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  1. Einsteinian Gravity

    I fully agree that they are synonyms. Merriam Webster can help with that we don't need Hawking. But I just didn't want to get mixed up in subjects like the one posted by me. Apologies for the small high-jack Warped.
  2. Einsteinian Gravity

    I don't know. For me it's confusing to talk about warp of space time and not confuse with time-warp. OP I assume was talking about the force of gravity. I am assuming the OP was not talking about time travel so I didn't want to get confused. Is this how the science community refers to the curvature of space-time? Space-time warp? I didn't know
  3. Einsteinian Gravity

    Curvature of space-time not warp. Technically it is a force. If you want you can keep it as "a consequence of the curvature of space-time". And no, there is no quantum theory of gravity yet but that does not mean there is no carrier. We just don't know yet.
  4. Basic Universal Income (BUI)

    hmmm.. a comma goes a long way in the above sentence.
  5. Explanation of the killings in Exodus

    Same way Trump trumped Hillary. Through fallacious reasoning. Why do we never see people from other religions post these kinds of things? I read most bible related things just to debate with "true believers". I want to educate myself of other religion as well but I am powered by rage so there is no motivation.
  6. I just read your post on Mordreds feed about the dielectric field in star trek. You sir made my day, LoL ! 

    1. Silvestru


      Haha he was secretly banned for shaming Star Trek. What mods mention in the Banned section is a hist.

    2. hypervalent_iodine
  7. Aether at all axis's of the Torus and a T.O.E

    I'm sensing ignorance and lack of data but that's besides the point. Why do you think fear. What do you think is scaring me about the video you posted? (aside from the low quality of the execution)
  8. Aether at all axis's of the Torus and a T.O.E

    I think this is not the right forum for you OP. But I am sure there is a forum where you can discuss about this sort of fantasy. I am really not judging. I also enjoy a wacky conspiracy theory from time to time(maybe not quite as wacky as you like them) for entertainment value but this is not the right forum to discuss that. Definitely not in the Science section.
  9. Table management excel help

    Haha because I am a noob at scripts. Thank you very much all of you, I ended up making it through a calendar template in SharePoint. It does the deed for now so I will use it temporarily but I am paying very close attention on this thread for the future scheme.
  10. Table management excel help

    Hello Forum, This is a bit of a cop-out but I have a task and I really don't even know where to start with this so after like 6 hours of thinking I wanted to ask for your opinion. We have an office and more people than free desks (20 people 18 desks) so we have to make an file where people can mark if they go on vacation or they work from home so the two (unfortunate) new members will know where they can sit. So for example if I am sitting in desk 3 and I am on vacation on 3'rd of July I can mark the 3'rd desk as blue so when the 2 members open the file they will know mine is free. The challenge comes when thinking how to link this with a calendar. It's pretty inefficient to create 30 tabs for each day every month. My idea was to have a calendar, and when you click on a date, you see the situation for that specific date. So my question for you if if you can help me link the two or find a easier way than creating 360 tabs for each day of the year. Thank you very much and I am willing to do the dishes for the person who helps me for one month!
  11. How do fans cool you down?

    I'm sure you know but the PC fan takes air from outside the computer case and draws it inside. Strange's description still applies. (aside for humidity) Of course there are other methods to cool down your PC Sensei 6.1Liquid submersion cooling 6.2Waste heat reduction 6.3Heat-sinks 6.4Peltier (thermoelectric) cooling 6.5Liquid cooling 6.6Heat pipe 6.7Electrostatic air movement and corona discharge effect cooling 6.8Soft cooling 6.9Undervolting 6.10Chip-integrated 6.11Phase-change cooling 6.12Liquid nitrogen 6.13Liquid helium
  12. How do fans cool you down?

    The K- Pop Idol - Samsung - Plastic Surgery - Korea or the False imprisonment - contempt for human rights and life - rogue state Korea?
  13. Mars's water; why the poles?

    That's not quite right. I'm glad you know so much about Mars. Seems like NASA dropped the ball on this one. NASA Confirms Evidence That Liquid Water Flows on Today’s Mars The body of evidence lies is overwhelming!
  14. When Rejection Seems "Out of Hand"

    Guys can we be honest for a moment? Reasonable members don't get offended by "peer reviews" and I have followed several posts where some members had a speculation quite nicely described and accompanied by a mathematical model and other members were giving correction to the actual model and it was fairly easy for the person to realise he made a mistake based on the numbers. I don't know how you can call it "peer review" when a (usually new) member posts that Einstein was wrong, Zero Energy universe, dark matter comes from black holes, I don't know what else, accompanied by nothing else than the baseless speculation. Of course things can get a bit out of hand. I imagine if someone reasonable would want a second opinion on relativity the post would be something like: : "A different look at Relativity" and not "Einstein was a hoaX!! How could we not see that relativity is wrong!" I admire that you want to bring a bit of understanding to this issues but I am imagining that the people who consider things out of hand are not reading this thread, or any thread for that matter, they just want to put forward their "ideas" and are not open to criticism.
  15. Would you dare asking this question to your science professors?

    If you show the body of evidence that led you to the conclusion you have then maybe. Science isn't based on trust. I'm really curious to hear what is the reason that "the man" keeps (in your opinion) this away from the public as you inaccurately think. What are these "deeper interests"?