. It appears to me that original philosopher/scientist dealt with both. I don’t see myself as an expert of either... I recently casually watched a video where the opinion seemed to be that Minkowski threw a wrench into physics, that Einstein picked the wrench up, and time hasn’t been the same since. I suppose that anyone can have as many different definitions of time as Einstein’s views of relativity seem to allow for. In a sense time went from a somewhat rigid unit system dimensionally to one that exist for each individual on a sliding curve. As an individual time for me doesn’t change except that as an observer I can see that for you it does. We can now agree to disagree about observed differences. As an individual I kinda like the sliding curve applied to time though some might not approve of my application. It is now time for me to take my meds... technically, a little over an hour ago. 🙁
  6. Yep I think. I still have to almost constantly reinforce. words that sound alike Are almost a sure error if I’m not careful. Thank you sometimes it is the keyboard choosing what it thinks I mean, but thus run I remember writing Logarithms
  7. I think google has taken a page out of the politicians handbook For guidance. To some degree they will let JQ Public have their way by allowIng one to delete somewhat at will. But then the algorithms kick in. I suspect they sell them cause the Trending crap that hits the news feed can be horrendous if you don’t quickly rebuild an add base. I quickly open my list of favorites and start clicking in attempt to hold them off. Am not sure how well that works, but the fact that I notice if I forget to some degree speaks for itself. Did I ever mention that I tend toward paranoia. 🤫 I’m sure they are watching now and will respond in a way they deem appropriate. Now I have to think of some other counter measure.
  8. I tried Facebook for a while. Yes you can friend and follow and unfollow but as of late their ads have become intrusive. Not so much in the we have something sell way. It’s their label of what constitutes an add I have relatives that are somewhat outspoken to the right and to the left. There are people I went to school with. Hmm, well it’s freedom of speech. Everything was well until about a month ago these videos start popping up that I would describe as educational propaganda they are long they are boring they are hard left or hard right You can’t unfollow them all you can do is tell Facebook why you don’t like their add except the reasons are multiple choice. After three days of trying to figure out what happed to my feed I quit Facebook. That’s not freedom of speech. It’s gone the way of the country. You can’t turn them off. Yes they have the right to freedom of speech but, so do I. They found a way to intrude on my freedom using the very platform that gave it. In the form of an add. My feed was no longer made up of friends and family. It was strangers with an agenda. There are rules and enforcers at SFN, but I’m not being told what threads to read. Nor are my choices limited to what I know or don’t know. I’m allowed to be stupid even foolish. I can be worse but I made that mistake once and don’t ever want to do it again. The moderators didn’t even have to step in. There is a sense of civility at SFN that I can’t find on my TV, in my own country, or just about any country in the world any more. I expect any day that my Internet provider will tell me that it’s either their way or the highway. Can we ever truly have freedom of speech? We’ve had it. We forgot what it looks like. If we wake up tomorrow and it’s competently gone. It’s our fault. Your question ought to be can we get it back? By asking the question the way you did, the appearance is that you have been letting others tell you what freedom of speech is. Assuming, that they are right, what do you as an individual want to give up, so that we can truly have freedom of speech?
  9. I have always liked this question. The challenge seems to be in being as succinct as possible, and leaving no doubt that as defined it is not a Philosophy, so for the umpteenth and hopefully final time, I’ll try again. 🤔 Time is a physical dimension where all aspects defined by an observer reveal a rate of change.
  10. Good. I was afraid that it might be a trick question, and was afraid that I might fall for it. I have to admit that the quick read had kinda confused me though.
  11. When I finally get this thread sorted out am I going to find that not only does the Apple fall towards the ground, but that somehow amazingly the ground falls towards the Apple?
  12. Gosh dang it you could tell... it was as soon as I suggested YouTube wasn’t it?😒😂 Yep! It was YouTube alright...
  13. Isn’t time subject to the same distortion as space? Maybe I’m not doing it right in my head? I’m trying the visualization within the confines of a sphere? You didn’t mention sphere, but I think someone did. Visually it seems to force center mass to a cubic shaped dot. The grid/space within the sphere is distorted by the center mass the gravitational Effect on me would depend on my position within the sphere in relation to the center mass. As I move that effect might change depending on how my relationship to the mass center changes. If for some reason the mass centers position within the sphere changes again the gravitational effect represented by the grid/space on me changes. Again, I ask, isn’t time subject to the same distortion as space? Or did I put too much into your suggested mental visualization and overthink it? Note - I wasn’t careful enough of where I grabbed my quotes. I think MigL was the original “Quote” I only know how to do one at a time and when I went for the second one I grabbed the first one I came to. I’m sorry if it causes any confusion. And then there is - apparently nobody mentioned a sphere. I went back quickly and all I found was a bowling ball and a rotating body. Apparently the sphere was a figment of my own dementia...
