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  1. graviton / space / dark matter / dark energy ?

    hehe we don't know for sure but yeah.
  2. Sorry if hijacking but I was reading a paper about the theoretical mass of the Graviton. (Mainstream assumed to be 0, the below paper explained that is the mass would be non 0, it would explain the cosmological constant without need for dark energy) Cosmology from quantum potential: It's very short.
  3. The definition of nothingness exactly

    Why are you on this forum. I really don't understand it. If you want to brainwash people, these skeptical, reasonable folk are not your crowd. I can recommend the Trump party forum for that.
  4. A discussion of heathen religions

    Well to give you just an example, a lot of this "evidence" that you claim is before Christianity so it technically belongs to the Hebrew and Islamic religion. L Ron Hubbard(Scientology) is very well documented historically and the guy wrote sooooooo much BS. It is without a doubt that he existed. Actually there are infinetely more chances that he existed that Jesus. Should we fall on our knees now and join Tom Cruise?
  5. The definition of nothingness exactly

    There are many models. I can give you examples of models that don't require a beginning. Also:
  6. A discussion of heathen religions

    You are a teacher right?(that's a bit scary reading your comment) Evidences excavated by new Testament? There is far more "evidence" and historical artifacts in other religions. That doesn't change a thing. And about the last part, you can find people sacrificing themselves in all religions. Are all of them true? I made this point before but if you never heard about Christianity and I would give you the bible to read it, saying nothing about this book, would you just tell me it's a great work of fiction or would you build a church and pray to that "God"?
  7. The definition of nothingness exactly

    The model describes how the universe expanded from a very high-density and high-temperature state. Many people make this confusion.
  8. Hello forum, If you are interested in a short paper on the Construction of "KAGRA: an Underground Gravitational Wave Observatory" in Japan.
  9. Removal of the down-vote, yes or no?

    You sure proved me wrong there interested... I am just mentioning this so you don't correlate any scientific views with age, I am 26 which I guess would be pretty old for a Polar bear.
  10. Ether evidence?

    Can you please explain to me how you got from "light doesn’t need a medium" to him saying that String theory is BS? Where's the connection here? What's Aether have to do with String Theory.
  11. Removal of the down-vote, yes or no?

    Apologies for going off topic but: I down-voted you because I am trying to go through big posts and understand the subject and you keep going off topic and just plain saying nothing. You consider this post to carry worth? After someone politely explained that light doesn't need a medium to travel? (please don't start a debate in this thread about this)
  12. Removal of the down-vote, yes or no?

    That wasn't me but it reminds me of an ironic quote I read recently: "If you keep making jokes like that, somebody is going to shoot you, father." - Mary Todd Lincoln You had a down vote for no reason on a thread I was reading. I up-voted it a few minutes ago. Probably it went to 0 because there were no other votes. but still weird. This is pretty weird actually. Especially how it is displayed to me in the bottom right corner. You just see 0 votes on this post?
  13. Removal of the down-vote, yes or no?

    I like how the current system works, the only problem that I have noticed is that some people with negative rep, stop giving a french man's f*** and go in full hate mode. I really don't care that much but It's really hard to get a plus in the physics section (you have to write a whole essay and put work into it) while you can get 5 at once in the joke section let's say. Me for example I have a good reputation yet I have very little science knowledge. Some people might take my word for some posts over someone else with a negative rep that they acquired in religion section let's say even though that person has more knowledge on the subject. (I am not saying rep should be assigned by categories, maybe just eliminating this up vote option from Joke sections or religion or speculation and leave this for actual science threads.). I am really interested in the opinion of someone with negative rep on this thread.
  14. "Spontaneous" cancer development

    I cannot speak much about cancer but we find many "suspiciously clever" ways of survival in nature. Your story made me think of - a parasite that goes through a very lengthy process to grow and live. (I bolded the parts which I find scary) This parasite becomes snail excrement to get eaten by ants to mind control them to live and reproduce inside cows to eventually go out as cow dung..... Apologies for not providing input on the specific Cancer topic.
  15. Are all physical objects interconnected?

    Wow Swansont, you are the real deal.(after reading the whole blog and comments.) Would be glad if he would officially admit to being wrong one day. Looking forward to read more of your old blogs. You should start doing it again.