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  1. Important assessment tomorrow at the job. The topic is transfer pricing :(. Wish me luck! In case I fail send me a location under a bridge or smthn where I can hibernate during the winter.

    1. studiot


      Yeah good luck.

      Though I confess to knowing absolutely nothing about transfer pricing.

    2. Silvestru


      Thanks Studiot! Well unfortunately I am not much ahead either. :lol: But an all-nighter might help. 

  2. Even though I have not met any of you guys in RL I dreamt yesterday that I was hanging out with a few members from the forum. Really strange dream. You guys looked like rockers but dressed business casual and the setting was an office space. I don't know why I'm sharing this haha

    1. StringJunky


      Cuz we're mellow Man. :)

    2. koti
    3. Phi for All

      Phi for All

      Wait, like Eddie Van Halen, or like Meat Loaf? Funny, but a week ago I had a dream my assistant told me I had a meeting with a polar bear, so I cancelled.

  3. Cosmological redshift

    I guess Gravity kind of does too. Photons of light are not technically affected by large gravitational fields; instead space and time itself become distorted around incredibly massive objects and the light simply follows this distorted curvature of space
  4. Democrats Get CRUSHED in 2018 Midterms!

    As in it takes the same gullible prick who thinks Bigfoot is real to think that there was no collusion? I agree
  5. Cognac, Ambien, Isaac Asimov sci-fi novel and Pink Floyd in the background again?
  6. A Practical Solution For Every Problem

    Have you considered that some people cannot afford to eat all organic? I am part of the (lower?) middle class in my country and I honestly can't afford to eat organic bio clean etc food every day. Haha beat me to it. My Grandma used to do crop rotations on a very small level which means dividing a piece of land by 3 and farming a different piece each year.(at least 2 year break for each piece). Can you imagine applying that on a global level? imagine if you only eat one meal a day instead of 3. How would that sound to you as a voter? edit: my bad. Crop Rotation can also mean a different system. Was refering to this:
  7. The Irony... You mentioned you are interested in theoretical physics. You could ask for some useful materials and books to start you off as I see you are hanging out with the wrong crowd. I mean ofc read what you like but don't cite things about virtual particles from these pseudoscience pop science books. Edit, I am not trying to diss Leon Lederman but the book you cited is co-written by pop-science Dick Teresi. My Observation is more directed to the latter. Edit part 2: I take back my previous comment as I ask you where did you read from that book that
  8. Particle motion ?'s

    Yeah, my bad. I expressed myself wrong but just wanted to mention the Milkdromeda. Some people look forward to the Superbowl. I look forward to this. 4 billion years to go!
  9. Particle motion ?'s

    There are exceptions to this I guess:–Milky_Way_collision
  10. Haha no worries guys, I'm a lover not a fighter but let's stay on topic. I am always worried when the off-topic chain is longer than 3 as it might get split.
  11. SFN's New Moderators Thread

    Congrats both, to be fair they were already sacrificing their time for the greater good here but without superpowers. Kind of like Batman. What about iNow?
  12. I always knew you are a MOND person!
  13. Ok, back to dark matter. You propose to qualify it as "largely unknown". Yet it is consistent with our observations. There is a whole section about it on the wiki page. It's still hypothetical just because we don't know what it's made of because it does not interact(doesn't seem to) with EM Radiation. But Galaxies are not flying apart from each other. So why is that? Some unseen matter is "holding them together". We call this "dark matter". Which part of this thinking process would you change? I would agree with you only that the name confuses the weak of mind and I have had heated discussions trying to explain that this is not evil energy.
  14. So by this logic, we would describe electromagnetism as "not fully understood"? It ticks on all your criteria. What about a more specific phenomena like lightning. Should we describe lightning as not fully understood? What about magnetism. If my cousin asks me why a magnet attracts a screw should I say that this is not fully understood as well?
  15. Near death experiences ,proof of afterlife ?

    I have no doubt they are vivid. You know what else is? Mushrooms. No one is claiming that they are a portal to another world. Actually some might but anyway the point is that the mind plays tricks.