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  1. The spending of money

    Hmmm I see the discussion went in a different direction but for me the premise is flawed. What if I'm a psychologist, the catholic church, a stripper? I get paid. Where's the energy relationship. And if you say that I need electricity to power the lights in my office, I swear to God....
  2. MTG gathering this weekend. The only time when Aether is real.

    1. koti


      Did you try poker ? ;)

    2. Silvestru


      Doesn't stimulate the imagination enough. Poker calcifies my pineal gland haha.

    3. koti


      Ok, so the answer is you didn’t try poker :P Two things that poker does for me is stimulate imagination like no other game and it melts pineal gland due to its sheer complexity and gambling factor :D 

      BTW, there's a lot of poker players who converted from MTG. 

  3. Particle nature an illusion?

    Hmm that's a bit more (and too) complicated for me but it has to do with gauge symmetry. Basically frequency doesn't determine charge. Actually as far as I know I'm aware, we don't know why some fundamental particles have the charge that they do.
  4. Particle nature an illusion?

  5. Gender determined by food scarcity?

    I have a dark joke in mind but I will restrain. It has to do with the direct proportion of sandwich ingredients to women.
  6. Is the Universe infinite?

    So kind of like the pac-man map where you end up on the other side if you pass the edge? If you would make it spherical. Interesting.
  7. Could be a great idea!

    Love it. I will put it next to my Big-foot action figure and my bag of Aether. They all sit on top of my flat-earth play-mat.
  8. Could be a great idea!

    I don't know. Toys R us would be hesitant to create it as the sharp edges could injure the children. But the colors are great!
  9. Italy invented the compass.

    Then let me add Gunpowder to the fire. The Four Three Great Inventions are: Compass - I guess we ruled this one out. Gunpowder Papermaking Printing
  10. Italy invented the compass.

    Yes but more of a request to mods to investigate. Also I don't understand the role of the pictures that the OP insists on re-adding. Actually I am super confused by this thread. I don't see what's the problem. OK, the Chinese spoon compass was crude... So what? Who cares to whom the invention is attributed to cheetaman? This nationalistic pride is dangerous. We are all children under the same sun. Arabia was for some time the "science capital of the world" between 8th and 11th century. Things took a left wrong turn in the meantime from a science point of view. Not sure how that relates to this thread but the randomness of facts seems to compliment the thread style.
  11. Italy invented the compass.

    If I wasn't sure that you are a sock puppet I would engage and ask you what your agenda is here. My Polar-sense however makes me think that you are a banned member who does not want to take part in a civilized and productive conversation.
  12. We Are Being Watched

    I totally agree with you. But you mention : You made me think what other more productive things are there to do? I mean as a species. Aside from developing technology to explore the Universe and how it works? I really couldn't think of anything better from a science perspective. Of course there are things like World peace and all that but it's not much lower on the productive scale.
  13. We Are Being Watched

    Well to be fair, we already know most of what we can know about ants. But if we discovered another civilization, even if it was less developed than us on a general level, it might have much more knowledge in other fields. Kind of how like each civilization here on earth had something to bring to the knowledge table.
  14. Italy invented the compass.

    Let me guess... You are Italian and you always lived with the idea that the compass was invented in Italy. You saw a mention that it was first invented in China. Anger ensued.
  15. Removal of the down-vote, yes or no?

    I never had an interest in Philosophy and actually all the subjects I loved in school were because the teachers of said subject was cool rational and patient. After reading some of your posts and this peer review part it made me want to include philosophy and subjects related to it in my short reading time. Give me a few years and I will come back and try to peer review. About "Notes to Gee" I agree with some but I have also seen people being against the grain and thinking and airing their own independent ideas. Even if maybe they are not correct, the members were explaining them in a logical polite manner and they were getting support with the additional corrections if needed.(this is a unicorn scenario but it happens.) Don't loose faith. This forum is gaining traction. I'm sure there will be people you will be able to have a fruitful conversation with in the Philosophy section.