  14. Monetized health is more the way I see it. It seems political at the moment, but when the time is right they will all agree on the minimum joint political move to help the economy which will be to accept as necessary whatever is needed to be done to shore up the economy. It’s bad when people can’t pay their bills, but a large portion of The US economy is supported by health insurance. I’m guessing that the first thing they will do is agree that everyone has to go back to work which is where the majority income for health insurers comes from. Then they will agree to either increase the rates withdrawn from paychecks or agree to lower the insurers responsibility of the bills forcing an even greater responsibility Of the bill on the worker. Then they will agree to give those who go back to work within a timely manner low interest loans without any attached provisions, but direct lower courts to allow wage attachments pursued by providers. Generally, when a person is afraid they are about to lose everything they will agree to anything, but to smooth the way, safety measures will be agreed to, but one of the agreements the workers will have to accept is an arbitration agreement that the US courts will accept as binding. If the employer loses or is forced by court intervention To ceed some demand to the employee. The employer will respond by reiterating their desire for employee health by implementing stricter safety rules and enforcing PPE requirements by firing anyone who doesn’t have his or her mask on. Then once everyone is back working the partisan movement will be complete. Those who survive will once again agree to disagree. Thank you... I am wondering though where is the best place to get health information in the US, the media, or YouTube?🤔🧐😳 The only real difference between the UK and the US anymore is the letters of the Alphabet between K and S, and a lot of water. I once wrote, not here sadly, that the main problem with the US Is that it is presented and governed by failed conspiracy theorist. I was wondering? Which political quality do you find more endearing lying, or incompetence, but judging from your paraphrase I’m guessing incompetence it is. 😊 Just thought I’d note that according to my Grandfather my ancestors were from wales, according to my uncle they were from Scotland. Mom was a Johnson to the core. 😊
  15. In the US. Dates about what they knew when they new. Coincidental maybe. The original symptom a cough. I came out my surgery somewhat apathetic. I every time someone said anything my response was, okay. No emotion. Apparently I’m healing, but I’m not okay. Now I’m trying to understand. I’m asking why do they keep changing dates about what they knew and when? Why did they tell people not to wear PPE mask? Am I going to read Next month that they have been studying this disease for some time and that China has been asking The Who to give them time to solve the problem? Have the hospitals been looking for symptoms of a cough with fever before November not knowing exactly why, but If someone has a cough even though there is a reasonable explanation the first thing they are to do is check for a fever, then keep checking for a fever until the person is well? Is it normal for any virus to sweep across a world in a matter of weeks? Is the world that busy that by simply coming within six feet of someone a virus can be spread worldwide that fast? Is the world really that busy? I get worked up I’m sorry. People started getting sick and were dying it was being written off as underlying conditions. I’m not even sure if I’m allowed to be tested yet. I’m not sick. I haven’t been sick since. Halloween day. That would be the day I received 3 stints or is it stents? Apple keeps using whatever spelling it wants and I have no clue which is correct? The hospitals have been wonderful. I’m down 2 doctors now. One for sure. The other’s office will eventually give me a call, but until they do he is not going to be in the office. I’m worried that when I’m eventually tested they will say yes you have had it. I’ve been holding it in. My mom had a cough, they cut her open then sent her to the exact room I ended up in at my sisters house where she died. My response was, okay. Now I’m listening to people complain because wearing a mask makes them hot. Apparently, I lost it today, or maybe I’m just getting better. I don’t know.
