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  1. I'm totally in the camp of people that say it's only been 75 days, give him some more time, geez! In comparisons that try to paint him as being worse than an outright sprint for dictator control by a sociopath who allowed a pandemic to become a controlled genocide. But absolutely not in considering that the president is war criminal in chief and that, wow, maybe all that good stuff they're doing was, i don't know, supposed to be their job the whole time? anyways, anyone who is actually going to say the US empire is humane, even if playing devil's advocate for sake of a good discussion, could have the cure for cancer for all I care, it's time to tune them out because they're basically implementing the same form of cognitive dissonance as people who think all of the police out here murdering black men is justified, for whatever random reason. Sorry if that seems cruelly unrelated or harsh but I think it's a much more comprehensive and coherent analysis of behavior than "douchey" and "unreasonable" when these people seem pretty damn proud to be the leaders of the so called free world. (And yes, our modern age has extreme levels of privilege and luxury and I am really appreciative of it all but that doesn't mean there shouldn't be standards) https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/pavlich-bidens-border-policies-are-humane-hardly/ar-BB1eG178 "According to lawyers who have visited children in the facilities, 4,200 minors are being kept in Border Patrol "jail like cells" for longer than 72-hour maximum legal limit. They are sleeping on cold floors, in crammed conditions and going hungry. And while the White House doesn't want to "label" the situation as a crisis or disaster, the deployment of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to handle the situation proves it is exactly those things." I'm confident that video has been secured of these facilities, maintaining the status quo from the last term isn't humane. Sadly what has become a conservative talking point is actually true, the facilities were started under the obama admin. Just because a bunch of idiots who probably desperately need to be tested for dementia get a hold of a piece of information and use it to smear the other party's guy doesn't mean it doesn't have some truth to it. Being humble about the right kind of volatile problem riddled information can at times be a magical skill that draws the lines between people considering your perspective even if it has its own problems, and realizing that you're just completely full of shit
  2. well i'm assuming (stupid i know) if she wanted to appear consistent she would maybe mention it once or do something to show that she still actually supports it. it would be better if we all kept in mind the different branches, the major players, and then had coherent criticisms that put pressure on the right people at the right times to actually influence the correct steps forward to come to pass. i guess its foolhardy to think that it works to, what i think most people fall into, is to be remembering that these are the conditions, but think the pres and vp are supposed to be doing that to some extent and acting as some sort of "team leaders" when in reality they're not really organizing at that level and it would in theory be giving them too much power if they were, which wouldn't support the system of checks and balances
  3. This is like, the most crudely expressed post here but actually brings up a pretty good point. Over all billionaires and people in their wealth and luxurious lifestyle cult are strongarming everyone into accepting that the system we have where people die of starvation and are overworked to make ends meet is totally awesome and the way to solve it is to mitigate our losses via indirect ways to improve society (but I'm not saying it's wrong at all to push for higher minimum wage, it's actually pretty direct and the right approach) I guess what I'm saying is in an older civilization we might have had different ways of solving the problem that I suppose I'm not necessarily smart enough to know how you could come close to performing nowadays but the office space superman 3 thing is always sitting there making me wonder if someone could pull it off As far as biden goes, I think he's light years better than the last guy. I also think he's likely an oily snake sack of shit like most of his peers and it really fucking sucks he was basically the only option the whole time, and the whole concept that the US is an oligarchy that needs to be restructured or dissolved seems pretty on point. Someone in this thread mentioned that voting on bills to pass is tricky because unrelated shit gets thrown in and that's totally true and I should acknowledge that here since I seem like I think public servants are huge assholes so far (ironic) With the amount of time that's passed with biden in office, it's been pretty good. but the migrant situation is still fucked, lots of centrists/diet fascists are really excited about images of the facilities that were actually dated from the last guy, and incidents like this are of course always happening and i guess i'm repeating myself going into how we have a lot of cultural problems bla bla bla. so ultimately yeah, politicians god they suck, yeah some of them really are doing better and get smeared when theyre trying their best, but actually they really still suck, and maybe we should've had a lot of the stuff we are still debating eons ago. oh well, i'll stay optimistic and things seem to be improving slowly i guess to be specific, i'm pretty pissed that kamala was talking about retroactive stimulus before the election and now of course we're hoodwinked and she hasnt mentioned it again. i shouldn't have ever expected anything different but it's just like damn, really ?
