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  1. I believe the conversion rate is 1kHz per volt. To check. Wavelength and frequency of light are closely related. The higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelength. IOW frequency and wavelength have both direct and inverse relationships.
  2. Yes. Now everyone uses pfSense. This is why the manufacturers all make mini pc pfSense.
  3. You are right. But I want to be able to approve the connection before it is established. For that I whish to work in C/C++ and eventually in sh/bash. Great solution. Thank you. What do you mean by TCP proxy? AFAIK the proxy server does not generate an ssh certificate, unless of course you install there specifically openssl on it. But the proxy server is often an integral part of the firewall, and the service is useful from LAN to WAN. My connections are on the LAN and without proxy service because I use the 22 ssh port and not the 443 https port. But on the other hand you are right. Because my ssh connection crosses the WAN and the web, and this through I do not know how many servers to reach my destination. But all this is possible thanks to a VPN which creates a tunnel from LAN to LAN. To check.
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    Detergents are not the source of intelligence. Here we are in the physics section.
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    As you can see everyone would like to be able to answer this question. But no one is able to do it. Indeed it is the goal of the researchers to try to understand the start of this request. To be able to annihilate this totality, some will rely on a creator without having to try to understand the singnification of all. Others, and through research, will understand that they get bogged down in mathematical formula mechanisms that only they understand ; example And there are us, the novice apprentices who in the end make this question a personal opinion. Obviously everyone in his opinion on the answer to this question. Yes. No.
  6. No. I haven't had time yet. That's why I was asking in case if somebody has an answer. Excellent solution! But this is the same as periodically listing the log file when adding bytes. The goal is to be able to intercept the kernel request at time t in order to be able to immediately inform about the connection.
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    swansont if you want to talk about lye or detergent, open a new thread.
  8. Ok Condensed matter and artificial? The CMB is only one indicator that a dense background and is restricted in space. The CMB are electromagnetic radiation. Is electromagnetic radiation cosmic?
  9. Yes. It is because it is not the subject of the question. I am trying to understand what force or what bond is applied between condensed matter and the non-condensed matter (simple atom). You alone have alluded to cosmology. Then I said to myself that the consmology, and by its expansion, would be at the origin of the non-condensed matter.
  10. What Moiré Excitons in Van der Waals Heterostructures mean in physics?
  11. Crystals? https://advances.sciencemag.org/content/6/42/eaay8892 I see it's extremely technical. But there is certain approach as https://arxiv.org/abs/gr-qc/9511076 or https://arxiv.org/abs/cond-mat/9607135
  12. Ah yes I saw. I was the first one who asked the question to which no one answered. Specific other than the known interaction? Not really. Otherwise I would never have asked the question. It's because I wanted to talk about condensed matter. I just understood that there was a history of temperature.
  13. If we were formed from Condensed Matter, how could you explain the distribution of matter in space to form the elements as we know them? I wish to have your opinions on how the condensed matter would settle in a larger space. What are the forces and physical quantity that takes into account to explain the atomic distancing?
  14. I'm trying. The reference of the non-distortion frame in relation to our proper time. IOW the distortion is detected in relation to the fixed reference grid. Gravity represents the vector magnitude and the force of the distortion. Without gravity there is no more distortion. Gravity is TOE. Does maximum distortion lead to condensed matter?
  15. You just said it yourself. Thanks to the superposiiton ; we could say that God tests all the possibilities and know all the possible paths. It is only for the man who observes, which results in only one way, and only one possibility.
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