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  1. I'm totally in the camp of people that say it's only been 75 days, give him some more time, geez! In comparisons that try to paint him as being worse than an outright sprint for dictator control by a sociopath who allowed a pandemic to become a controlled genocide. But absolutely not in considering that the president is war criminal in chief and that, wow, maybe all that good stuff they're doing was, i don't know, supposed to be their job the whole time? anyways, anyone who is actually going to say the US empire is humane, even if playing devil's advocate for sake of a good discus
  2. well i'm assuming (stupid i know) if she wanted to appear consistent she would maybe mention it once or do something to show that she still actually supports it. it would be better if we all kept in mind the different branches, the major players, and then had coherent criticisms that put pressure on the right people at the right times to actually influence the correct steps forward to come to pass. i guess its foolhardy to think that it works to, what i think most people fall into, is to be remembering that these are the conditions, but think the pres and vp are supposed to be doing that
  3. This is like, the most crudely expressed post here but actually brings up a pretty good point. Over all billionaires and people in their wealth and luxurious lifestyle cult are strongarming everyone into accepting that the system we have where people die of starvation and are overworked to make ends meet is totally awesome and the way to solve it is to mitigate our losses via indirect ways to improve society (but I'm not saying it's wrong at all to push for higher minimum wage, it's actually pretty direct and the right approach) I guess what I'm saying is in an older civilization we might
  4. I think what is said here is true and important to a healthy culture of spreading only verified true information, but I guess I want to give my 2 cents on why some of these points are more culturally complicated. The reason quacks would claim the industry is trying to suppress information is because historically some systems of economy government and business will at times do really destructive and antisocial things. Whether this ever really stopped legitimate science from being published or studied is really debatable and much less likely than just the disgusting sheer destruction of foo
  5. this isnt a song but i figure since this is a lounge forum and not a music forum its chill to link any kind of lecture or something you would be listening to while doing other stuff? someone recommended me this guys book but since i couldnt find a pdf i looked for an interview and found this talk:
  6. Technically all of our experience in life is generated in our brains via what could be considered a form of hallucination right? lol also the grammar of the title of the thread makes me wonder if there are people who for some reason are not able to hallucinate as easily, although I don't think that's what was intended to be asked,
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