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  1. Sorry Koti, and Sensei, have been away a while. Very interesting and unfortunate view. Most polish people are appalled by such extremists as I'm sure Koti is as well. In my humble opinion from this point, the young educated people just need to vote in bigger number for the right government. I really love that country and I have traveled to most EU countries and few other and it's hands down my favorite. I dream to return there in my later days. Sorry for the subjective rant.
  2. Last day of My Polish Job today. So many days spent on the science forum from this job. I really encourage anyone who has not seen Poland first hand to visit and get to know the people and see the country. I will be back in my later years.

    1. peterwlocke


      my family is from Poland. Well, a part of it is.

    2. nevim


      Best wishes for the future Silvestru. May you find a den just as comfortable :D

    3. koti


      @Silvestru,Good luck with the fish & chips - bon appetit! Traitor.

  3. Fair point, we should report members or posts that become unprofessional and admins will review. I never had a real problem with threads exceeding their lifetime. I just feel bad when I see someone well-intentioned wasting time on someone who is not open for a discussion and prefers preaching.
  4. I totally agree but let's be honest. I can give you actual examples if you want where members are very obtuse and stubborn and refuse to provide any data, the back and forth's go on for 6 pages then the OP goes overboard, starts insulting members participating in the thread and only then the thread gets closed. Even for Speculations you are requested to provide evidence for your claims.
  5. Hello forum, Recently I have been reading more and more threads of people trying to disprove well established science with their own pet theories. I totally understand engaging in a polite discussion and explaining why they are incorrect in their assumption but doing a ridiculous back and forth for 7 pages while the OP refuses to provide any model or evidence...in my view is a waste of time and it clogs this wonderful forum that I hold so dear. I know there have been backlashes from even veteran members about the closing of some threads but can't we have a forum rule that if you propose a new theory you have to provide some data, some maths, something, even if it turns out to be incorrect. If we would all agree on such a system I think the forum would be much cleaner and pleasurable to read. Rule: If you bring forward a new theory that (attempts to?) disproves or ads something new to mainstream science, you need to provide the evidence or calculation that lead you to this conclusion.
  6. Can you further detail this point? Where does conscience fit in with this kind of view?
  7. So I can escape article 13 haha. Jokes aside, me and my partner both found good jobs there so we will give it a try. I have been living in Poland for the last 6 years and it's great, really but I am still young and I figured my life plan is to focus on the financials for a few years and then have enough to retire peacefully. I would prefer to relax in my 40's and 50's and focus more on cubs. This went a bit off-topic from computer help haha.
  8. ...I doubt it..  Well Sadly, all these CSS HTML questions are for some projects at work. That's why I am not making too much public like print screens and stuff. This is my last month here as I decided to move to UK so I can promise you Sensei haha that I will not continue working on this in my new work. I love my colleagues here and that's why I am going the extra mile.
  9. Hello team, You guys helped me out lots before with share point stuff so I will have one last question. I have my share point site open on my monitor which is connected to my laptop. When I move my page to the monitor, the zoom goes to 150% and it's zoomed in. (image is not displaying as it should. When I move it back to my monitor it goes to 62%(not even the original 100%). I tried with the code below but it did not solve the issue. I am sure that my SharePoint site is at fault as I tried with other SharePoint sites (not made by me) in the same conditions and they would resize the text/image to perfectly fit the screen. Please let me know if you can help <style type="text/css"> body { width: 100%; height: 100%; } </style>
  10. Silvestru


    I enjoy watching combat sports. I know it sounds anticlimactic but I think the more risk the more entertainment. A loss in curling is just a loss, a loss in a muay-thai match can mean end of you career. Actually a win can also mean that sometimes.
  11. Moving to UK in May/June. :( 
    Home of many important people: The queen, Freddy Mercury, StringJunky and DrP among others.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. MigL


      I thought it was illegal to bring polar bears into the UK.
      ( or are you going to a zoo ? )

    3. peterwlocke


      ha ha cause it lost most of i ts land.

    4. Silvestru


      Haha Polar bears Illegal? Unfortunately in UK if it's all white, it's all right :(
      We will see :D will keep you updated 

  12. I try to be sometimes but only when the level of a thread is so low that the only way you can answer is by being a Troll - one of the few species that can inhabit that deep cold and empty environment. The other species being a mod.
  13. Finally someone qualified proved beyond a doubt what we were all speculating. Next documentary is about anti-vaxxers I'm sure.
  14. Hello Sensei, Strange. Thank you both very much! This quoted option was the one that did it. You guys really helped me out.
  15. I didn't think of that! Truth be told I am a beginner at this. I suspect it's this item after inspecting but still not sure how to write the code.
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