  4. I think what is said here is true and important to a healthy culture of spreading only verified true information, but I guess I want to give my 2 cents on why some of these points are more culturally complicated. The reason quacks would claim the industry is trying to suppress information is because historically some systems of economy government and business will at times do really destructive and antisocial things. Whether this ever really stopped legitimate science from being published or studied is really debatable and much less likely than just the disgusting sheer destruction of food that could have been donated or destruction of other usable goods for profit or solely to disadvantage competition, but it plays into a story some people will be able to believe due to the mistrust of society or the economy. I guess I think a dialogue on the cultural psychological aspects of what can make pseudoscience believable and easy to spread is worth talking about once in awhile, and I'm totally not condoning any of it but just think it is sensible to approach these matters knowing that there's a complex cultural history to pseudoscience (which is probably an entire field of social science on its own that we need to master and get under control before society suffers too much more lmfao) and at times there is maybe a real potential for some things, in some circumstances at least, that are usually used as bullshit ploys, to otherwise have instances that may be could connect that concept to being truthful. I might have screwed up the grammar there let me write a better concise sentence. In rare instances industry could be negative to society, so with false logic this is used as a scapegoat. This also connects to alternative medicine. Marijuana is a great example. There are some kids with rare seizure problems that only THC seems to fix. Since it's illegal, marijuana has been lumped in with alternative medicine in some demographics. Also, the history of why marijuana is illegal is a completely fucking racist campaign by Harry J Anslinger to make people think that a mexican plant is making people go nuts and die (cannabis got it's name of marijuana from this, and marijuana was a totally unrelated mexican plant before) Another note I want to make about alternative medicine is that lots of folk medicines are where we start researching from, because foundations of information historically are built off the first things we start testing. which is shit with totally random anecdotal connotations. I just find this really fascinating and I think it's a reason to keep in mind that a lot of people spreading pseudoscience are confused and just doing what comes natural, to observe ideas at whatever level they're functioning at and then spread shit around and try to play with those ideas. I don't want to sound like I'm defending these problems or have an understanding of where science made its perfect distinction from natural philosophy and alchemists, but just point out that I suppose the human conditions problems are also the steps to our successes as well. What interests me a lot about horticulture and ancient medicines (and not saying I believe anything because it's traditionally used, and I also think the perspective I'm presenting here is totally different from the even worse snake oil salesman advert that tried and true ancient remedies must be a cure) is that all of these plants are full of chemicals and we might not even have studies (or accessible studies) on a lot of them and their properties. So while nothing is proven about alternative medicine, I think there is a lot of potential in plant science that's untapped (which is why not destroying the environment or entire planet would be a really swell idea) anyways, sorry if bumping an old thread is frowned upon but I thought I might bring up these points, some of the things I mentioned are things you hear about a lot not even from scientific communities but are still things when you look up can be pretty well proven, as I don't think I specifically made any tall claims just tried to point out the complexity of our world. I guess ultimately I think if some of the reasons these points the original poster made could be addressed and confirmed by people who know science it could be easier to make average people feel like they're understood and that they are willing to listen and then maybe more complex ideas can be more accessible to them. I guess the point of a forum is to basically allow culture and people to work through that anyways
  5. this isnt a song but i figure since this is a lounge forum and not a music forum its chill to link any kind of lecture or something you would be listening to while doing other stuff? someone recommended me this guys book but since i couldnt find a pdf i looked for an interview and found this talk:
  6. Technically all of our experience in life is generated in our brains via what could be considered a form of hallucination right? lol also the grammar of the title of the thread makes me wonder if there are people who for some reason are not able to hallucinate as easily, although I don't think that's what was intended to be asked,
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