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  1. Same thing different words. What I am trying to say is, science never stops. The truth of today will be wrong in the future. Therefore, it’s always about finding the real truth. And you are talking about finding further evidence and new theories and defending religions here, it’s been a very very long time since science proved that all the religions are fake.
  2. Science is actually about finding the truth. anything may be true or wrong until science says the opposite. when it comes to believing in religion or god, science has facts proving all the religions were made up. i don’t wanna discuss it, if you wanna believe , you can, man
  3. Because the url was deleted, i’ll be posting the list here. I don’t think that people believing in lies instead of the truth can’t be scientist nor a science lover.
  4. Hello, ScienceForums, I made a list of Best Richard Dawkins books I think that all science lovers need to read. url deleted do you agree with the list? or should I add another books to the list? any suggestion is welcome.
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