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  1. Thank you timo . You even answered some questions that I would follow after the first ones. I love this "remarks" section for longer answers. More people should start doing this when things get cloudy. I think you forgot to add your remark for point 5 "(*****)". Was it like a "Easter egg" or a "Trailer" for your next post haha.
  2. Neanderthal Rights

    Who got your team (you and Porky) in this dire situation in the first place? The way I see it he is the victim here haha. All jokes aside it's kind of weird how even between animals there is a rights hierarchy based on their....intelligence I guess or how endangered they are. Too bad that doesn't apply to humans. Your knowledge on a subject, let's say IQ should be the weight of the vote that you cast in a democracy. I am not sure how intelligent a Neanderthal would be in our modern day society but they would absolutely be discriminated I think. They could not leave as equals realistically speaking.
  3. What's the only question that matters?

    Haha no I didn't, my parents loved me when I was a child. Now...not as much. I meant the "+" part though, now it's 1 extra step to give an up-vote.
  4. What's the only question that matters?

    Does John Cuthber know that his signature doesn't completely make sense anymore? Keeps me up at night
  5. HELP! Linking code to an image

    arigatou gozaimasu!
  6. Hello forum, I am pretty new to this so I would really appreciate your help. I have the below code: <select id="dynamic_select"> <option value="" selected>Pick a Website</option> <option value="">Google</option> <option value="">YouTube</option> <option value="">GuruStop.NET</option> </select> <script> $(function(){ // bind change event to select $('#dynamic_select').on('change', function () { var url = $(this).val(); // get selected value if (url) { // require a URL window.location = url; // redirect } return false; }); }); </script> On my page it looks like this: My question is, how can I link this code to an image so when you click on said image, the drop-down appears. So you can only see this selection after you press on the image. Thank you very much in advance for the help!
  7. Hijack from A Hypothetical Explanation of the Existence of Gravity

    Hawking Radiation is not "Quantum Fields"
  8. Hijack from A Hypothetical Explanation of the Existence of Gravity

    These assertions for example. What are stars made out of if matter begins in them? Why do you associate quantum fields with Hawking Radiation (as I assume that's what you mean)
  9. Hijack from A Hypothetical Explanation of the Existence of Gravity

    Sounds like the intro to a cheap sci-fi. Also it's BS. The problem is you are high-jacking a speculative thread that is not yours. And you are adding your own different speculation. It's very difficult to follow. Also it's a waste of time if we discuss your speculation if it's not based on anything. People asked you many times for clarification or a citation for the things you say. This is not the "trust me" forum.
  10. Hijack from A Hypothetical Explanation of the Existence of Gravity

    The Universe is expanding. Not the fields.
  11. Hijack from A Hypothetical Explanation of the Existence of Gravity

    The particle fields exist prior to the particles and permeates all of space time. What do you mean by the fields require greater volume? And what do you mean the fields are converted to matter? That's not how fields work.
  12. Today I Learned

    I hope you found out accidentally as a fun fact and not from officer John while he's writing a ticket haha.
  13. Low quality bots they are, inSe. Their feeble processor makes them unable to process bullsh**. I always had a strange feeling about these two. Making assertions based on observational evidence is so 20th century.
  14. Origin of your UserName?

    My username is my nickname derived from my real name. My avatar is a selfie of me taken a while back.
  15. Hubble still doing work