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  1. Yes in my opinion evolution has already disproved the existence of any God/Gods. There cannot possibly be a God when there is so much misery, extreme poverty and heartbreak on this planet. So many people on the planet are struggling every day just to survive and many of them also will not survive. Also so many people (me included) are in pain and also heartbroken. Too many people are committing suicide every day so there cannot possibly be a God or anything which gives a damn about humans.
  2. There is absolutely zero evidence for the existence of any God. If there was a loving all-capable God then... 1. There will not be so many people living in poverty 2. There will not be so many people who commit suicide every day. 3. There would be a way for humans to get to other planets and live there. 4. There will not be so many neglected people or people who are incarcerated in prison for life. There would not be a death penalty and everyone's right to life will be respected. 5. There would not have been so many diseases and body disorders, diseases and bodily disorders that maim many people every day. All the evidence shows that a God who cares for human life, well-being and happiness simply doesn't exist at all.
  3. I question the existence of God because sometimes life can turn out to be way too cruel and hard. I believe that only we (humans) can make this world a better place for us to live in, no God would ever do this for us. We are the only hope. We must address the vast economic inequalities that befleg our planet, the extreme hunger, diseases which maim many people (including young children), the homelessness, suicide and the many other bad things that happen to people in every single day. We can't just accept that God will do this for us (because he won't). Only we can make this world worth living in and a better place because I believe that no God would ever ever do this for us.
  4. I've been bullied (and ignored) due to my physical appearance a lot, possibly more than anyone here can count. And I don't agree that violence is the answer. Sometimes violence can lead to serious injury and even death, especially if the bully is much stronger than you and more muscular.
  5. I just hope that some day scientists will find a way to abolish (or turn off) all forms of pain but especially physical pain (i'm talking about the pain you feel after an injury). A life without pain will certainty make the world a better place for many people, including me of course. Perhaps some day scientists will even be able to give us mechanical bodies, mechanical bodies that don't need to constantly shit, urinate or even sleep. Mechanical bodies also don't feel pain and never get sick which could be so much better for so many people. Maybe some day we could abolish all kinds of physical pain and suffering throughout the living world, including the animal kingdom. I believe that the creation of a world without involuntary pain is a precondition for any civilized society.
  6. Yes we can but it's an extremely difficult environment because there is no water there, the temperature are very high and because there's no water nothing of value grows there.
  7. No humans can't live on Mars for the same reason that humans can't live in Antarctica, in the Sahara desert or in the bottom of the ocean. The problem is that Mars is a hostile physical environment. 1. For starters, there is no food. 2. In the night it would get to -128 Degrees Celsius. 3. The atmosphere is 0.14% oxygen compared to earth it is really low. 4. There is a chemical called Perchlorate which is highly toxic to humans. 5. It gets high amount of radiation. 6. Mars is a barren desert with huge sandstorms and these sandstorms can destroy electronic equipment likes computers. 7. Mars has a microgravity which is not good for astronauts bones and to the brain.
  8. To believe something without evidence is just stupid and irrational. In my opinion to believe something without evidence is for the weak-minded. And yes Dawkins is absolutely right here: Science has failed to find any evidence for any loving or caring God or Gods. Thousands of people die by suicide every day yet where is God to save them from suicide? As long as so many people suffer on this planet so badly I just fail to see the evidence for any God.
  9. I believe that you are wrong here. In my opinion science has already disproved religion by failing to find any evidence for any loving God/or Gods. Also the fact that people suffer on this planet and there is no escape for them is for me enough proof that religion is complete nonsense.
  10. Actually women can be just as flawed and patriarchal as men are. Many women in the United States only go after the powerful and good-looking men while ignoring men of lower status and looks. Why do you think there was an Elliot Rodger if women are so perfect and pure?
  11. Evolution is an incomplete theory because there we still don't know whether natural selection was a guided process or not. Just like general relativity, evolution is a theory that is incomplete because there are still many things we don't know. https://discourse.peacefulscience.org/t/is-evolution-speculation/1324
  12. Yes all true but still we can't deny that the world we live in can sometimes be brutal. Modern Capitalism wouldn't exist if we were all not greedy. In science fiction they have all sorts of advanced technologies that can change everyone's appearance at will but the world we live in is not like science fiction.
  13. I think racism is definitely biological in nature. Why someone would claim otherwise in beyond me? Racism is part of the human condition. Racism can explained by the scary, competitive and sometimes brutal world that we live in and whether we like it or not there's not much we can do to change that reality. This world can be brutal and scary enough for many people even without the existence of racism.
  14. If there is a loving and Omni-capable God then this world wouldn't be so messed-up and cruel to so many people. Also look at how there's never any scientific evidence for any God. To believe something without evidence is just silly in my opinion. And no matter what people say humans are not magical beings which are somehow detached from this world, our biological brains follow the same programmed routines as always.
  15. Needing to believe something and it actually being true are very very different things. For example I can believe that I will wake up with Superman heat vision tomorrow but common sense tell me that humans having heat vision is impossible. I can see why people need to believe in God, after all the world we live in is a very horrible place for so many people. I just doesn't make sense for me that a loving and all-capable God exists when you see all the horrible things that some people have to go through and all the bad things that happen to people in every single day of their life.
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