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  1. Can someone explain details of this seawater car ?

    This company is such a hoax. The gullible people who invest in NanoFlowcell are also likely to buy volcano insurance in Florida. None of the prototipes work or work as advertised. But ofc it doesn't stop the media to deify their bs.
  2. Time machine

    John Titor Is an anagram of Thor Joint which I bet he smoked to come up with such an "article".
  3. Biases and content control

    Can you just drop it Kafei? You weren't following the forum rules, that's ok, it happens. No one is trying to censor you. Just start a new topic after reading the rules. I'm sure people will gladly participate as long as you are giving legitimate sources from which you draw your conclusions.
  4. Water and air molecules

    Hello and welcome. Well you are comparing a gas that you exhale in another "gas" with dyed water that you pour in other water. So I would say that from this comparison no. They do not "move" the same. Let's wait for other members and for sure will give you a more educated opinion.
  5. The New Guy

    Hello Kafei and welcome. Well maybe on other forums things go down differently but here unfortunately we have many members who try to spread baseless speculations. It's very good that you have this mindset. I also strive to become like you and attack arguments not people . On this forum we have to go the extra mile and (depending on the section you post in) attack arguments with data, proof points and valid sources. Most members are very helpful so don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have.
  6. Can the study of UFOs be scientific?

    Hmm how do (low level) conspiracy theories help this OP in any way? Reptilians? come on....
  7. I miss the Medieval days where if someone was annoying you could just claw, mangle and thrash them in the face or be be mangled. Nowadays the people I want to punch are bothering  me via phone, e-mail, letters, TV. It's frustrating to point a closed paw to the TV screen....

    1. Silvestru
    2. Sensei


      Sign up karate. New season always starts in September. You will learn how to control your emotions and simply ignore insults (Bruce Lee "the art of fighting without fighting")..



  8. Effect of nearby civilizations on ours

    Don't hold your breath. God had a moment of negligence and missed with his blessing.
  9. Effect of nearby civilizations on ours

    Hmmm is it okay to assume that we intercept their radio signals and can get an understanding of their culture as they could if they would receive our broadcasts? If so we would have a good idea on how to react. Taking into account your OP I see people only take into account how humans would react. But what about the other side? Depending on what information we get from them we can make an opinion. I don't know about alien biology and behaviour but looking at life on earth it is full of aggression and violence on every level not just humans. It's a race for survival. Hunt or be hunted. Maybe aliens evolved the same way. Very interesting post by the way. Sparked my curiosity. +1
  10. Guys, please at least read DanMP 's full post before you shoot it down. I know we had a lot of cranks that what to "prove" relativity is wrong but this is not that. Half of the comments are related to his first sentence. Please go over that.
  11. Hmm I understand what you mean but not sure how to answer. Well this makes it more complicated as according to Bohr model, 2 electrons(max) can occupy any one orbital at any one time.(I'm afraid to use this term because of you from now on ) I think we can use the term the OP used in the title "time interval".
  12. Oh apologies, I meant at a certain point in time if that is what you are referring to.
  13. Further to swansont's post, I wanted to mention the atomic orbital as about the closest way of knowing where the electron is at a certain point.
  14. I was trying to be good and save money this year and I just got a big fine for 1 day delay in paying the car insurance. The two are not related but damn. Life has a way of kicking you when you're up... or down for that matter.

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    2. MigL


      We don't have fines for being late. But they can refuse coverage if you haven't made payment, and expect back pay to re-instate coverage even though nothing has happened.
      Insurance companies get to have their cake and eat it too.

    3. NimrodTheGoat


      new hampshire is starting to look appealing because it doesn't force car insurance on you.

    4. StringJunky


      That's great... until you have a crash.