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    I like music(metal mostly). movies. seeking knowledge and power(why can't a scholarly person have some fun.) trying to be better.Scps. Reading. youtube. games.
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    not yet cant wait(post as soon as possible)
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    Genetics,human modification, and physics
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    not much but i like practicing my rhetoric on pseudo scis and evangelists
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  1. hey man, the way you talk makes it seems like you are trying to get reactions.
  2. That sounds interesting could you give me an article. this is to talk about suicide prevention and stigma if you need help or something this thread is not for that. also what you said has nothing to do with suicide.
  3. why is this your only post did you make an account just to say this or something.
  4. I was at an observatory in my hometown and they said something that black holes can have the density of water or something all I know is that they related the two when they were trying to explain the scale of black holes and the like. what was that about I might have misheard but could you guys explain what that might be? (sorry if this is a split)
  5. 9 balls start with 1/3 on each well say they are the same then I take the other 3 with an extra one labeled then take one of the remaining ones and check them one on each side 12 balls 6 on each side label heavy side balls and not heavy side balls. then take the remaining 3 and put one away if they are even then it is neither and the one put away is it or it will be one of the two. it would take me a while with the math I know and I am lazy(I think I may not know how). but I would drop them and see which has the most impact.
  6. you say things to get us upset. we are not (I assume) angry or acting as such. do not act as your name.
  7. This is gold. Also pessimism line.
  8. oh, it looked to me like that because there was no to the power of I should have noticed it was odd sci notation. ty
  9. so what you are saying is that it is better if they have an allergic reaction. cool did not know. not anti-vax if that sounded like that.
  10. I did a quick search and it sounds interesting but quick question. is it kind of like the right-hand rule with magnetic field traveling opposite?
  11. now here is a pleb question but how can you see this if it takes longer then the universe like has it gone on to the next halflife if so how. isn't the universe older then 1.8 times 1022 years like that is not even the time the earth has been around. P.S. what is different about this isotope.
  12. extremely you forgot sociopathic. Owo heh no, I am not that P.W.L it is a reference to a book. of corse if it id not takr tim. heh
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