  16. It would seem that what we do know is that if you are examined and have underlying conditions that the rate of recovery will be lower if they simply send you home. There are so many things said that can possibly be true that one might ask, “well yes, why wouldn’t someone who has no underlying conditions have a better chance of survival?” Underlying conditional Diseases have become the diagnosis of choice. Maybe? This disease might prompt Drs to check for a virus in the future instead of possibly sending people home after changing their meds, or worse performing surgery four an underlying condition on a person who does have an underlying condition, but their current problem is the virus. The results of the virus probably do increase the chance of death in a person who has a serious underlying condition, but a Dr might make a different decision on how to handle a patient if the Dr knows there is COVID on top of a serious underlying condition, as in they may decide not to add trauma to trauma, if they know the patient has COVID and a history of heart disease. You listed a lot of, we don’t knows, but they should been able to explain the normal method of viral transmission. I find it amazing that in the beginning they were saying only sick people should be wearing a mask. I was scheduled for a doctor appointment. No one said wear a mask. I get there all medical personal are wearing mask. Okay, this is confusing? Hmm... Maybe since I used to work with insulation I should have known that the purpose of PPE is to protect the wearer. I’m guessing that no one should have ever said only sick people should be wearing mask. Now I hear; “oh yeah, that’s what we said, but we were afraid that the people who needed the mask the most might run out.” I didn’t get COVID, but... It’s kinda annoying. I really do understand ignorance. Sometimes, you just aren’t aware. If you don’t know you don’t know. One day they will know, and maybe they will even tell the truth about what they know. But because, they have been lying from the beginning I’ll probably be messed up for a long time. Because someone had a cough then they died. When I was in the hospital having surgery they were admitted had surgery was sent home and passed away. It all happen after I was admitted, and before I got out. Mom had a cough I had asked my sister to keep an eye in her. I was numb. How do they admit someone perform major surgery then send them home where she dies. That quick. All while I’m in the hospital? It’s messed me up. The hospitals were even looking for Covid yet. Yet every time they tell their story in the news it changes they knew about it in January then they knew about it in November. They can’t get it straight they just keep lying all I know is it happened so damn quick and I have no choice but to accept what they have said.
  17. It would certainly shorten careers. There was a movie that made breaking your opponents hands a tactical move. If I remember it kinda became popular in more than one movie, of course dead men walking became popular in the movies😒, but there are many places that actually are easy to break using the bare fist, so many, that banning gloves would simply make things more brutal. At my age my tactical antics are a good pair of running shoes and my motto, “stents Don’t fail me now!”
  18. I was just thinking that this post might be more in line time wise, today... every time I read it I think “well, yeah!” then I start laughing. Sorry - it is still a little too soon after the brain surgery, so I occasionally laugh at the most inappropriate times. I also have developed a fear of trees that might drop, well, actually will drop branches, somewhat scientifically based on my own observations of where I’ve parked my car and the number of dents on the hood and roof. Statistically, speaking I should never venture under a tree. Especially after the surgery. On a somewhat serious note I used to fearlessly wander amongst the flying fist of fury, but there is something about having one’s skull intentionally split That seems to have given me a certain respect for this head I was born with and I’ve started to think that just maybe violence wouldn’t be so easily legitimized by those who have a point to prove if there wasn’t a sense of heroics implied by the act of knocking someone out. It’s just a game. It’s just a sport. It’s just a rap song. It’s just a question. It’s just an opinion. It’s just politics. Apparently, violence is a justifiable means of winning period. The world right now is an example of an argument carried to a ridiculous extremes. If I thought eliminating every violent sport in the world would help I’d say go for it, but it won’t, and I’ve already listed the reasons why. Hmm, I may have gotten a little too serious So, I’ll try to lighten the mood by pointing out that if it were up to me. I’d call in the National Guard and have them cut down every tree in the neighborhood.
