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  1. We are not who we think we are.

    I have done something wrong to the post , work in progress. edit: i have become frustrated on fixing the post this will take a while
  2. Evolution

    Well, OP said, "evolutionary tree it appears that humans are an aberration. ie a departure from the norm." I can't see how humans are an abberration looking at the evolutionary tree ( like the image Moontanman posted above) because this would mean that chimpanzees are an aberration as well because it would fulfill OPs first point being, "The rest of the tree - natural world - is quite self contained and self sufficient without the existence of humans (or chimpanzees in this example)" . And just like Area54 said, you can replace the word humans with any other species. So according to OP, would this mean that anything that has evolved from the "norm" is an aberration? I would guess that the norm is bacteria because they were the first things here. arguably.
  3. Wowzers I got accepted into a CSU. What a surprise!

    1. koti


      Whats a CSU? Is it „Christian Social Union in Bavaria” ?

    2. NimrodTheGoat


      I should have specified but CSU stands for California State Univeristy, more specifically, CSU Fresno. 

    3. koti


      Ah, thats CSU without the "a". Congratulations man!

  4. Evolution

    Isn't that the point of evolution? Any organism that isn't a single-celled microorganism is an abberation from the tree of life? Also why is this in religion?
  5. Removal of the down-vote, yes or no?

    Keep it. It helps to see whether a post or a reply to a post is worth taking the time to read.
  6. Epistemology reading

    I asked a professor for reading recommendations into the field of epistemology, and she recommended Keith Lehrers' "Theory of Knowledge". However, neither the public library system nor the college I attend has a copy of the book. I managed to stumble upon another book entitled "Epistemology: A contemporary introduction to the theory of knowledge" by Robert Audi, and I was wondering if the two are somewhat similar or if they talk about different subjects, and if so, what are they. Thanks in advance.
  7. Look at this manderine

    Found it while I was working. A deformation on the side of the manderine. It is weird, looks like it wanted to grow a branch of its own. I named him Morangê.
  8. Laptop battery, how to increase life of

    So it is always best for the battery to dwindle to 20% then recharge it, but does using it while chraging affect it in any negative way? Once fully charged, should you unplug it to save on the energy bill?
  9. Need an animation app

    You can try Khan Academy. They have a Java Script branch that helps you learn the basics. It is decent. But I am not sure if you can do it on a phone, I know you can do it on a browser from a PC.
  10. Encephalartos woodii also know as E. wodii

    Unless a female plant is found, E. woodii will never reproduce naturally. This species is known to form fertile hybrids with E. natalensis, and a backcrossing technique can be used: if each offspring is subsequently crossed with E. woodii and the process is then repeated, after several generations, female offspring will be closer to what a female Encephalartos woodii would be like.[4] However, genetic analysis of chloroplast DNA of F1 hybrids between E. woodii and E. natalensis showed that all chloroplasts are inherited from the female E. natalensis,[19] indicating that multigenerational hybrid offspring would have E. natalensis chloroplasts and could never be "pure" E. woodii.
  11. A $10k "P.C." with a 30Hz refresh rate 

    :D I can't stop chuckling. 

  12. Pet Stories

    Noty cage, forgot the name of the bigger place of enclosure.
  13. When is the time?

    58 dead and 515 injured...
  14. Pet Stories

    My lamb (Bob), escaped his cage once and wondered into my patio area, where he found a mop leaning up, and proceeded to have an intimate experience with the mop. It was damn cheeky of him, I think I still have a video of that. RIP Bob 2016-2016, you sure did taste good.
  15. Taxation

    Yea, sorry, I wasn't necessarily trying to point it specifically on immigrants. I should rephrase it to not make it look like it is just them.