  19. I have read that Asymptomatic people are making others sick. The term seems simple enough, but the I apparently don’t have a clear understanding of what it means. In specific, one no symptoms appear And the disease goes through its natural course. 2nd the person is sick allowing the spread but symptoms are delayed. The disease goes through its natural course. 3rd the person is a constant carrier never showing any symptoms. This to me would seem to be an unnatural corse? The earned immunity person? A bus driver told me the other day he had had Corona already so he shouldn’t have to bother with a mask. His thinking being, that because he has developed an immunity that he can not infect others through transference should he be around someone who is infected then comes in contact with someone who has not. Another driver told me he tested positive, but never got sick. Now that he is immune he shouldn’t have to worry about the mask. I suspect they were making conversation looking for a sympathetic ear from a patron with a similar view. I don’t argue with bus drivers, but I don’t understand why someone would think that I would have nothing to fear simply because they are immune. Unless, their, or maybe my thinking is wrong. I’m just trying to figure out why it is so easy for apparently everyone to be so absolutely confused this late in the day? I’m also wondering how Corona Effects interactions Between electrical Devices, because my virtual Apple keyboard keeps capitalizing Seemingly every other word. Apparently, all that is required for capitalization is a pause to think.🤔😒😂😒
  20. Here is a link to a somewhat lengthy report put out on March 17. I know that there are a lot of brilliant people in the world who are capable of producing such a report in a very short order, but I have my own reasons for wondering if this novel virus isn’t so novel it’s little things like certain attentions paid to detail, and one annoying detail listed on my chart that I couldn’t seem to get anyone to pay attention to when I would ask why the reference was there. Specifically a reference linking me to Diabetes Mellitus on my chart which was news to me. Now the reference is gone, but I should have a hard copy somewhere. It was almost like some were looking for something, and expecting to find it. I think of it as somewhat of a novel mystery. Not a conspiracy. It is a pdf link... https://www.tnmgrmu.ac.in/images/2020/doe/COVID19_Report_24March2020.pdf
  21. The potential vaccine candidate reported on April 23 in several articles? if I manage to get the link right this being one of them? https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/tamil-nadu/coronavirus-mgr-medical-university-develops-vaccine-candidate/article31410701.ece
  22. A failing of the Economic System, or of Humanity? There used to be a chant that was made that went “No child left behind.” One would think that to accept that philosophy a human being might recognize that you don’t just hand out t-shirts then assume that the child is not starving. It is dangerous to ignore any possibility that could contribute to a dangerous state.
  23. It is all a little confusing. We may or may not develop a vaccine. There seems to be differences of opinions as to whether or not it is the virus that kills, or it is the underlying conditions that kill.. Hmm, I had angina, they placed three stints in me, and the plan was to send me home that day, but I rapidly developed a cough while in the recovery phase of the procedure. I don’t know why I developed the cough, but the result was they did not send me home. Instead they admitted me and presumably treated the cough. I’m glad they did I got better. This may not seem related but I wonder had they sent me home and had I died what exactly would have been the reason written on my death certificate? This was in early November so, I highly doubt coved 19. Even so, I don’t know what they would have written but I am sure they would have had to write something. However, they admitted me and treated me until I was well enough to go home. Maybe it has effected my view? I don’t want to read that anyone has died from coved 19, but if I have to read it I would rather read that the patient was receiving treatment in a hospital were they could deal with underlying conditions. I don’t want to read that the patient was treated then released, then died days later of an underlying condition. Which, I have read was initially generally being recorded, until someone said no, count the virus as the cause. Apparently for reasons I don’t understand the difference is of importance. It should be clear by now. Yes we need a vaccine, but we also need to get a whole lot better at dealing with underlying conditions, and damn the monetary cost of either. Honestly though, after spending the last six months trying not to die, for my life, I cannot understand why anyone likely to get the virus because of susceptibility would volunteer to test the vaccine.
  24. jajrussel


    I don’t think about it at all. Usually. To me it would be like sitting around trying to decide if murder can be an ethical issue so long as it is approached from a scientific view. Which in itself is not all that unusual because science is used to kill and or murder all the time. If we revert to class systems of old it might in someway be seen as genocide. Unless one insists genocide must be limited by strict definition. To date there are seven pages on my device on the ethics of murder in the guise of Eugenics. Though, it can be argued that sterilization is not murder, still some might say it is. The argument Eugenics assumes that no right to life exist, so why start with humanity?😒 Intellectually Eugenic, can I have someone arrested and shot for saying something stupid? What happens when the person I want arrested and murdered kills me first? Does it prove he or she is smarter than I am? It could then be argued that the one with the fastest most destructive weapon is the intellectual. Hmm. I would rather imagine a moon or mars colony without designs on murder... Most of the people who the world considers to be smart generally avoid paying taxes. Imagine a moon or mars colony, perhaps even the planet earth where no one pays taxes, because we are too smart for that. We wouldn’t even have to worry about special ed classes, or moon and mars colonies, because there would be no money to spend. Eugenics? In the end it would not stop stupidity, nor would it save the world along with, presumably, the smart people. In the end overpopulation will kill us all, and essentially population control by murder is basically all Eugenics is. Honestly, I think some really smart people will do something really stupid that kills us all, long before population control becomes necessary, and they will probably start by legitimizing some sort of, Eugenic thought. Then they will salute each other, while congratulating each other, for how smart they are all being, as everyone dies.
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